VIDEO: Rafael Nadal is back on grass

Rafael Nadal had his first grass-court practice today in Mallorca.


  1. What a shame 18 year old Canadian Denis Shapovalov couldn’t quite beat Berdych today at Queen’s. He has won a lot of hearts today , and lovely to see him having a photo taken with a young boy , who looking at the shirt he was wearing is a fan of Rafas’s.

  2. You will give Wimbledon your best shot, as usual, Rafa my boy, n I pray your knees stay strong n painless. Vamos Rafa. God bless you. Your Aussie Abuela Nan Shirley. 🐂⏳👑😀😊😇

  3. Andy Murray recounts his decision to move to Spain as a teen. It was during a conversation with Rafa, when he kept questioning Rafa, that he realized he wasn’t getting at home what he needed to further his career. He asked Rafa who did he train with [Moyá], and older and more experienced players.

    Andy also realized he wasn’t training as he should be. Rafa was practicing hours during each day, Andy was practicing only hours in a week. He said Rafa was better than all the other youngsters and realized how Rafa’s hard work, discipline and the Spanish way of teaching tennis could help him. [YouTube video by Graham Bensinger]


  4. Well, what a surpising day at Queens :-/ I believe that the fact Stan hasn’t won it means Rafa gets at least number 4 seed at Wimbledon. If Fed flunks out at Halle as well, (I’m not expecting him to) Rafa might get 3, although I don’t think the difference between 3 and 4 is too important – 5 is a definite disadvantage. Although I still think it was the right choice not to play Queens, just a few points would have put Rafa at 2, ahead of Djokovic – who has apparently accepted a wildcard for Eastbourne, where every other player is outside the top 20. Make of that what you will. I think Rafa will play Boodles. Under-the-radar-rafa may surprise everyone. Keep working champ, vamos!!

    • A very surprising day at Queens. I don’t know what to make of it. I hope Rafa does play The Boodles.

      I’ve watched numerous videos of Rafa practicing on grass yesterday and today. He appears more to be working on getting the feel of the grass rather than playing a match; he is bending his knees with ease, it appears. He looks comfortable which will be a very important factor during the real deal.

      Rafa will enter Wimbledon on a high note and with confidence to spare, having just won his Decima. Add to that Toni’s positive comments, sportswriters’ support for Rafa, and his physical condition have all heartened me for Rafa-under-the-radar to do what he aims to do at Wimbledon. I’ve gotta go to set up a conference with the knee gods.🤗


  5. To suggest that Rafa might have gone the same way as the top seeds did at Queens today is to claim that Toni, Moyá and journalists alike are all wrong in their assessment of Rafa’s grass capabilities this year.

    Because of his fitness and performance thus far, Rafa has a groundswell of support to either win or do very well on grass. I’m with Toni, Moyá and all the sports writers who have expressed gushing enthusiasm and support for Rafa.


    • As far as I am aware (but I’m sure you will tell me if I’m wrong) their assessments have been mainly about Wimbledon as he wasn’t playing Queens. Upsets happen like we have seen today, but as I said the top seeds need to find their A game excluding Rafa.

      • We are both correct. I was talking “grass” in general.

        BTW, I hope you enjoyed the video. I posted Andy’s explanation of his decision to train in Spain because the racquetball explanation just didn’t coincide with what I know. I did read his mom’s interview but she did not explain what actually impacted Andy’s decision. I can understand that because the interview was mainly about her.

        RAFA ROCKS

      • Info from tennis world usa, from an interview apparently that Judy gave to The Guardian.

      • I am not at all questioning your source. It just didn’t make sense, otherwise I imagine he would be playing racquetball instead of tennis.

  6. Goodness – both finalists from last year, andy and milos are out at queens. Shame about andy – the more matches he would have won, the more money for the london fire victims. Strange day for tennis

    • Hi Susie , hopefully if Andy does well at Wimbledon he might donate his winnings from there to the Grenfell tower victims . I know he didn’t want it known ,but that’s the commentator’s for you.

