Dominic Thiem ends Rafael Nadal’s 17-win streak in Rome triumph

(Eurosport) – Seven-time champion Rafael Nadal is out of the Italian Open after a straight-set defeat by Dominic Thiem in the quarter-finals. It is Rafa’s first defeat of the season on clay and only the third and fourth sets that he has dropped on clay across the entire season. It also brings to an end Rafa’s run of 17 straight victories.

The Austrian was dominant in the opening set as he raced into a 5-1 lead. Rafa regained some composure and managed to fight back to 5-4 but he couldn’t prevent Thiem taking the set. The pair served out the opening six games of the second but Rafa found a break and hold in the seventh and eighth to open up a 5-3 lead. He then break Rafa’s service game again to secure a memorable victory.

Source: Eurosport


  1. Rafa is THE favorite to win the French. Having said that, I will reiterate that there are many who want to and are capable of winning at RG. My heart and money are on Rafa.


  2. I am extremely happy with how Rafa has carried himself these past few months. This is definitely a comeback year for him and I feel he will not only do well just on clay, but he will do well on grass and the hard court season coming up as well. His confidence will assist in guiding him through to many more wins this season and he has a decent shot of ending the year in the top tier if not at #1 again. Vamos Rafa for all his 3 clay wins and to a possible 10th dream trophy at Roland Garros.


  3. RAFA I beleive there is a message in the time you now have to RESTTTTTTTTTTTTTT and have extra time befor Roaland Garros, so GREAT wwork for all you have done ,
    and all the best for what is coming.

    Love and prayers,



  4. Rafa is still the champ. Take this extra time to relax — you probably need it. You have done a super job this year and you deserve it because you are a Champion, a Warrior and a Gentleman.

  5. It might have been a good thing after all. Rafa needs more time to rest and prepare for RG. It has been a brutal two months.

  6. I did say after Madrid that I thought he ought to skip Rome in order to rest and prepare for the FO which is more important, but also that obviously, Rafa and his team know best and of course it’s his decision. I am glad he lost to Dominic as he reminds me of Rafa, a very strong player and in the interviews he appears to be unpretentious and polite like Rafa. Anyway, now he has a few days to rest and prepare for the match of his life, his Decima at RG and his 15th GS if he wins it.
    Wishing Rafa the best of luck for his next challenge. he deserves it.

    Animo Rafa, continua estamos todos contigo, todos los dedos cruzados para RG.

  7. As all of Rafa fans know by now anyone that plays Rafa are usually ready and plays out of their heads. Saying that Rafa knew that if Thiem came out strong it would and was going to be a tough. Rafa seemed to be a little fatigued to me today. Maybe with a few days rest he can make a good showing at the French Open. Pulling for him to do just that!!!

  8. Rafa I wach your Mach ,it’s OK he play better .but get ready for the French Open.its ok eh you have a bad your fans for ever.🎾🎾🎾👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️❤️❤️😇😇😇

  9. Thiem certainly did his homework and earned the win with his power, taking balls early and never giving Rafa time to get on the front foot. There was nothing Rafa could do to keep him at bay today, so he just has to say “too good” and move on. As many have commented, going out early should be viewed as a positive thing, as it will give Rafa more time to recharge his batteries.

    RG and five sets is a completely different prospect, which I know Rafa will be relishing and he will be victorious!

  10. Get a good rest, Rafa!
    Congrats to Thiem who plays suburb tennis today! He has the same mentality Rafa has;a fighting one!😬Rafa’s forehand didn’t worked today! He looked very tired! Rest, rest, Rafa!u

  11. Someone may have asked for this, can’t recall. Forgot to take notes.

    Found this in a tweet by Steph Trudel:

    “Dominic Thiem joins Djokovic, Gaudio, Federer, Ferrer, Fognini and Murray as the only players to defeat Nadal at least twice on clay.”


  12. bueno campeón descansa que te lo mereces dentro de nueve días te espera Francia y se que lo vas a ganar si o si animo y fuerza desde Canarias Tenerife te estaremos esperando con esa victoria y nos daras la alegría de volverte a ver mordiendo esa ensaladera que tanta feliz nos hace un fuerte abrazo desde esta tierra isleña

  13. okay,
    Let me give the first reaction. Congratulations to thiem he played the match of his life. Nadal didnt play badly although i thought that he could do more with the breakpoints at 4-3 second set. But when a player plays the match of his life there is nothing you can do (ask djokovic about the french open loss final against wawrinka)

    That being said i am happy that nadal loss. That will give him another 12 days of full rest for the french open. All that i as a nadal supporter care about is him winning la decima. Then everyone would forget this loss. Its grandslam titles that matter.

    i dont believe for one second that thiem can play like this in a best of five. But nadal needs to be caution. This loss is a warning for him. La decima will not been giving to him easily. He needs to watch out for wawrinka, djokovic and off course thiem.

    Now that nadal is out i hope that the title will go to del potro

  14. Can never feel happy when Rafa loses. Maybe that’s unreal but still ….. . Rafa doesn’t scare the opponents like he used to, despite the relatively good form recently. Still needs to improve his serves and get more consistent with the good length shots and overall. Flatter shots that have a ‘bite’ which we saw from him from time to time.

    Anyway he was also probably tired.

    Well Rafa, can’t say anything except hope u win the next tournament and that your confidence doesn’t slide due to this loss. You are capable of winning and being a champion. You are one so VAMOS and show that to the world.


    • i dont see it that away. He only lost this year against top players. In 2015 en 2016 those years nobody was affraid of him. Now it is different. Trust me nadal is absoluty not concern after this loss. Its in my opinion a warning to him that la decima will not be easily handed to him. He didnt serve well in the first set also somethime didnt return well but overall he hit more winners then unforced errors but thiem played the match of his life. like wawrinka did against djokovic two years ago.

