Madrid Open R3: What time does Rafael Nadal play against Nick Kyrgios?

On Thursday, four-time champion Rafael Nadal will face the big-serving Australian Nick Kyrgios (No. 20) in the third round of the Mutua Madrid Open.

Rafael Nadal of Spain in action during his match against Fabio Fognini of Italy on day five of the Mutua Madrid Open tennis at La Caja Magica on May 10, 2017 in Madrid, Spain. (May 9, 2017 – Source: Clive Rose/Getty Images)

Date: May 11, 2017

Match time: 8 PM local time / 2 PM EDT –  New York, Montreal /  7 PM BST – United Kingdom / 8 PM  CET – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / Friday 4 AM AEDT – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website.

Rafa on playing Kyrgios:

He’s a very difficult opponent. He’s one of the most difficult players you can play. It’s true that I think on clay he’s a very, very tough player… I have to play really well to be able to beat him. I think I’m ready to do that. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. I don’t know what’s going to happen.

Kyrgios beat Rafa at 2014 Wimbledon, but our champ got the better of Australian over three sets at the Internazionali BNL d’Italia in May 2016.

Rafa is 30-5 on the season, which includes his 10th title at both the Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters and the Barcelona Open Banc Sabadell. He has won a record 51 clay-court crowns overall.


Source: ATP World Tour


  1. Come on Rafa, another set like that and your fans will be over the moon 🌜. God commentator’s are getting on my nerves . Praising Nick all the time is fine but in case the didn’t notice Rafa won the first set , so I guess he was playing pretty good as well .

    • Yes Maria – Barry cowen and mark petchy annoyed me too. Going on about nick just as they were about Roger (during other people’s matches) and forgetting that rafa is a 14 time grand slam winner and the king of clay. They certainly had to change their tune really quickly when nick started to bomb. It was comical. They then had the nerve to slag off our lovely umpire when he wasn’t enforcing rafa’s time violations. Tut tut

  2. Oh My! 5/2 Rafa. It’s almost too easy.
    NK looks all deflated, he’s like this when he doesn’t beleive, he has nothing in reserve.

    Maybe he’s bummed about his grandfather, but I see it as he needs fire for his ego in order to play.

    He made some remark this week about when he’s playing his best, he’s the best player in the world.
    Better Rafa should set him straight.

    So pleased.

  3. Great work so far Rafa ,just hold your nerve. Come on Spanish crowd give Rafa a bit more support

  4. NK just broke back serving 2/3. He’s very controlled, subdued in his emotions, he’s truly looked like a different player this year, all business.
    Very interesting match thus far.
    Rafa is playing way better than he did yesterday, thankfully.

  5. Forgot to mention, of the four visiting French nationals. I asked them why Yannick is considered a hero in France. They burst out laughing, then said with a lot of sarcasm left for the whole of France, “Parce qu’il a gagné RG.”


  6. From childhood, Rafa hated losing. He said so in his book.

    There are YouTube coverages of a couple of matches where Rafa, after a losing match, sat and sulked, or didn’t shake the umpire’s hand, or gave an unenthusiastic handshake to his opponent. Toni took care of that type of behavior and that’s why we have the Rafa of today; a respectful Rafa.


  7. I just had a conversation with four French nationals who are visiting NYC. They all concurred that Rafa should win his DIXIÉME this FO. Can’t repeat here what they said about Fed being a favorite-to-win comment.


  8. You can beat him Rafa. Unfortunately I cannot see you play as it will be Friday 2am Perth time n I have an early appointment – normally I would stay up to watch you play. Vamos Rafa. God bless. Your Aussie Abuela Nan Shirley. 🐂⏳👑💥💥😊😀😇

  9. I’ve just heard that Roger is the favourite to win roland garros but some players are still backing rafa. As am I

    • That’s nonsense about Fed at RG. Some may call him a favourite, because he’s their favourite.

      • Rafalite it’s the bookies favourite I think – at least here in the UK.

      • Rafalite – just rechecked what I read earlier. It was carena busta who said that Roger is favourite to win rg but then added that rafa was a serious contender. Unsure where the bookies will go with this one especially as I’m still unsure if Roger is even going to play but I can’t see him missing a grand slam event

      • Busta? How dare he?? LOL and I used to like him.
        I would love Rafa to play Fed at the FO. Would relish that.

