VIDEO: Rafael Nadal absolutely nails this passing shot against Sam Querrey in Acapulo final

Watch Hot Shot as Rafael Nadal gets the crowd involved with a stunning winner against Sam Querrey in the final of the Abierto Mexicano Telcel.


  1. Hi Susie , It’s a bit of a pain , It’s on SkySport and BTSport , I think sky is usually the men’s and the womens is BTSport. BTSport sometimes 1 and somedays 2

    So I will give you SkySport up to a week Friday (7pm- 6.30am)
    Thursday SkySport 5
    Friday SkySport 3
    Saturday SkySport 5
    Sunday SkySport 3
    Monday SkySport 3
    Tuesday SkySport 3
    Wednesday SkySport 1
    Thursday SkySport 3
    Friday SkySport3

    Are they having a laugh or what ( when I find out the rest I will let you know)
    Hope this helps . I have mine on series link so much easier.

  2. Yes I don’t know if I could show my face again to be honest. Either tennis is her life or she’s hard or maybe both. Yikes – looks like we will have to be on the ball with the times of rafa’s matches. Hopefully RNF can give us better guidance as and when rafa’s matches are on. They are usually really good with that info. As I’m at work during the week i may have to record the odd one but I hope I can catch a few.

  3. Susie, I’m hoping Rafas’s matches are at a decent hour this week, but I see that the tournament in the UK starts at 7pm and finishes at 6.30 am, so I’m keeping my fingers crossed.Going to be an interesting time next month with the return of Maria Sharapova ,god she has some balls ,I would be so embarrassed. I wonder what Rafas’s feelings are on her getting into tounaments on a wild card . Roger is keeping stum, but Andy has made it clear he doesn’t agree with it and that she should be made to work her way back . AWKWARD

  4. Hi Susie , I just hope that we can call a truce, I don’t mind people disagreeing with my comments but as long as I’m not disrespecting Rafa just best to think what a stupid moo or just tell me straight ,I would prefer that . Anywway hopefully a line can be drawn underneath it. God yes , another 5 years would be great .

  5. Maria your apology was very decent of you. Yes I read somewhere that Carlos put it like ‘3 or 4 or 5 years’. Even 3 would do for me but 5 would be fantastic.

  6. Carlos Moya has said that Rafa has 3-5 years left on tour ,that great news . I hope he’s right as his fans aren’t ready to let him go just yet ( if ever)

  7. Another game Rafa, another handsome Rafa, now I imagine already practicing in Indian Wells.

    Rafa is learning whether he wins or loses, so what a great attitude to have.

    All the best Rafa for Indian Wells, and I send my love and prayers to you Rafa,


  8. I will eat humble pie and offer an apology to Margo in advance as reading your post , I can see you have quoted Maria ( Siberia ) words but reading it and the Yeah being on a different line it appears like you are saying it’s me. So like Elaine I have also misunderstood. Please could you in future say who’s text you are quoting . Thanks

  9. Great to see that Rafas’s confidence hasn’t taken a knock after his loss against SAM- I -Am. In the press conference he said ” if I play like this I don’t have any doubt that I will win more titles ( you and us both Rafa) . He also went on to say ” I am so satisfied with My week in Acapulco that now I’m going to drink some tequila’s to celebrate. ( Well deserved Rafa). It’s beautiful to say that you learn from losses, but you learn and enjoy much more if you win. Losses are useful to see what really lacks to you, but with wins you learn much more.’ .I just love Rafa little quotes here’s another -I doubt myself, I think doubts are good in life. The people who don’t have doubts i think only two things – arrogance or not intelligent ( don’t you just love him) .And my favourite up-to-date Quote which sums up why we adore him so – I build a wall around myself when I play , but my family is the cement that holds the wall together. Keep them coming Rafa . Sending love and luck to you in your week in Indian Wells.

  10. If margo had read our responses to maria siberia it is clear she was just mucking about as we both referred to her predictions and I asked her to change them etc as I at least couldn’t stand the thought of 3 sets. But I expect she read them and decided that today was the day that she would pretend outrage and in the process made a fool of herself. Yes Maria you are right – enough is enough and to make everyone here happy – margo please refrain from commenting slyly on our posts.

  11. I have posted below the post Margo was referring to , NOT my post Its was Maria ( Siberia) who is not to blame and neither stated that Rafa had won as the match hadn’t begun. Sorry Elaine if you looked at this post quickly , I understand it must have been disappointing when you found out different. Have posted it here as Margo wanted people to know where to find it. Enough is enough now Margo please , do not read my post that’s would be a solution to a problem you seem to have with me , then we will have a harmonious site that everyone can enjoy.

  12. Hi Maria – I too was using this site long before Margo discovered it. I noticed how awful her posts were – really rude and abrupt at times to others. So I stopped commenting for a long time. Her aim is to to get us banned but we wont. But if she even tries to creep in nonsense about anything we say about rafa or anything else as part of her tedious ‘essays’ I will not put up with it and will defend it as that is her way of attacking. She has already shown her true colours. I added a post on the feed where she apologised on your behalf – not that it was your post anyway – poor maria siberia. Margo gave a half witted response to something she clearly didn’t understand and tried to pin it on you so others could think you were a liar. Just as she did with me the other day. And like I said on that post – shame on her. Do not let her stop you using this site. Glad your house is spotless – every cloud. Lol

  13. Maria (Siberia)
    Well, it’s looking a bit hazy in the mirror, but all i can see now is Rafa, yes….that looks like Rafa holding something.

    Yeah, Maria (England) it’s Rafa alright….Vamossssss Rafa wins in 3 sets!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Sorry, Sussie, I cant see the scores, it’s so freakin’ cloudy in the mirror, but it’s Rafa in 3. SQ takes the 1st set and then Rafa has to dig deep.

    Hmmmn……….but as always, we’ll see.


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    MARCH 4, 2017 AT 11:45 PM

  14. Susie,I have been on this site a long time way before Margo and have never said a bad word about Rafa.I have loved the information that RNF give us and also other people’s post. We all have different opinions but when you constantly see a back handed comment about a comment you made in your post , stuck in between one of Margo’s paragraphs it’s not pleasant , and worse when you say about it she turns it all around . I don’t want to feel like I can’t come on here , or be banned for retaliating which I think is Margo aim.It’s very upsetting to have someone apologies for something that they claim I have said . The post Maria ( Siberia ) posted was before the game had even started and my and your name was mentioned because they were addressing their comments to us. Susie I managed a few hours sleep ,one plus on Rafas’s match being on so late is my house is now spotless

  15. Ho Maria. Hope you got some kip – it was a sad early morning but roll on IW. I woke up to Margo saying all sorts but what people don’t realise is that we go along minding our own business saying nothing about anyone and she attacks us for no reason and she can’t cope when we stick up for ourselves. Leave us out of your sly comments please – otherwise we will defend ourselves as that’s life. You can’t take it when we do, so stop.

  16. Yet again Margo you have got your facts wrong , it was a comment from Maria ( Siberia,) and if you had actually bothered to read their post before jumping on my back you would have realised they were predicting what they could see happening . Please stop this nonsense of trying to turn people against each other in this site as it making it unpleasant for other people . Thank you.

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