Mexican Open Final: What time does Rafael Nadal play against Sam Querrey in Acapulco?

Two-time Acapulco champion Rafael Nadal will play Sam Querrey (world No. 40) in Saturday’s final. The American defeated sixth seed Nick Kyrgios 3-6, 6-1, 7-5.

A win would gave Rafa his first hard-court title since the Qatar Open in January 2014.

Spain's Rafael Nadal celebrates after defeating Croatia's Marini Cilic during a semifinal match of the Mexican Tennis Open in Acapulco, Mexico, Friday, March 3, 2017. (AP Photo/Enric Marti)
Rafael Nadal celebrates after defeating Croatia’s Marini Cilic during a semifinal match of the Mexican Tennis Open in Acapulco, Mexico, Friday, March 3, 2017. (AP Photo/Enric Marti)

Date: March 4, 2017

Match time: Not before 9 PM local time / 10 PM EST –  New York, Montreal / Sunday 3 AM United Kingdom / Sunday 4 AM  CET – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / Sunday 2 PM AEDT – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website.

Rafa on playing Querrey:

Sam is playing great, beating Goffin and Thiem. He’ll be coming into the match with a lot of confidence.

Querrey on playing Rafa:

It does not get any easier tomorrow, it will be the toughest test. I played great today, but I need to play even better tomorrow to beat Nadal.

Rafa has dominated his FedEx ATP Head2Head with Querrey 4-0, including a win last May at the Mutua Madrid Open.

  • Rafa is bidding to become 5th player with 70+ ATP World Tour titles (Connors 109, Lendl 94, Federer 89, McEnroe 77)
  • He played 29 hard-court tournaments and 5 hard-court finals since last hard-court title at 2014 Doha
  • He owns 59-8 lifetime record against American opponents with 16 straight wins since 2011 Cincinnati QF (l. to Fish)


Source: ATP World Tour


  1. Margo.. I as well saw many empty seats during one of Rafa matches. I believe it was with the Italian player, forget his name but Novak came on after him and the house was packed… Also the fans were very verbal …chanting Nole,Nole and doing the mexican wave. I thought it was just me but Susie and Maria also noticed it. I can’t believe it but I think the Acapulco fans were more in favor of Novak…At least on that one night! I would have liked to have seen Rafa and Novak in the final to see who they would be rooting for. I’m sorry for all the bickering on this site… It makes me sad because we are all here for one reason and that is because we love Rafa!

    • Souix, the Italian was Lorenzi. And I did note how the fans really like Nole. His fans, their country, who can argue with that.

      Rafa recently said that his South American fans were his best, or something to that effect. I was taken aback by that comment. Yes, I was taken aback because Rafa has a worldwide fan base. Mexico, as you know, is not South America so maybe it was a little payback? Or maybe they just prefer Nole. It does not, IMHO, take anything away from Rafa. Rafa was, is, and always will be my fave, for sure.

      Although a Nadal-Nole match would have been good for Rafa, I would love to have seen a Nadal-del Potro match. Both of these warriors stricken by many injuries and both coming back from adversity. I think it would be a great matchup. Maybe soon.

      I can’t wait for IW. It will be back-to-back Rafa until April 2. Get ready for the ride of your life. LOL

      Don’t let others’ problems become your problem. Those two will implode on their own without help from anyone.

    • Souix, I just realized that on Wednesday after Rafa’s game, Nole-del Potro were to play. Juan Martin has a great fan base, albeit not as large as Rafa’s or Nole’s. Who knows how many were Nole’s fans, and how many were Juan Martin’s fans.

      Rafa was playing Lorenzi. It is a good bet that many fans felt the match between these two would not be a competitive one. They are paying money to hopefully see a great tennis match. With Lorenzi in the equation, with all due respect to Lorenzi, perhaps tennis fans felt their money would not have been well spent on a Nadal-Lorenzi match.

      Just some thoughts for your consideration.


      • I considered that Lorenzi may have not been a favorite match to see but it is just so unusual because Rafa is a rock star where ever he goes. I do remember the match between Novak & Del Potro… The fans were pretty much on both their sides. It’s not that Rafa didn’t have his share of fans it’s just they weren’t as passionate as they usually are! Roger is by far the most popular of all with Rafa a close second… Speaking of south American fans … They start crying and going nuts when they see Roger! Novak is starting to work the fans, have you noticed. He wants to be as popular as Rafa and Roger! Yes I am going to stay out of it I know that you can handle yourself with dignity and I don’t need to protect you! I really enjoy this site because almost every single one of you feel the exact same way I do about Rafa… With that being said I better get to sleep! Got home late and need to get some rest! Looking so forward to Indian Wells, even though he isn’t lifting trophies he still is making the finals and I am so happy just to see him healthy & playing well! Graduations to Sam… he is a heck of a nice guy and he is playing so will these days… He has one of those wham/ bam serves that are Unreturable!

