Rafael Nadal happy despite loss to Roger Federer

Photo by Sindo Novoa

(EFE) Rafael Nadal told Banco Sabadell customers Tuesday in the northwestern city of La Coruña that living in Spain did not make sense from a tax standpoint, but he was happy in his homeland: “In terms of managing assets, perhaps it would be better to go to another country with more beneficial conditions, but Spain is where I’m happy, with my family and friends. In another country, I would have double the money but be only half as happy. Money doesn’t buy happiness.”

Rafa, the world No. 6, said he enjoyed “a five-hour match,” like the semifinals and finals at the Australian Open, more than matches that were over “in an hour” and the outcome was known after two sets.

“I’d like (to close out matches faster), but I don’t know. The long and exciting matches are the ones that you’re happy to have played. A five-hour match is much more satisfying than a one-hour one,” Rafa, who has won 14 Grand Slam singles titles, said.

Rafa said he was happy about his performance at the Australian Open, the year’s first Grand Slam event, but was still recovering from the effects of spending an entire month Down Under.

“What I’m the happiest about is that I’m competing on the court and I enjoyed myself in all the matches and played at a high level,” Rafa said.

Rafa acknowledged that there were “times” in 2015 when he was not enjoying himself, felt “more anxiety” and could not “control the nerves and the tension.”

“It’s hard to explain. Whether having won or lost, I would get back to my room and think: You’ve won practically everything, why get nervous. You mulled it over and the next day, the same thing. Competition changes you,” Rafa said.

Rafa said his loss to Swiss star Roger Federer in the Australian Open on Jan. 29 did not affect him negatively.

“I ended up happy because I know I took a really big step,” Rafa said.

Source: EFE


  1. I recall reading that Francis would travel with Rafa but I don’t remember for which tournament.

    As for the FO this year, I would think they all would be with Rafa for this slam. I, too, hope they will be.

  2. Boy I haven’t read the posts in a few days and things have really changed. Margo… I hope that Rafa doesn’t have a secret injury going on! I do hope that he plays Indian Wells…He enjoys that one so much (enjoys playing golf) and is good friends with Larry Ellison…Plus( big plus ) I get to see Rafa because I live close by! Such a shame that nasty people can post here and not get bumped off like I did… I love Beverley’s post…her so called newspaper articles are so well written and put a shame to Susana’s short,nasty mostly illiterate posts! So what’s next for our beloved boy?

    • I’m trying to get a handle on that. Toni was interviewed by l’Equippe, a French publication. He actually complimented Rafa’s AO performance, said that Rafa is pain free and is now “dangerous.” Love it.


  3. Providing it is nothing too serious, I have a suspicion that Moyà may have played a pivotal role in Rafa’s withdrawal from Rotterdam.

    I am thinking about the injections Rafa took in order to play this past French Open . The only thing that stopped Rafa was the threat of a break in his wrist, and the severity of pain.

    Moyà may be the voice of reason that Rafa will heed.


  4. I was sorry but relieved he’s pulled out of Rotterdam. I think, at the back of the minds of many of his fans, is the thought that the knees, and the wrist, may be on borrowed time. The best hope of having him around for longer is to choose the tournaments, leave longer recovery time, in between, etc. Don’t mean to sound negative! I support Rafa wherever he chooses to play or not play.

  5. Rafa pulled out of Rotterdam which is a good thing. He has no business at all playing an indoor HC tournament at this stage. He should even consider skipping IW and Miami if you ask me, the only reason to play there are points for ranking and keep some rhythm. But does Nadal need rhythm in March, for momentum into RG?

    Even if he is 4th seed, he can run into a dangerous opponent at RG in the early rounds. His seeding and draw don’t really matter, it is about being fit and in shape during RG, then he can beat them all. We saw how the tough win in the 3rd round at Aussie Open, created the confidence that got him into the final. The next goal is RG. Remember this. It is all about the majors. We need a fit, in form Rafa at RG. And we need a level playing field toward the final. A well rested Rafa in Aussie Open form, can win RG. I bloody hope he runs into Roger along the way there.

  6. Rotterdam won’t be the same without you Rafa, but if rest is what the doctor ordered then so be it. Your fans will be disappointed but understanding , we don’t need any injuries when 2017 is looking like it could be a very promising year for you.

  7. I am sure Rafa felt some disappointment in losing the AO, but being a champion requires some resilience because with all the wins there will be some loses.

    For those who feel that Rafa may have been despondent over his loss, the good news is that David Law, who saw Rafa in one of the airport lounges three hours after the AO, said that “Rafa seemed in PRETTY GOOD SPIRITS.” That is part of being a great champion that he is.

    Shake off those nerves Rafa because you’re on your way to a Gr8 2017.