    • Wow, what nonsense! One of, probably? *The*? Absolutely not. He hasn’t even played a match on clay this year and won’t play any until RG (not counting practice matches of course). Plus he’s never once *the” favourite to win RG in his long long career.

      Who said that, Susie?

      • I cannot imagine RF playing RG without having prepared for it. It would make more sense for him to expend his energies on winning his eighth Wimbledon. Could he be ensconced someplace, a clay court at his disposal, practicing for the FO? Financially, he has that capability.

        RAFA ROCKS

      • Hi rainier – Oh no i just reiterated what I read that carena busta had said. Lol. I do not agree with him as the only time Federer walked away with the trophy was in 2009 when soldering took rafa down and that was probably only due to rafas personal family problems off the court and injuries. As the legend would say, we will see Roger we will see. I really hope that if Roger plays rg that rafa gets payback and takes him out

  10. It seems andy murray is struggling so far in 2017 as he has gone out today. May be the pressure of being no1 doesn’t suit him – he has a lot of points to defend too. Hopefully rafa will get through today – I am slightly nervous but am determined to enjoy the match.

    • Don’t be fooled by the #1 beside Murray’s name. He’s very far from that in reality, right now. It will take awhile for rankings to catch up with realities, look at the live race to see who’s really the best player right now–Fed still sits there but is going to lose that position by passing up the clay.

      The one to fear now is Goffin. We saw what Rafa can do to Thiem. I think Rafa can handle Djok now too.

  11. Stan, Milos and now Andy out. Novak seems to be on the up again and once he’s gets his new team in place will be a worry. Nick you’re time to shine is coming,but it won’t be today , the clay court season is Rafas’s for the taking.

  12. PM BST – United Kingdom / 3 PM CET – Spain, France, Germany, Italy -> 6 pm in Spain folks.

  13. I am not feeling very positive about this one at all, unless Nick is messed up. And he might be. Or Rafa plays like he did end of Barc and MC not like he did yesterday.

    And if he gets past Nick, then Goffin, who just destroyed Milos with no difficulty whatsoever. Goffin will also beat Djok again, if he keeps this level up.

    Of all the players I’ve watched thus far, Goffin is playing the best tennis. By far.

    The other half of the draw is kind of a joke, by comparison. Thiem should come through, if he is playing as well as was In Barc, where he beat Murray.

    There’s new world order in men’s tennis, that is very much about Goffin Thiem Kyrgios–still Rafa and Fed of course–but less so Raonic, Nish Waw and maybe even Murray and Djok.

    • Rafalite – please try and find your peaceful and happy place so you can enjoy the match. It’s the only thing that works for me but I admit I still worry when things go wrong. Please try and stay positive as I know you are a diehard fan and I know that rafa will do his best. He must be quite confident after getting through the match with fabio and admitted he played poorly. He has the insight so I’m hoping he will put all his years of experience into practice today against nick. You may want to cross everything too!

      • I can enjoy matches while nervous or rightfully worried.

        I don’t take a positive or negative attitude towards matches–it’s up to Rafa and Nick, not me. I only have concerns based on what i see previously.

        I’m also not a crosser.

        It will depend on Rafa being able to return NK’s serve well. Or NK not serving so many aces, like RF.

        So far Rafa is winning most of the rallies, NK keeping the score even with his serving. Also like playing Fed.

  14. Commentator’s today said there are two types of athletes , those who love to win and those who hate to lose ,and the one’s who hate to lose usually come out on top. They put Ferrer and Rafa in the category of athletes who are motivated by a hatred of losing rather than the thrill of victory. After Rafas’s reaction yesterday I would have to agree, A match that could easily have gone the other way showed a way more animated Rafa and he looked happier winning that than Barcelona and MC. Good luck today Rafa , it’s going to be a very exciting match .

    • Cross everything maria but above all enjoy this match. Hopefully it’ll be a good one with the right result. Andy has gone out as has milos.