  2. Not happy with the result obviously. Querrey was calm and played really well (albeit rather boring) but Rafa could have been much more assertive and not given his opponent too much authority. And why in world did you break yourself – AGAIN – at the worst possible time – at your “lucky charm” tournament? Splashes of genius won’t win you titles, Dear. 🙁

    Still too nervy Rafa. Something needs to be changed if he wants to have any chances at IW and Miami. I’m only being realistic.

    Have a good sleep anyway Rafa and Rafa fans 🌙. I only slept 4hrs for this match and IW is coming… But of course I’m still hopeful like I always have been. Keep your spirit up. Vamos Rafa! 💪🏻💪🏻

    • Vy, I love and admire Rafa dearly but I agree with you that Rafa should have been more assertive when playing Querry.
      Unfortunately when playing these hard hitting big servers he always retreats right back from the baseline to receive serve thus giving his opponent a wide open court where he can angle his serves at will.
      He probably does this to give himself more time before hitting the ball but it backfires on him because of the advantage he gives his opponent .
      I do hope Moya can help him here. He is the most exciting and gifted player to watch . I never tire of seeing him play but I must admit I dread it when he plays someone with a game like Querry’s.
      Here’s hoping for a great tournament at Indian Wells . He just needs that trophy to give him that extra bit of confidence to spur him on to further victories.

  3. Nothing he could’ve done really when Querrey was serving like that. Happy he’s made it to two finals in a row, hopefully third time lucky. Good luck for Indian Wells Rafa

  4. Querry served with so much force and accuracy. At least it went to a tie breaker in the 2nd set.
    I feel for Rafa who trains so hard but congratulations to Querry for his great win.
    I must admit I am not keen on big serving tennis players but I don’t want to sound like sour grapes. Also Querry played some fantastic shots apart from his serves so he really deserved the win.
    Rafa will have gained some more ranking points and we can only hope he gains more after Indian Wells.
    Nevertheless, whatever happens in Indian Wells, or any other tournament for that matter my admiration of, and support for , Rafa will never change.

    • This match reminds me of the Madrid 2005 final vs Ljubicic, only this time the fantastic comeback didn’t happen.

      Credit to Querrey but still Rafa was too nervy and didn’t adjust enough in the second set. And when he blew 5BPs at the most convinient time in that set I knew he ưouldn’t stand a chance at the highly possible tiebreak.

      His tiebreak record is the worst among the B4 though having the best total winning record against them (could change though if he continues to lose to them unfortunately) and it has gone downhill for the last several years. And stunningly enough Querry won most of his TB points at 2nd serves. Well-deserved win for Querrey and regretful loss for Rafa. AGAIN. Hope he will bounce back right away at IW. 🍀

      • I don’t remember if it was Toni or Carlos, but one specific part of Rafa’s game–closing out sets–is supposed to be a high priority for an overhaul. I am sure Rafa is disappointed but also sure that he will bounce back and work on this problematic point in his game.

        Toni, on many occasions, mentioned how the game has changed; that there is no more planning for shots or thinking through a strategy, that there is only, “bam, bam, bam.” Rafa himself echoed these very same words in a subsequent presser. I hope he and his team find a solution to this vexing change of type of play.

        RAFA ROCKS

    • I truly believe that Rafa has surpassed the expectations of many, so early in 2017. Great that he is racking up points, which will also give his ego a boost.
      He is happy and excited to be playing again. I think this match was a good one for Rafa in experiencing a different type of game. Experience helps a lot and he has an abundance of fight left in him. I have high hopes for him for 2017.


  5. There will be other opportunities sweetheart!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) You played beautifully and this guy is the most boring tennis player I have seen in a very long time. Match “COVERAGE” IF ONE CAN CALL IT THAT, was absolutely RUBBISH by this airhead non professional announcer. I think the likes of him have no room in FINALS. His coverage was a MASSIVE BIAS chatter box, one sided and rather puzzling . It takes away from the enjoyment of a match and it is my sincere hope his poor coverage will be issued a warning of some sort.
    VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) Keep going dear Rafa you are on the right track!!!!!! There are plenty of open doors and opportunities for you to stride forward. God bless you for keeping your sportsmanship throughout this match. The line folks were so OFF…. way OFF…. the Umpire was passive and did not over ride their poor miscalls. At one point C ‘s return was at least 7 cm OUT and yet no one called it OUT and the umpire did not say a word,. Thankfully you were right there , you challenged, and you got the point. ANYWAY, loved watching you dear Rafa ….you Tennis is a feast for TENNIS FANS!!!!!!!!!: ) Let me simply point out that overall this C guy played so boring that this FINAL is nothing to shout about. It was beautiful how you gradually figured out how to handle his aces…..and at the end with all his aces, he only won by a small margin of one point error. SO…..YOUR GAME IS MUCH STRONGER even if he ended up winning the final score. Time ran out and if this was a 5 set match he would be well fried and done with by the 4the set.
    Have a good evening with the team and enjoy all your amazing victories from the tour. Lots of love and happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

