VIDEO: Who is Rafa Nadal?

If you are fan of Rafael Nadal who doesn’t speak Spanish – don’t worry. Feel free to watch this video and enjoy in the great work of Jesu Medina.



  1. Even though his titles were im Spanish I understood them. I watch everything I can about him. What a wonderful humble young man. Fighting spirit matched like no other. I would like to see him play in person just once. That is my dream. Thank you Rafa for making me try harder. ❤

  2. I love the way Rafa plays tennis fast and full of excitement sitting on the edge of the seat tennis but I have always believed that whenever it is the fifth set who ever wins is the winner I was very sad when Roger won but like Rafa said he was stronger on the day and for Rafa to win all his matches that he had won in the Australian Open was a victory in its self. I always support one tennis player and in Rafa I have supported him since the beginning of his career and hopefully he will win more grand slams but as long as he keeps playing the way he plays exciting and heart breaking wonderful tennis I will be watching and supporting one of the greatest tennis players of our generation.

  3. Among the 32 singles players at the Rotterdam Open who will join Rafa, according to its website, are Stan; Cilic, Milos, A. Zverev, Tsonga, Berdych, Goffin, and Thiem. I believe the draw will be held on Friday, Feb. 10. Fingers crossed.

    Rafa may have his work cut out for him. It should mean great practice in a tournament with some strong players. I hope he can bring home the trophy.


  4. Thank you very much for sharing my video! I’m glad you like it, Rafa Nadal is one of my idols! 😉

    • As a Rafa fan I thoroughly enjoyed it anda so glad RNF posted it.
      So well done! Muchísimas Gracias!


  5. Rafa should’ve been champion for the 3rd time this year. Still so sad about that, but always look to the brighter side that Rafa is playing beautifully once again and will be a contender for the top the rest of this year. Vamos Rafa!

    Love the cute depiction from this cartoon. Rafa Forever Siempre!!!!

  6. VAMOOOOOOSSSSSS !!!!!!! tu es le meilleur . LES CONs ils ne faut pas s’en occuper ….ils sont jaloux que tu soit revenue au top de ta forme . VAMOOOOOSSSSSSS!!!!!!

  7. C’mon Rafa, just look at what you have accomplished; and there’s more to come.

    Love the graphics…adorable tribute to Rafa.


  8. Loved it, The picture’s told the story even if you can’t understand the language. Certainly put a 😀 on my face.

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