      • Hi Susie , everything will be crossed without a doubt, not sure about enjoying the match unless Rafas’s out in front , Andy is not having a good 2017 and will struggle to hold onto the number one spot once Novak is back on track ( which could be pretty soon). Hopefully Rafa will come through this match tonight but the main event is still to come and the title at RG is my hope this year. Just reading a book ‘ The World Of Rafael Nadal ‘ secrets of his success. It’s worth a look if you haven’t seen it . It was published in 2009 so pretty old but has beautiful pictures of Rafa on every other page and a good read also reading Strokes of Genius which is a book about Rafa and Rogers 2008 match so having a big dose of Rafa at the moment

      • The world of rafael nadal? I shall get this for my collection maria – thanks. Brilliant umpire selection for today’s match too! I got the dvd of the Wimbledon final 2008 which was a great birthday present. No interview with Sue at the end but rafa’s win in the twilight hours is still as exciting the 8th time I’ve seen it as it was live in 2008! Get it if you can.

      • No worries Susie I already have the dvd and found a site awhile back where you can near enough get any match you want , I also have the FO final 2014 ,where it’s the one and only time I felt sorry for Novak. Would love to read uncle Toni’s book biting think that it’s probably hasn’t been published in English which is a shame

  15. 3 hours of wind and clay particles blowing into an ear infection and Rafa poking himself in the ear every so often<:( I won't be watching tonight – can't bear it.. But love you Rafa and best of luck from the bottom of my heart.

    • Terasa, even though it was a night match which is not Rafa’s favourite time to play, it was much less windy than yesterday. I didn’t even see the player’s hair or clothes blown gently by the winds.

      And it was a quick match. Rafa must be very happy about the win and hopefully he will carry this momentum into tomorrow match against Goffin. Pls watch if you can. Cheers. 🙂

      • Thanks for your reply Rainier. My sister called me at the middle of the second set to watch so I saw some live. Can watch anyone but find it hard with Rafa always! The Fognini match scared me when I saw the wind and dust – I convinced myself he would make himself ill. Great result – I’m so happy – vamos Rafa!

      • You’re welcome, Teresa. 🙂

        Rafa said he was feeling “strange” (the balance thing) in the Fognini match (hence the low quality to his standard) but now he’s feeling better each day. So I think we should try to worry less and enjoy his game more. 🙂

        I’m always more or less nervous watching Rafa’s match as well for many reasons, one of which, besides his defensive game, is his body languages and his taking his sweet time between serves. Makes you nervous with him but also love him more because you know he can be nervous as hell or even fear (he said it himself) but he’s still out there facing and fighting every problem, every opponent and trying a way to overcome all that over and over again.

        Hope you’ll be watching *the* match against Novak tomorrow.

        Cheers. 🌿

  16. Nick seems to be growing up and showing some maturity lately, but hopefully he implodes against Rafa tonight:):)

    Just kidding. Rafa should make it through if he brings the intensity. Against Kyrgios, anything less will lead to a defeat. Rafa must find a way to neutralize Nick’s serve.

    Too bad I’ll be on a plane when the match starts, but hopefully after I land, I’ll have something to smile about! Put a smile on my face Rafa!

  17. Our dear Rafa …we pray for you…just remain healthy…we know you will do your best!!!! Love you

  18. All the very best Rafa keep doing y00ur very BEST,

    love and prayers,


  19. Rafa on Kyrgios:

    He’s a very difficult opponent,” said Nadal. “He’s one of the most difficult players you can play. It’s true that I think on clay he’s a very, very tough player… I have to play really well to be able to beat him. I think I’m ready to do that. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. I don’t know what’s going to happen.”

    In this video:
    at the end when he just entered the tunnel, he took off his shoes and seemed to be walking only with his socks on. I’m a bit worried. Hope his feet/legs are okay (along with his ears) and it won’t be another 3-hour battle tomorrow..

    Good luck and pls stay healthy, Rafa. 🍀🍀🇪🇸🇪🇸

    • Love the video, Rainier 😃👍🏻
      Gorgeous, humble, kind Rafa 😍 – Always time for his fans 🤗
      Wouldn’t worry – Think he’s only “airing” his feet after a long and demanding match 👣😉 – Even saw that amazing smile of his ❤️

      Sure do hope he’s all better 😘🤞🏻


      • You are going to jail Rafantastic. LOL You stole my RAFA ROCKS, now it’s “he’s probably airing out his feet.” That is two counts of intellectual property theft. Charges will be dismissed ONLY if you continue with the prettified Rafa cheers that only you know how to do.