      This loss is a huge advantage for the legend. First he has 12 days to recharge the battery and get some rest. Second he now knows that la decima will not be easily handed to him he has to earn it.

      Thiem will not be able to play like this in a best of five. And really if nadal converted those break points at 4-3 second set maybe he would have turned it around because thiem was getting tired

  15. That’s good, looking at the positive side, now you can rest before the French Open.

  16. Congratulations to Thiem for his win against Rafa in the quarter finals.
    Although I hate to see Rafa lose this could be a blessing in disguise as it will give him some extra days to rest mentally and physically for Roland Garros. (with not too much excessive practicing, I hope.)
    A loss in Rome should in no way impact on his chances in Paris..
    So long as he is sufficiently rested it is far more difficult for his competitors to sustain the pressure against him for the best of five sets than it is for the best of three.

  17. I didn’t watch this, so I have no idea what went down. Reading comments, it seems Thiem played some great tennis. Well done Dominic! Better here to beat Rafa than at RG!

    The silver lining? Rafa gets to rest now a little bit, while these guys remaining in Rome fight for the one tournament he’s been so kind to leave to them:) Now Rafa can focus all his energies on that La Decima.

    I don’t think this loss will mess with Rafa’s confidence one bit heading into RG, or at least I hope not. Make it happen Rafa!

  18. Thiem was the better player today. Rafa looked tired and not so fresh as in Madrid/Barcelona. Take rest and than good luck for the French Open. Always with you. Vamos Rafa!!!

  19. Big Nadal fan here, but one who really does not appreciate hubris. I told you all: Thiem is a very dangerous customer, who may win RG. But instead of appreciation for staying grounded – which is completely Nadal style – it’s negative feedback (and moderators doubting whether this opinion should be published!). La Decima is a long shot, don’t think it’s in the bag. Nadal is playing quite OK, but it is not 2008, 2010 or 2013!

    • Duuude, get a grip. Anyone can lose to anyone. Nobody ever said Rafa was unbeatable. There was no hubris ie Rafa being unstoppable. I’m relieved he’s lost, to be honest. Hopefully he goes on a 7 match winning streak next, that’s all we ask for:) And if someone stops him at RG, will you gloat again? Are you really a fan of Rafa?

      This is Rafa of 2017, and I hope he goes on to win FO. Lots of other contenders as well of course, including Thiem as you say. But until Rafa gets knocked out there, I’m in his corner every step of the way.

      Peace out bruh. Rafa forever.

    • jason,

      i think your opinion should be publiced. I dont see it negatively at all. Like i said thiem played the match of his life like wawrinka did against djokovic in ro final 2015. There was nothing that nadal could have done perhaps he could have done better at 4-3 in second set when he had breakpoints but besides rafa played a good match.

      Sometimes it happens that your opponent is just better. Also nadal was not very fresh like at barcelona and madrid. You seemly forget that nadal beat thiem in barcelona and madrid.

      This loss will not impact nadal chances at the french open at all. In fact its a blessing because now he has 12 days of full rest recharge the battery for the grandslam. I still believe 100% that nadal is the heavily favourite for the french open. And i dont believe for one second that thiem can play like this in a best of five. But la decima will not be easily handed to him he has to earn it

    • Jason, I don’t think any of Rafa’s fans on this site definitely think Rafa will win Roland Garros. Of course there are others who can beat him, Thiem in particular.
      It is just that we keep hope in our hearts that he will finally win his tenth title there. Hope, but not certainty. That is how i feel anyway.
      Yes, there has been a certain amount of hubris following Rafa’s three wins on clay so far this season , and you are right , this is not 2008, 2010, or 2013. That is why all the excitement – because he is quite a bit older than he was then and he has bounced back to thrill us all with his play once more.
      I know you have said on several occasions that Grand Slams are what it is all about. Of course it would be the icing on the cake to see Rafa win more of them. Everyone of his fans would love to see that,
      However, if he doesn’t , I, and many like me, will still follow him so long as he decides to play. No one can go on winning forever, Rafa included. But we are still there for him.
      I appreciate you are a big Rafa fan but being a fan means different things to different people . Anyway evidently the moderators have published your comments in spite of your fears and I am happy to see that. I don’t see why not. You have not said anything insulting in any way.
      Let’s all just keep our fingers crossed for Rafa’s success at Roland Garros.

      • Thank you Beverley for the feedback. I am a fan since a bloody long time and will remain to the bitter end for sure. No doubt about it. A critical fan!

      • Jason, I want to add my support for your comments. Rafa’s play this year exceeded any expectations. The only negatIve is some Rafa fans who now assume that he will win every match like Novak’s fans did during his hot run. Rafa’s fans should be like our hero and say “too good.” Thiem is an exciting young player who just lost to Rafa two times in a row. I was already worried at the start of the match when Thiem decided to receive. We all know that Rafa often starts slowly. Rafa may had had a chance if they got to a third set, but all credit to Thiem. Rafa had a wonderful run and now can rest before RG. Yes, he will be A favorite, but one of a handful. Today may have been a blessing in disguise. Let us all be humble like Rafa.

  20. Down but not out, Rafa. You should arrive in France rested and fresh as a daisy in your quest for your DIXIÈME. Can’t wait. Enjoy your days off.


  21. Me alegra que haya perdido para que pueda descanzar y estar listo para el French Open que mucho mas importante que este torneo. Vamos Rafa preparate para el Grand Slam

  22. A CHAMPION ALWAYS lives to FIGHT another day! You’re a CHAMPION, RAFA!!! I have no doubt you will continue to be the CHAMPION you’ve ALWAYS BEEN!!!!

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