      • Hi Maria – I know andy does a lot for charity and usually stuff like this doesn’t get kept a secret unfortunately. Good for him though. Unsure how much prize money is available for 1st round of an atp 500 but im sure he’ll get the money to the London fire victims somehow. Saw him play – not up to his usual standards and looks like he’s still on the slump. So many points he’s not defending is the issue but I’m sure he will work it out. But as always I will be supporting rafa at Wimbledon- I’m really hoping he can get out of his grass slump this year and get past the initial rounds.

      • Andy is donating his £11,986 fee to the fund, he was favorite to win again this year , but I’m guessing he going through the same as Rafa did and what Novak is still going through .

      • Didn’t see Andy’s match, but obviously not a good result. Lovely of him to donate to the Grenfell Tower fund, whatever amount it is will make a huge difference, hopefully the authorities will use it well to help those who survived rebuild their lives, which goes beyond a roof over their heads. Also, if you haven’t seen it, here’s Andy meeting and hitting with a young guy who’s recently been treated for cancer.

      • It’s always very special especially when a child’s wish comes true.

        I had a good laugh yesterday when Andy realized Callum could hit a mean shot. Andy’s facial expression said it all.

        RAFA ROCKS

  7. Crikey, good job Rafa didn’t play Queens as he might have gone the same ways as the other top seed, there dropping like flies. Andy has just been knocked out by Thompson ( who?) . What’s going on , maybe they are just not used to playing Queens with blazing sun and not pouring with rain. The top seeds ( excluding Rafa , obviously) need to get their act together so they can kick some butts at Wimbledon Lol.

  8. In an interview to The Guardian Judy Murray had said that her family owes Rafa Nadal a lot, as it was a game of racquetball with the Spaniard in a tournament that convinced Andy to move to Spain to train full-time, previously teenage Andy refused to be coached in Spain as his brother Jamie had been so unhappy when he had gone away.
    I think the whole of the UK would join Judy in her gratitude to Rafa.

  9. I wish Rafa would not bother with wimb where, for once RF might be right if not because he cares for Rafa’s wellbeing, but that it would probably only exhaust him further. Why not aim for USO and AO?



    • I’m with you Puma , I will also support Rafa with his decision, but I would prefer he skipped Wimbledon ( my reason) because of the recent horrific events in London , especially knowing that one of the terrorists had been trying to get a job with the security company that provides stewards for Wimbledon . But maybe that’s just me being a bit paranoid about things.
      Back to Queens , Lopez has just knocked out Stan the Man , hoping Andy isn’t the next top seed to fall to the same fate. Congrats to Judy Murray on her OBE ..

  10. The Queen’s tournament is certainly throwing out some surprises , Thanis Kokkinakis has just beat no.6 seed Milos Raonic after only playing 6 games in a year and a half and getting in on a wild card. Wow! Kyrgios puts him up there with Thiem and Zverev.

    • That’s incredible Maria as I recall milos as being in the final last year. Thanks for the info – in work on a glorious day but will be home soon.

  11. Rafa’s looking GREAT 😍❤️🎾💪🏼
    VAMOOS Champ and the best of luck 🍀🤗

  12. Does anyone notice the lack of space behind the baseline on this grass court? There is at least 2 meters too little space between the baseline and the fence. Come on guys, how difficult can it be?

    As for Rafa’s chances at Wimbledon. I think they are slim. Compare Rafa’s build up to RG to what he is doing right now (is forced to do now). A well thought 7 week period on the clay, with 4 build up tournaments, leading towards an ultimate peak in confidence and sheer form in the last 2 matches of RG. It could not have been planned better. Versus: hitting a few balls on the grass in Mallorca (where are the super heavy hitting sparring partners? where is Anderson, where is Raonic?), followed by probably one or two practice matches somewhere in London, leading to a “well, good luck!” type of round one at Wimbledon (chances are London will be dampy, slippery super fast grass). A pure serve and volleyer could get away with this preparation. But Rafa is now placing a risky bet. If Dustin Brown or another big hitter shows up in week 1, it most likely is over and out. No practice, no rhythm, no confidence, only bad memories to hold onto (Rosol, Kyrgios, and twice Dustin Brown). We need luck. A lot of luck. And fresh, fast legs and solid returns combined with superb serves. Quite a lot to ask!