        Murray and Raonic are out. Nishikori, Nole, Coric, and Goffin are in.

        RAFA ROCKS

      • Oops Margo, my apology 🤣 – did you use the “airing his feet” comment aswell… Really? – I didn’t know… Honestly (no kidding!)🤞🏻
        Don’t worry I’ll keep on cherring for Rafa 🤗💕
        Thank you for your compliments, Margo ☺️

      • I just think you have the inside track with Rafa.

        I was thinking it [airing feet] but saw you had beat me to it in your comment. And I didn’t see him limping. I am notoriously slow at writing down what I want to say because I make a gazillion revisions. The brain goes faster than the keyboard.


      • Yep, just airing his feet yesterday getting ready for his win today.


  20. Rafa I will be watching tomorrow ,good luck you can do it ,the king of clay your fans love you.vamossssssssssssssssssssssssssss CHAMP 🎾🎾🎾👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️😃😃😃

  21. Stan the man is out, beaten by his good friend Paire. Can’t say I’m surprised as unlike Rafa( who always plays as he would say, like every match is his last ) Stan only seems to pull out his estate tennis in a grand slam. Zverev is through.

  22. According to TennisLive, Kyrgios has played around 50-55 clay-court tournaments since May 28, 2012. He won both the Sarasota and Savannah Challengers in 2014. That’s 2014. While I don’t think Rafa will have an easy match, I don’t think Nick is a match for Rafa on clay. I rest my case. Rafa it is.


    • It would actually be a very worrysome feat if Nadal can’t beat a big server and hard hitter like Kyrgios. A top 20 player must be overcome rather easily on the dirt, if Rafa is to go for la decima next month.

    • Rafa compliments each and every opponent he has to face. La terre battue should neutralize Kyrgios’s game. Fingers crossed!

      Rafa was on court against Fognini just short of three hours. My tootsie’s wouldn’t be able to carry me after that. I’ll go with Rafantastic that Rafa was “airing” his tootsies. Knee? Legs? Feet? Ears? If any of these is troubling him, I hope his “will to win” and “positive attitude” will surmount any discomfort he may have. He’s won through worse physical ailments. I am just praying that he is fine today. Today, Nick has other plans for Rafa.


  23. An early evening match for us tomorrow in the UK and for rafa. I hope the conditions suit him at that time. I’m crossing everything for tomorrow as we all know what nick is capable of, although I’ve softened to him over the last few months, he must not be allowed to win tomorrow!

    • Hi Susie,

      I too have “softened” to NK lately, but that still doesn’t equal liking him. He is just a huge threat. I watched his match against Bagdhatis, and he is not playing his best at all–due apparently to the recent death of his grandfather–but he still played well enough to beat Bg without the same difficulty Rafa had beating Fog. I did not think Fog was great at all–as he has been when he beat Rafa in the past.
      So Rafa has to raise his level a huge amount to stand a chance.
      I can’t stand the idea of a loss to NK. I never really got over that Wimb loss to NKI–and he hasn’t beaten Rafa since, and I want to keep it that way.

      • Oh rafalite I remember rafa’s loss to nick in Wimbledon well. I will also never forget that match. I’d never seen nick before but he became well known shortly after and not entirely because of his tennis. I just seem to be focusing on novak being beaten twice in as many weeks by nick recently but I must remember that novak was less than at his best. I never underestimate a player like nick and all I know is that rafa has to step up his game today. But then as rafa said after the match with fabio he was aware that he did not play well and described his performance as awful. I will leave it to the great rafa to work it out and in the meantime the rest of us will worry. But that’s what being a sports fan is all about.

    • Replying here Susie to your comments about NK and Djok–yes, those were very impressive wins, Djok isn’t back to his best but he’s not at his worst (Murray is occupying that spot at the moment) NK will do better against Djok and all of them on HC or grass than on clay, as we are seeing now against Rafa.

      • Hi rafalite – I’m actually looking forward to a rafa and novak match up now. Rafa’s confidence is back and I’d like to see him getting in novak’s head as in the old days. I hope that’s possible now. I didn’t like it when Roger beat him 3 times this year so far and the ao final was so painful, especially as rafa was a break up in the final set. That mto was so wrong. Not quite ready for another rafa Roger match up yet though as I’m still smarting.

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