VIDEO: Rafael Nadal is back on grass

Rafael Nadal had his first grass-court practice today in Mallorca.


  1. The time clocks will be tick-tocking at the Rogers Cup, Cincinnati, and the US Open, among other tournaments.

    Warm-Up Clock – Transgressions will not be considered a time violation.

    Serve-Clock – Transgressors will receive a time penalty from the chair umpire.

    Detailed explanations of the rules covering the above can be found on the ATP site.

  2. I wish you ‘ll be winter again at the US open tennis tournament.Take care of your self Rafa.

  3. Feliciano Lopez and Marin Cilic will duke it out for the title at Queens after Feliciano toppled Dmitrov.

      • A Spaniard done did it again… LOL [really awful grammar, do not imitate…LOL]

        Yes, congratz to Feliciano. [sexy name] He is a happy camper today.

        I don’t know what to make of Sascha who lost so badly at Halle. I hope he is not exhausted already so early in the season. But hey, he did win Rome.

        Sooo hyped about Rafa playing again in two days.

        RAFA ROCKS

  4. Sorry everyone I shouldn’t have bring that Dav Evans topic. I just felt sad because this is something that should not happen in this great sport.

  5. Rafas’s lead up to Wimbledon:
    On Saturday the World No. 2 will have his last practice session on grass at the WTA Mallorca Open, where he has been training since Monday with high intensity and concentration, but at the same time tranquility: every day Rafa stops for several minutes to sign autographs and take photos.

    He is rounded by security staff of the tournament, which is unusual for him in his native city where he feels a “normal person”. Rafa is working much on movement and footwork, showing to be doing very well physically, which wasn’t granted at all as he often had knee issued on grass.

    As for the technique area, Rafa is trying to be more and more aggressive especially on serve, which was the key short for him this year where he won 43 matches and lost six. Without forgetting the volley game, improved a lot in the last years.

    His preparation for Wimbledon will continue directly in London already on Monday. Then on Wednesday and Friday Rafa will play two matches in the Hurlingham exhibition event that will also feature Milos Raonic, Jo Wilfried Tsonga, David Ferrer, Tomas Berdych, Lucas Pouille and Tommy Haas.

    • I didn’t post anything on Hurlingham because RNF has stated that unless RNF confirms an event is shouldn’t be posted. They explained that they would be inundated with email inquiries. If RNF’s position has changed regarding the above it would be nice to let fans know.


    • You did not write that. I read the article hours ago and then find it here at RNF as if you wrote it.

      • Never stated that I wrote it , I think that would be quite obvious when reading it that it was from an article. Thank you.

      • @Leigh I agree wholeheartedly about the inappropriate nature of that subject matter on Rafa’s site. I couldn’t believe what I was reading.

    • Hearing about Dan Evans, I can’t say I’m surprised .I have never liked him and his behaviour ( and mouth) on and off court, and always thought he was more suited to the game of football than tennis. A thorn in the side to the UK team.
      TV news haven’t stated 4 years but have said he is looking at a lengthy ban after testing positive for cocaine in April and will be suspended from April.
      He they throw the book at him.

  6. Rafa at 16-years-old:

    “My ambition? Well I guess it would be to go as far as I can, to be a great tennis player.

    It’s difficult, I just have to keep on working hard every day. I know it won’t be easy. Just training hard every day is tough, there’s so much high-level competition out there.

    Normally, when I play tournaments, because I’m younger than everyone else I always think they must be better than me. But then you get on the court and because I’m a fighter and I really hate losing, things tend to level out.

    At the moment, I only ranked 112 in the world, so there’s a long way to go. I’ve got to continue improving but it’s not going to be easy.
    [Video tweeted by Luigi Gatto]

    At the tender age of sixteen, Rafa was already light years ahead of his age group, and on a path to tennis history.

    As youngsters, I have to give great credit to them both; to Andy for his dogged questioning of Rafa, and to Rafa for being able to answer Andy even though neither spoke the other’s language. They most probably liked each other from the start; it had to have taken patience on both their parts. Surely Rafa holds a very special place in Judy’s heart.


  7. Stan is looking to achieve a career grand slam. Stan has added Paul Annacone to his coaching team, for the next four weeks, to help him during the grass-court season.


  8. Rafa is a 150% guy. From opponents, to the media, to his fans, they all agree that Rafa plays as if his life depended on it. I have never heard anyone say that of another player, past or present. His passion for the game, his dislike of losing, his competitive nature, and his warrior spirit all combine to give us a 150% champion. He is in a league of his own.


  9. Puma, I agree with you , Rafa comes top in the game and personality stakes but Andy comes runner up . They both give 100% out on court and are there because they love the game and ,not for the celebrity status. Andy is not everybody’s cup of tea and some people don’t get his dry (British) Sence of humour , but like Rafa he has a good heart. Rafa is a good judge of character and counts Andy as a good friend, so that must say something.
    Counting down the days now until Rafa come to the UK, and performs his magic on the grass court.

  10. In a recent interview with Tennis World, Federer said that Rafa was “probably the greatest clay court player ever. Really? Was he choking on those word? Was there any doubt? Was there any need to include the word “probably”? Tell it like it is, Fed. There is no doubt that Rafa IS the greatest….

    Rafa’s practice sessions on grass seem to be going well and he’s having fun. I think he’ll surprise his rivals and critics this year. Rafa is on a mission and secretly he would love to win another slam and get back to no.1 this year. Come on Rafa! Go get that double!!