    • Quite right. It’s the health first and foremost for Rafa right now I imagine. Let’s say he gets a nice draw and plays at 60% (does Rafa even do this?) and gets through to the second week. That’s when he will fancy his chances.

      Rafa getting ‘upset’ at Wimbledon wouldn’t be a great surprise. Prepared for the worst… But as usual, I hope he bagels everyone on his way to a 3rd Wimbledon title!

    • Simply fantastic analysis, Jason.

      I thought only the Deep Thinker (May God bless him wherever he is) couls make this type of comments on this site!!! wow, keep it up Jason.

      But, as always, we’d see……..hmmmn

      • Maria Siberia – welcome back. Met your neice – Maria snake island recently. Hope all is well.

    • “Forced to do” is the right phrase – the lack of preparation is unavoidable really. There are only three weeks between RG and Wimbledon and no grass Masters 1000. If, like Rafa, you win the French Open there are then other commitments, for sponsors, press etc that have to be fulfilled. I think Rafa was still in Paris Thursday or even later. Why shouldn’t he have the time to appreciate the huge achievement that is La Decima? Hope Rafa has had the chance to let that sink in and enjoy the moment.

      I agree he needs someone good to practice against. Milos is now free for the week! But seriously, there must be a servebot available for hire somewhere in Spain 😉 I trust Rafa’s team to make the best of an imperfect situation.

  13. Rafa your rest and relaxation was very short, so there you were jumping off boats one minute and back on the grass court with uncle Toni and Carlo Moya the next ,so what a soldier your are.

    All the best for Wibledon,

    Love and Prayers,


  14. carlos and toni should analyse why rafa hasnt done well on grass the last six years.They know off course that one cause are the vulnerable knees of the rafa. Carlos and toni should figure out on how to improve his game on grass. In my opinion they should work on the following things:

    – the serve from rafa on grass
    – the return. The most important aspect of the game on grass
    – the movement and courtposition when receiving serve.
    especially against the big servers on grass
    – volley
    – continue improving forehand and backhand

    I am happy he has enjoyed a short vacation to recharge the battery. I want him to do well at wimbeldon but it wont be easy if he gets through the first week that would be a miracle

  15. Rafa, It’s great to see you practicing on grass and looking fit but PLEASE don’t over practice which is something you tend to do.
    Save your knees for the big picture and don’t put too much strain on them before you even get to London.
    I am hoping Carlos Moya will be a restraining influence here. Practice by all means but know when to stop.

  16. Rafa, you with your team must make the best decisions for your future health and welfare. ❤️

  17. McEnroe is really becoming bizarre. He does not know any more who to flatter or who to insult.

    What about uncle Toni who without hesitation declares that RF is the Goat? Who needs enemies when Toni is your uncle?

  18. Such a shame Rafa is missing from Queens this week , but understandable, The weather​ this week would have been ideal for Rafa. Such a shame Nick kyrgios retired after taking a nasty fall and may have aggravated a hip injury, asked what he would do now after his early exit,he replied that he was heading down to the pub in Wimbledon (sounds good to me Nick).
    Apparently John McEnroe said that if he were to think about taking a part-time
    Coaching job the guy that would make the most sense on paper would be Nick Kyrgios , as John said that they were both head cases and mentally a bit wacky.
    Kyrgios response when a sled about John coaching him – “He’s dreaming”
    Good old Nick you can’t help but love him.
    New kid on the block Canadian Denis Shapovalov could be one to look out for in the future , with his floppy hair he reminds me of a young Rafa.

    • How in the world Denis Shapovalov could remind anyone of a young Rafa is beyond my comprehension.

      Chair umpire Arnaud Gabas, who had to undergo surgery to repair a fracture of the orbital bone under his left eye, was seriously injured by a ball when Shapovalov struck it furiously with his racquet.

      He was frustrated after losing a point and acted out of frustration? Anger? It was an avoidable and horrendous accident.

  19. Not a perfect style jumping to dive from the boat….but, who cares? Perfect in so many other ways, especially in tennis!!! Vamos Rafa, all of your fans are waiting to see you back again and winning in Wimbledon

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