Rafa loses Acapulco final

Rafael Nadal’s run at the Mexican Open in Acapulco is over as he lost 3-6, 6-7(3) to Sam Querrey in the final.

The American served 19 aces and did not face a break point in the opening set. Rafa fought back in the second set but failed to convert any of his six break point opportunities.

After the match, Rafa said:

He played very well, almost reaching perfection. I played under a lot of pressure because of his serve and baseline game. He left me with very few options, and the few I had he also played good. I have to congratulate him. I’m also very happy with my week and my game.(via AP)

Our champ is still seeking his first title of 2017, having also finished runner-up at the Australian Open. His next tournament is Indian Wells.

Win or lose, always with Rafa!


  1. Vamossssssssss Rafa your fans for ever good luck champ.we love you.xoxo🎾🎾🎾🎾🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍🐕🐕❤️❤️❤️❤️

  2. According to The Grandstand, Juan Martin del Potro will hold the 32nd-seed spot at IW and will get a first-round bye as will the 31-seeded players ahead of him.

    I am hoping for a replay of the 2013 final, a win for Rafa and runner up for DelPo.

    Raonic has withdrawn.


  3. Debby I’ve just read the bottom of your comment. So sorry that you’re going through this. Don’t worry though – the whole world is watching!

  4. Maria (England), no need to “eat humble pie.” Your apology is gladly accepted. Just now came across it.

    I did not mention who made that comment because it wasn’t pertinent to Elaine’s comment about thinking Rafa had won, or something to that effect. I quoted exactly what was written. I had no idea that you thought I was quoting you because the quote is not open to interpretation. Another reason I did not mention who made that comment was because I refused to open myself to abuse.

    Susie came just short of calling me a liar about the empty seats at the Lorenzi match. I did not see any clarifying comment about the seats eventually being filled except for va4favre’s explanation. He said “sold out,” so I was surprised about the empty seats comment.

    Maria (Serbia) with her “illiteracy,” and “stupidity,” comment about me. Who would even bother with these two if they were me?

    Regarding Novak, I would have addressed you directly, but then I would have to fight you, and the other two. He has pulled all kinds of on-court stunts but he is still a 12-time slam winner. I never liked him, even before his many titles.

    Elaine is not the only one who misread that Rafa had beat Querry. I also had to check the time Rafa was playing because I was sitting in front of the TV watching music videos. I did not include that with my comment to Elaine because I feel I would have been attacked. If Elaine and I made that same error, I am sure there are others. At least Elaine had the balls to admit it.

    Like Souix said, we are here as Rafa fans.

  5. I’ve said over and over again, Rafa needs to learn how to play Aces!

    These players that can play them to obtain a win/break CAN win the game!! Vamos for Indian Wells Rafa. x

  6. Here come Rafa. Indian Ells.go Rafa you can do .Vamosssssssssssssssssss your fans for ever loose or win love Rafa.🎾🎾🎾🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👍👍👍❤️

  7. Looking forward to Indian Wells-keep up the momentum, Rafael.💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏❣️Stay confident and healthy!

  8. Rafa had a good week. He played very well all week and he should be happy. So far this year he’s played with confidence. Vamos Rafa go forward and keep telling yourself “I can do it”!…….. Indian Wells is next on the list. Good luck and we all love you and wish you lots of luck in the upcoming matches. We all will be watching.😍😍😍😍😍

  9. I am a fan of Rafa’s. He did not played well last night. Really don’t know what happened. He looked like he was lost since the game started. I think Rafa, you should play less matches and win. Take a rest because last night was very dissapointed. Concentrate more in your game more than you fashion. So sorry.

  10. Omg margo – can’t you read properly? Go back and see what maria siberia was talking about. It was her PREDICTION before the match had even started. Stop spreading lies to others. Shame on you! Mind you what can we expect from someone who can’t tell the difference between Toni and Sebastian nadal. Went quiet after that didn’t you. Stop it!