  8. Par todos los fans de Rafa. Sólo escriban poco y no un periódico, imposible de leer todos. Just come to the point.

      • Thank you Margo for your reply to my post ( below ). I do not know whether I am the voice of reason but I try to understand the views of others but I am afraid I admit defeat when it comes to poor Susana. She alternates between defensiveness and attacking others but never a pleasant, or insightful remark.She now wants to monitor the lengths of people’s posts – anything to avoid an explanation re. her accusations against Rafa.
        So I shall waste no further time trying to understand her.
        I do really feel sorry for her. I would love to see her come on to this site with some positive and happy comments and be part of Rafa’s fan base . Although I have serious doubts that she is really a Rafa fan.
        In the meantime let those of us who are genuine Rafa fans get behind him for Rotterdam. Lifting a trophy would be the best impetus for him to move forward with confidence into the 2017 year.

      • You not only accept a compliment with a humble reply, but your equanimity is a testament to your discerning and wise counsel.
        I don’t know if it’s true but reports are that Rafa has just pulled out of Rotterdam on doctor’s orders, to avoid injury. No explanation given. I am very, very sad but I’d rather a healthy Rafa instead of an injured Rafa.

        RAFA ROCKS

    • Perhaps you could ” just come to the point”, Susana, and finally enlighten us as to the negative remarks you claimed Rafa made after losing to Roger in the AO. All you have done so far is avoid the issue. It seems strange that no one else has seen anything but complementary remarks he has made about Roger. ( which this article certainly backs up ).
      Sorry if I am referring to this matter again but Susana, you made the original statement and now you are unwilling, or perhaps unable, to follow through with it.
      I can only conclude that you wrote in haste because you were angry to read something negative aboutt your idol but why shift your anger to Rafa? Perhaps you resented all the praise he received for his play and his sportsmanship and you thought that took away from Roger’s glory,.
      The two of them deserved the praise and the glory and they were both such gentlemen in their complements to one another.
      Now you can accuse me of writing a “newspaper” so my apologies if you take it that way and to anyone else who feels the same.
      Rotterdam coming up soon. Rafa goes in as the no.1 seed but it looks a very strong field. We can only wish him the best of luck and know that win or lose he will give it all he has. . .

      • Yours is always the voice of reason in this cacophony of invective and mean-spirited discourse. Thank you.

        RAFA ROCKS

      • A heads up to you Beverley on Rafa being seeded #1 for Rotterdam. I was unaware Stan had withdrawn. Best of luck to Rafa at Rotterdam.

        It seems his great showing at the AO has given the tennis world a new excitement for him for 2017. He is the favorite for the French Open.

        RAFA ROCKS

  9. Rafa with you always .this year is your2017 .love your fans for ever.good luck.vamosssssssssssssssssssssssss.🎾🎾🚓🎾🎾👍👍👍🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸❤️

  10. Rafa you may not have won the AO but your performance was great and it could so easily have gone the other way. 2017 has started well and I am so glad you are happy with the way you are playing.You are so proud of your roots and that’s why your loved so much , you have been loyal to your homeland even though it can be tempting to go elsewhere. Many tennis players live in Monte Carlo and Switzerland ,I respect you , Andy and Roger ( and others) that still live in the countries they represent. Good luck in Rotterdam.

    • Why do you have to write a newspaper. Two or three Will be enough. Can you imaginé if everyone writes like you, imposible to read all of them. Think about this

  11. Rafa you are the ” ONE ” even not yet back to no 1. You bring happiness and joy,you give hope and desire for better to anyone that watches you!

  12. After this match, it’s pretty much over with the GOAT conversation. Federer is the greatest ever. To do this at the age of 35, beating four top 4 opponents in your toughest draw is no easy feat. To top it all, to do this against your rival is icing on the cake.
    You can be sure rafa and novak will not be winning slams at the age of 35. Roger is the oldest player in 40 years to win a slam at age 35. This same feat will not happen any time soon. I think rafa has potential to win max 2 slams before he retires but Roger still keeps going and he is not done with slams yet. It seems every time rafa is playing catch up to Roger. He comes close only to go far away.

    18 slams and counting is now too far for rafa or anybody else to catch up. And Roger has been so consistent in slams that he will have more opportunities to win slams before the year is over.

    • You are now in Spain. I believe you missed the Switzerland stop on the Train à Grande Vitesse. By making a U-turn you will find your destination.


      • Thank you Beverley. His blatant pro-Roger stance wad a clear indication that he was lost. Apparently, he suffers from a visual impairment known as “number of times Rafa has bested Roger, 23 to 12, respectively.” Those two totals are enough to make some Roger-only fans go bonkers. I forgot to wish him bon voyage.

        RAFA ROCKS

      • Thanks Bis. I am laughing just reading your HAHAHA’s.