    • I agree with you Fan Love that if this match had gone to 5 sets it would have been Rafa’s. I don’t think Querry could have kept up the pace for that long.
      In fact if Rafa had won the second set tie break I think Querry might have dropped the attack a little as to keep the strength of those serves going for a third set may have been too much.
      Also Rafa was taking Querry to deuce a few times in the second set so he was starting to put the pressure on more than he did in the first set.
      Oh, well, we can only say “if ” but the fact is that Rafa still played a great game against a very aggressive and difficult player who played the game of his life today.

      • RAFA has played Sam before….Sam has always had a big serve but he has improved on it as well as the rest of his game.There is not much one can do when aces are slammed that hard in an angle which is impossible to return. I honestly think that tennis is headed that way & unfortunately for all of us who enjoy a real game of tennis… it will something of the past.

  6. Thanks maria – you too. Love your positivity and energy being able to write that and being so sleep deprived.

  7. Rafa , it wasn’t to be today, but you have had such a great start to the year , in the final of both tournaments, we couldn’t ask for more. Who would have predicted such a great and quick comeback after 2016 ,when many had wrote you off or thought retirement was on the cards. One of Rafas’s quotes -If you don’t lose, you cannot enjoy the victories. So I have to accept both things.Always gracious in defeat Rafa ,you are one in a million.Go smash it in Indian Wells next week and hopefully it will be third time lucky , either way your time will come when the clay court season begins ,then there will be no stopping you. Good luck next week Rafa . Susie have a good week and now go and get some well deserved sleep and refresh yourself for Rafas’s next battle.😴😴😴😴

  8. Disappointed for rafa. Sleep time now for me and rafa should get some rest. Congrats to Sam though – well played

    • Aww Rafa… So sad that he didn’t win but what could he do…Sam was throwing A bombs left & right. Not the best match for our boy but at least he got to the final. Regroup and focus Rafa on Indian Wells..You love it there and I’m sure you’re going to win this one! Vamos Rafa … Love love you win or lose!

      • I agree that he will regroup and keep on fighting. Compared to 2016, I am very happy he is reaching finals, and I look forward to the rest of 2017.

        RAFA ROCKS

  9. This type of serving is rather BORING TENNIS …… KEEP GOING DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) very happy you are able to put in great serve game and your magical court coverage!!!!!! : ) LETS GO RAFA LETS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) He looks rather tired and if this goes to 3rd set RAFA WILL PREVAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

    • Yes It is very boring!! However that’s the only way anyone is going to win Rafa, Andy, Novack or Roger! I am afraid that’s the future of tennis and if it is then I’m out! How boring is that to watch a player slam their way through a match with free points on their serve! Boring Boring boring!

      • Serving aces all the time seems to be the way the game is played these days. If that is the case I hope Carlos Moya can help Rafa to cope a little better as he always seems to have trouble with these hard hitting ace orientated players. It just seems that the main objective is to get the game over and done with as quickly as possible.
        I fear as you do that this could be the future of tennis. Look at the Fast Tennis being favoured by some .As yet it is only played at exhibition matches or similar or for casual social games but the whole objective appears to get matches finished speedily.
        I may be old fashioned but I like to see the construction of points and a variety of tactics even if it does take longer.

  10. BEAUTIFUL ACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) Great foot work dear Rafa and solid creative RETURNS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) GO RAFA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

  11. Keep going sweetheart you are playing great !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) GO RAFA GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) You are doing everything right!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : )

  12. Maria Siberia- you were right. SQ got 1st set. Let’s hope you were right and rafa wins in 3

  13. Let’s hope Maia (Siberia) predictions are right , Rafa don’t get distracted you can still win this.

  14. It’s 4-3 Querrey first set now. Rafa standing even behind the Acapulco sign! Not liking it! Querrey’s serving really well and holding serve with ease. Pls be more aggressive and put more pressure on him, Rafa.

  15. I’m knackered too but have a pint of Earl Grey tea next to me. And that’s doing the trick. Keep going it’s going to get interesting

  16. Susie, I can clarify that is correct , my eyelids are just about open but it looks like a packed house ( no pants on fire ). Come on Rafa dispose of SAM -i- Am in two sets

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