    • Thanks so much, Dearest Susie and Maria (England) for being so intelligent and reading between the lines of Margo’s ‘illiteracy’ (restraining myself from saying ‘Stupidity’).

      I mean, I was caught up in a trance and I was been shown some imagery inside my crystal ball by the celestial forces. It was so cloudy inside the magic ball, but all the same I was able to see that Rafa lost the first set which came to pass later. In order to add some fun to the prediction, I made it appear as if I was relaying/conversing with my dearest online peeps, Maria (England) and Susie. I mean, even an ‘average’ person (i’m restraining myself from saying ‘dumb ass’) should able to decipher this metaphorical personification for Pete’s sake!!!

      But good old Margo failed to understand a single sentence – so appalling! I’m highly disappointed with Margo.

      But as always, we’ll see……

      • Maria (Siberia) … This is none of my business and I will not get involved because I enjoy this site…However I would like to warn you that I got bumped off this site for awhile arguing with a certain someone ( who is no longer here) for a lot less then your comments about Margo. You can call her any names that you like however I’m here to tell you that this Margo is not illiterate nor is she a dumb ass…. On the contrary she is extremely intelligent. Her grammar, spelling and vocabulary is impeccable… I would not be surprised if she is a journalist or in some type of work that involves writing. I am a registered nurse and although I can spell medical words my writing is terrible! However I am not here to show my writing skills ( or lack of) I’am here to post & read the comments about Rafa…whom I adore. I don’t know how all this bickering begin but I think we should all read Debby post…She is going through so much and perhaps comes to this site to get a little respite and then see all this. I understand now why I got bumped off for awhile … This is supposed to be a positive site for Rafa! We should keep it that way and stop the school yard bullying!

      • Always sweet and kind Souix, I guess you and I have so much to be thankful for. Hopefully it gives us a better perspective on things. Thanks for the very high praise but no, neither journalist nor writer. I just love reading and writing, and language in general.

        I have been going back and forth all day looking for the IW’s main draw. Hopefully RNF will post it soon. Can’t wait to see how Rafa does at IW.

        RAFA ROCKS

  11. Yet again Margo you have got your facts wrong , it was a comment from Maria ( Siberia,) and if you had actually bothered to read their post before jumping on my back you would have realised they were predicting what they could see happening . Please stop this nonsense of trying to turn people against each other in this site as it making it unpleasant for other people . Thank you.

  12. So sad, but you’re still our number one, good luck Rafa in the next tournament.

  13. Obviously we Rafa fans are disappointed, but last year we would have been overjoyed at two finals. Sam truly was on fire, but sadly Rafa played the TB poorly. I am still happy for him. He had a great week and the love he received from the Mexican fans was heartwarming. Let’s build on this experience at IW.

  14. I must say Rafa had a great week. I had a feeling Sam would pull out the win with his onslaught of aces everytime he faced a break-point from Rafa. Congrats to Sam. When Sam is on he’s solid with his one and done brand of game. It worked this time against Rafa. I did miss Rafa’s long rallies. Sam was smart to finish the point quickly and agressively.

    Rafa should be pleased though. He already reached 2 finals in his 2 big tournaments this 2017 season. Great things to come.




  16. What! Match was to start at 4am my time, and I set up the alarm. Woke up at 5am after missing the alarm, turned on the TV, and it was a replay of the second set! Did the match end that quickly or what!

    Anyways, it seemed that Querrey just did what he does, perfectly this time. A good recovery from Rafa in the second, but those overcooked forehands cost him in the tie break. Better luck at the next tournament Rafa!! MWah!