        We need some laughter here after last month’s incessant Rafa bashing by someone whom I am THRILLED is no longer here.

        Sioux’ comment about her electrified hair as she screams and hollers while watching a Rafa match, and her cat trying to figure out what the heck, is even funnier.

        RAFA ROCKS

    • My friend, you can keep reminding your self of 23-12 H2H but this statistics has no weight over 18-14 slam count, 6-0 WTF. It’s the titles that count at the end, not H2H. When both rafa and Roger retire, it’s the titles that will be mentioned. Who has more and who has less? H2H will not matter. Nadal himself has been a victim of the H2H against novak. In fact, novak is ahead of nadal in H2H, masters and WTF but he is still lower than the slam count. You cannot tell me that novak is ahead of nadal because he isn’t as a long as he is behind nadal in the slam count.
      H2H can change very rapidly and just because you are ahead in the H2H does not mean you will win all the time. A perfect example.of this was the 2017 Australian Open final in which fed beat Nadal. What’s the guarantee that nadal will win the next match against fed. There isn’t one. There was no guarantee either in the novak-nadal H2H. Nadal at one point in his career was far ahead in H2H against novak but now nadal pretty much has the worst H2H against novak.
      It’s great to be fan but let’s be unbiased and look at the facts that matter most.

      • Rafa is the only men’s player who can say he is a

        GOLDEN CAREER SINGLES and DOUBLES SLAM CHAMPION. He earned that title beating Roger at the Australian, Novak at the 2008 Olympics and the 2010 US OPEN. Roger and Novak are only Career Slam Champions, but they could not earn their career titles by defeating Rafa at ALL their respective French Open finals so they have doubtable career titles due to this blatant fact. However you spin it, Rafa is greater than both of them because their doubtable career titles were earned beating lesser opponents. That’s not biased. Just the facts. Some of you Roger fans are so pressed because you know that is the reality

        Vamos Rafa te amaré por siempre y para siempre !!!

      • Roger played beautifully in the AO and deserved his win. As you said to do this at 35 years of age made it even more remarkable. I sincerely congratulate him.
        But then, horror of horrors, it all revolved around that one word – GOAT. This title was started by one of the retired players of he day and pounced upon by the media. Also by Federer fans who have repeatedly chanted it like a never ending mantra ever since.
        Not only that, but they so seriously quote their facts, figures, statistics etc, but only in relation to grand Slams and to the exclusion of all else.
        All I can say is ” so what? ” It is an all encompassing obsession but all revolving around that one word -GOAT.
        I admit I am a Rafa fan but I do not define him by one word I would not insult him by clinging on to something that is basically a media ploy. Greatness cannot be defined so narrowly by one word. I consider all his many achievements over his tennis years in many areas and see he will go down in History as one of the tennis “greats”
        If this does not give him the title of GOAT it will not upset me in any way.
        As a tennis fan I do not see what all the fuss is about yet some Federer fans see it all so, so. seriously and take affront if anyone mentions any other facts other than Grand Slams.
        My apologies to all the Federer fans who do not get caught up in this meaningless debate. I am sure there are many of you out there who admire Federer for the wonderful player he is and do not concern yourselves with all this hype.nor feel the need to live in his reflected glory. through the word GOAT.

  13. I think this is one of the first times that I have read Rafa’s candid comments about living in Spain and not a tax haven like Monte Carlo. He wisely realizes that money does not buy happiness and he loves his island home. It is just another reason why I am such a big fan. I was sad that he lost to Roger, but he played well. It was hard not to be happy for Roger. Rafa is still five years younger. I am excited about his season so far.

    • What I know of Rafa I would never expect him to live anywhere else but in his hometown. Furthermore, he has everything that he needs in Mallorca; family, friends, tradition, and a beautiful natural environment.

      Monte Carlo is not really a “tax haven.” Residents just don’t pay “personal” income tax, but there are VAT’s and other taxes that are levied on everyone.

      To be considered a resident (there are different levels of residency) one would have to live in Monte Carlo for as little as three months out of a year. The great thing about democracies is that people can choose where they want to live without renouncing their citizenship of birth.

      Personally, I don’t feel where a person chooses to live should necessarily reflect negatively on that person. Some people choose to live elsewhere because there own country is a disaster.


  14. I also love Rafa for his personality, a very down to earth guy who always think positively. A lovable and caring with entertaining. Just feel sad he didnt won the Australian Open 2017 but he is a real gentleman accept defeat with an open mind not like someone who cry like baby after losing yo him in 2009. Vamos Rafa you always be our champion. 💖💖💖

  15. Positive attitude remains supreme. Love Rafa so much for his personality and the way he regards life. All Rafa has to do is smile and then it completely changes the outlook for the rest of the day. Keep up the great work Rafa! Good wishes for the next competition in Rotterdam! Vamos!

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