PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal uses time off to take short holiday with friends

After winning a record 10th French Open title, Rafael Nadal is now enjoying a short holiday with friends on his yacht Beethowen.

Photos: Splash News, East News


  1. You definitely deserve a Holiday in the water with Maria and your buddies after Winning your 10th RH RG Trophy. Am so proud to be a Rafa Fan!!!!!
    Love your humility, grace, and love for your country!!!!You have it all!!!!Wishing you good health going forward to Wimbledon!!!!!Much respect Buffy

  2. Lovely​ to see Rafa relaxing and having some fun with his good friend’s before the hard work starts again. Good luck at Wimbledon Rafa .

    • Thanks so much for the video, Tiggy. I watched only five minutes of it and NOT one pull of the shorts, or other mannerism. He must be really relaxed and free. Makes me happy. Will view the remainder after I get some chores done.

      Toni is the director of the Mallorca Open, a WTA affair. Rafa and Azeranka are either good friends or buddies so I wonder if the two will have some on-court contests.


    • Thanks for sharing Tiggy, it was fascinating to watch – Rafa in fact playing against two people (Moya and who?) and I loved it when the grunts started, at 12 mins in, that’s the sound of passion to win!


  3. Hi, Congrats you are the best…be champion in Rolland Garros. I am interest to visit Spanyol, especially Alhambra, would you help me? Thanks for kind

  4. Rafa you sure are having all the fun you deserve on the boat with your good friends and family after all that very hard work,

    Love and prayers,


  5. So happy to see Rafa enjoying himself off court, finally.

    More often than not when he says he’s taking a few days off to rest, he is busy with other never-ending off-court responsibilities to sponsors, or a charity, or even lending his name for a good cause. Glad he is getting some “me” time. Enjoy.

    Uncle Toni said something about Rafa organizing an exhibition tournament before Wimbledon; does anyone have news on that?


    • Hi Margo. Rafa sometimes play the boodles exhibition in Buckinghamshire at stoke park. I think he is down for that this year. Starts at end of June and finishes on 1st July. I think this is what you may be referring to.

      • Thanks Susie, it’s always nice when other fans come to the rescue.

        What Toni said was, “we will organize.”

        Toni: “This week he will rest, next week he will practice in Mallorca, and the other one we will organize some exhibition matches so that we can compete.” [TennisWorldUSA]

        I wrote “tournament” instead of “matches.” It’s probably some fun stuff Rafa will do in Mallorca, in preparation for Wimbledon.

        RAFA ROCKS

  6. Our Rafa, as a relaxing Fisher, you like for sure The Sea as I do. Due, we both are from Islands, if you from Mallorca and I from La Palma, it doesen´t matter, Have a pleasant Holiday, with lot of fun on and under the seawater, sharing it with your good Friends. Nowadays I´ve got at home, some fresh fish from our Atlantic for lunch. My best wish to you is it, to continue Healthy, as you just now are, take your time, in order to be playing tennis again, from The Canaries get please an enormous H U G – XXL, C. Javier

    • Only one of the many costs of fame. Most just don’t care about a celebrity’s privacy.


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