  11. Apparently Rafa is playing exhibition matches at the Hurlingham Club in London next week on Wednesday and Friday. I haven’t seen anything official relating to Rafa, but Murray, Raonic, Tsonga and Berdych are confirmed. Rafa will also be practicing at Wimbledon. I’m hoping the quote below just means he thinks he needs more practice! Keep working Rafa and can’t wait for you to arrive in London!

    ‘ … valued the week as “positive” but pointed out that “the level I am now is not enough to compete as I want in London” remembering that “that’s where I have to finish propping up playing two exhibition games.” Nadal, who does not compete in the third major of the course since 2015, claimed that “little by little I have been trying to remember the sensations and adapt my game to the grass.” After raising his 10th Roland Garros wanted to be cautious with the adaptation of his knees and noted that “I am aware that I have been limited in grass in recent years” remembering that “the demand will come from next week when you start playing sets of training with professionals and have to force “.’
    (Google translation (sorry!) from

    • It does confirm an observation I made about a practice video when I stated Rafa was more than likely working on getting the feel of the grass, in response to complaints about the court he was practicing on.

      About his readiness for Wimbledon, we may not know until he actually plays his first rounds. He is the last to boast about how well he will do in any tournament. I am hoping for strong knees.


    • Even Rafa doesn’t know how his knees will behave, or not. I am just hoping Rafa will reap great rewards for all the work Carlos has done in getting Rafa in tip top shape. If Rafa does poorly at Wimbledon because of knee problems, which I feel he won’t, I don’t think he should attempt it after 2017.


  12. Judy Murray said “WE OWE RAFA” for Andy’s desire to improve in tennis. After Rafa A Murray has the nicest personality. His donations of his prize wins are proof if need be.

    BTW I cannot stand the way RF keeps harping on about RAFA and clay court greatness. At Wimb I hope somebody, preferably RAFA, sticks a pin into his big balloon of an ego.


  13. Vamos Rafa. You are a brave young Spanish Matador n a raging young Spanish Bull rearing to have a go in Wimbledon. I pray your knees n your wrist stay strong. Win or lose Rafa, “they can’t take that away from you”, the big past wins on Clay, Grass n Hard Courts! Vamos once again Rafa my boy. God bless you. Good luck from your Aussie Abuela Nan Shirley. 🐂⏳👑😊😇😀

    • Glad to hear.

      If you’ve read any of my comments you will have realized that I much prefer to hear it from the horse’s mouth. With Rafa, that is not always possible because he gives so few interviews to English-language media.

      When Rafa was unavailable for comment, there was always Toni but I find I must parse his words very carefully. He is such a rascal. He enjoys the cat and mouse games with the media, it seems.

      Now that Moyá is on board, I feel his is a fresher look at Rafa. Even though he has been a friend to Rafa for so long, he said their relationship was not as an “insider.” Now, as friend and coach, he is “learning” Rafa. It is very possible that Rafa needed someone with whom he could feel totally free to express his most private thoughts. Things that perhaps he would not feel comfortable discussing with anyone else. In Moyá, Rafa may have found his voice.


  14. “Nadal ya ha dejado atrás todo lo que ha pasado en los últimos meses [títulos en Montecarlo, Barcelona, Madrid y Roland Garros] porque tiene otra cosa en la cabeza: Nadal está con hambre de Wimbledon.”

    Rafa: “Por mi estilo de juego, o por todo el éxito que he tenido en tierra, la gente quizás nunca me ha visto como un especialista en hierba, pero he jugado cinco finales en Wimbledon.”

    “Ahora llevo varios años sin hacer un gran torneo en Wimbledon y la tarea es más difícil.”

    “Si soy capaz de llegar a Wimbledon sano y pasar los dos primeros partidos…ahí cambia la historia.”
    [El Espańol, 20 junio 2017]


  15. Information from The Telegraph:
    Andy is guaranteed to stay at the top of the standings for another three-and-a-half weeks. However, if he fails to deliver on a third Wimbledon title and thereby losing out on a chunk of last year’s 2000 ranking points, Nadal will have an opportunity to return to the top when the standings are announced on Monday, July 17th
    Nadal only has points to gain after missing last year’s Wimbledon through injury. The Spaniard, who notched up La Decima at Roland Garros, withdrew from Queen’s last week to rest his body.
    While, fitness and form permitting, Nadal has a chance in the next few weeks to return as world No 1 for the first time since July 6, 2014, Wawrinka is another breathing down the neck of Murray.
    The Swiss No 1 would have to win Wimbledon for the first time coupled with an early exit from Murray. Wawrinka has never been past the quarter-finals of SW19 in 12 attempts but after suffering a second-round exit last time out could acquire plenty of points with a decent run.

    Looking at these stats it looking like 2017 is just about to get even better for Rafa, With Andy’s present form I can’t see him winning the tournament so I guess Stan the Man is the only obstacle in the way of Rafa and the number one spot.

    • Information from Carlos Moyá:
      Back in 2016, when Carlos said he believed a healthy Rafa could return to the top, I thought he was simply being loyal to his longtime friend and protégé. Little did I know of the tremendous influence he would have in helping Rafa to achieve the “top.”

      Rafa’s Australian Open run made me realize that Carlos is not just a pretty face. He has the goods to back up that belief; a healthy and [an again] formidable Rafa. I said the best is yet to come.

      I will not play with predictions. What I will say is that there is no one standing in Rafa’s way, except Rafa himself and I think he has tamed that alter ego of his. I see a self-assured and confident Rafa.

      He has always been tops for me, through thick and thin.


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