  17. ce n est que partie remise et rafa est redevenu ce grand champion que l on aime tant

  18. Such a shame Rafa could not get the ‘W”. No excuses given. He was very honest is saying that he was under pressure throughout the match from Querrey’s serve and baseline game. Difficult against an inspired player who serves 19 aces! Don’t lose heart Rafa. Next stop Indian Wells. Good luck there ❤❤❤

    • Yeah, this Rafa is not the Rafa of old, when in 2010 he won Tokyo on a quicker HC beating Troicki in the SF when Troicki served 20+ aces but Rafa narrowly edged him with his own 18 aces. Those were the days when Rafa was clearly at the top of his game; not anymore.

      Rafa could have done better if he played like the way he played against Cilic, i.e. came out all guns blazing. He only gave Querrey one BP but Querrey happily took it, Rafa had 6 but couldn’t convert any.

      Had he not tried to outhit Querrey but instead tried to outsmart Querrey by changing direction ( hitting DTL for e.g.) and making Querrey run, perhaps he could have better chances breaking Querrey’s serves.

      To me, Rafa played the wrong strategy; he tried to counterpunch instead of playing and imposing his more aggressive game from the get go. Querrey was given all the space and all the chances to hit big and serve big freely and he didn’t miss much hence it’s not possible for Rafa to counter and contain him.

      For Rafa to win matches on HCs (not even titles we are talking about here!) he has to play his imposing aggressive HC game, if not he will lose to big serving players, or those who play a more aggressive and attacking game.

      • I don’t imagine Rafa knows any of this. First of all Querrey, who beat Djoker at Wimby last year, is not Troiki. And as every commentator said, he was playing mich better here.
        Secondly, Rafa did try something different against serve in 2nd set.
        You try changing direction when ball is coming that fast and report back.

        Rafa did not manage to break when he had all the chances in the game in 2nd set. Q came back with ace every time.
        If Rafa’d gotten break it goes to a 3rd set.

        Players play best match of their careers against Rafa and this was after Q beat other top 10 this week. It happens.

        Rafa doesn’t like playing this kind of tennis, I myself find it boring.
        But I’ll take 2 finals to start the year over being injured. Rafa knows he coulda woulda on those break points. On other notes, my students still being deported and my diabetic grad school daughter may lose her health coverage…

      • Hmmn….this is the best and fairest comment have read in ages on this site!

        Bravo luckystar for saying it as it is.

        But as always, we’ll see……………..hmmnn

      • Like I said, Rafa had to start with imposing his game on his opponent, knowing very well his opponent was a big server and hard hitter. He did do that against Cilic, not allowing Cilic any chances to fight back.

        Against Querrey, he’s playing a counterpuncher game. He wasn’t as sharp; and he kept hitting CC back to Querrey when he had chances to hit his DTL shots to break the pattern! It’s Querrey who saw the opportunities and hit a few DTL shots for winners, when Rafa was expecting CC returns. So, Querrey was able to change direction but Rafa couldn’t, because Querrey was hitting harder than Rafa? Why insist on hitting baseline rallies then?

        It’s only late in the second set, when Rafa knew he was about to lose if he didn’t change anything, that he decided to move forward and hitting some DTL shots and some points at the net but why wait till it’s too late?

        Perhaps Rafa had not won any HC title for a long time now, that when in a HC final, he tended to be less aggressive and preferred to play it safe; esp when against an aggressive player like Querrey, and Fed at the AO.

        * Troicki at Tokyo 2010 was playing very well in the SF; the Rafa of 2010 had to go the distance to edge him out, and it’s the 2010 Rafa we are talking about here!

  19. Rafa I really thought earlier that someone had posted on here that Rafa had won.

    So I didn’t check the facts and until just now I really thought that Rafa had won in fact.

    You tried hard Rafa, so now onto Indian Wells,

    Love and prayers,


    • Yes, Elaine, you did read correctly, “Yeah, Maria [England] it’s Rafa alright….Vamosssss Rafa wins in 3 sets!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
      Please note the number of exclamation points [13].
      The above quote can be found on RNF’s post just prior to this one. Anyone would think what you thought. Truly sorry for your great disappointment in finding that Rafa had actually lost.


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