WATCH: Rafa Nadal plays ludo in Miami

We are sure Rafa is world-class at Ludo as well.


  1. Good luck tonight Rafa , Roger is the bookies favourite ,but i still believe you can bring the trophy home 🏆. Roger took the title 12 years ago when you first met in the Miami Final , it’s been along wait but today is the day to claim it for yourself. Roger has said he will play the clay court sparingly so is out to give everything.
    ‘Knowing that I won’t play for a while, it’s easy now to just compress all the energy you have and give it one last push,’ he said.
    I can’t believe that not long ago everyone wanted a match up between Rafa and Roger again especially a final , Now we want anything but. I guess it a case of ‘be careful what you wish for’.
    No matter what the outcome of this evenings​ match , you have done fab this year , we are only just into April and already you have made it to 3 finals . The clay court season is nearly upon us , this is where you shine, and i know many titles will be coming your way this year . Starting with the MIAMI OPEN🏆

  2. I wonder who found 2 or 3 posts about the women’s final so offensive? Oh well never mind. Apologies to all who did.

  3. Great to see Rafa having some down time before the final! Good luck for tonight’s final. I’m sure Carlos Moyas and Uncle Toni have done their homework and it will not be a repeat of the last 2 Fedal meetings. Let’s bite that throphy our Champ! Vamos Rafa!

  4. The only topic here should be RAFA!!! Vamos Rafa. You’re in it, so Win It! Love from your Aussie Abuela Nan Shirley. 🐂⏳👑🎈👑😀😊😇

  5. Rafa, I am counting on you to do your very best. I hope you are well rested and ready for battle. I’m with you all the way. Best of luck and great tennis.


  6. Omg well done Jo konta. What an amazing result in straight sets too. I didn’t see the match but am sure caroline was very gracious in defeat. I hope this bodes well for 2mrw!

    • Girls, could you try to stay to the topic and not spam comment section box about WTA tennis. Other fans sent me a message asking why do I allow this. If you want to talk about non-Rafa things you can chat via your Facebook, e-mail etc. Of course I’m following WTA news but there is no need that we spam others. After all, this is place for Rafa fans, not WTA.

      Thank you!

  7. Congratulations to Jo Konta, on taking the Miami Open , Caroline and Jo played great , nice to see some different faces in the final of tournaments ,
    Your turn next Rafa, make this a perfect weekend.

  8. Sorry Maria I can’t watch Jo’s match unfortunately as I have to go out. But will be following the score – cheer her for the both of us. I like caroline very much but feel I can’t support her today – for obvious reasons. But Rafantastic I’m sure she will do well. Enjoy.

  9. Rafantastic- enjoy the womens Final (I’m sure your about to watch) , they have both done so well to get there , I think Caroline might just have the edge , it will be a great match whatever the outcome 🎾

    • Thanx Maria – you 2 🤗🌷 Yes I’m sure it’s going to be a great and exciting match 🎾👍🏻
      -Enjoy. I’m watching 😃🍀👏🏻

    • Bad luck, Caroline 😕 – She’ll be back 🤗🎾
      Congratulations to Jo Konta. Very well played 😊👍🏻

  10. Ludo does take concentration as we can see by the look on some faces. Happy they are taking a breather from tennis🎾🎾🎾 so they can return to the matter at hand [the final] with renewed zeal and focus. I wonder who won the game.


    • Who won the game, Margo? Who else? Of course, it’s our precious darling Rafa!
      He has the midas touch, doesn’t he? Lol

      Eh, heard from the grapevine that Roger’s team are already celebrating ahead of tomorrow’s match with Rafa reminiscent of the way Bayern Munich painted the streets red ahead of their match with (”over the hill”)Manchested United then in 2015.

      But, surprise, surprise…..Rafa’s gonna take it tomorrow 4 – 6, 6-4, 7-6

      But as always, we’d see…………………hmmnn

      • Great! Please supply the link announcing Rafa’s Ludo win. 😊😄👏👍


  11. Is it me or Moya and Tony look dead serious in the clip?

    One would have thought they were playing WCC (World Chess Championship) had Rafa not been trolling with his little dancing motion, trying to be even cuter. Lol

  12. Rafa we’ve had Brexit (sadly) , now it’s time for you to show Roger the EXIT

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