No regrets for Rafa after Federer defeat

Q. How do you feel physically?

RAFAEL NADAL: Good. Little bit tired obviously. But good.

Q. And your emotions?
RAFAEL NADAL: Good, no? I think have been a great match. I enjoy to be part of it. I fight to try to have the trophy with me. I had some chances in the fifth with break up.

But is true that after I had the break, he played very aggressive, hitting a lot of great shots. So was tough to hold the serve every time, no?

I had the chance to keep holding the serve. If I hold that one, you never know. You are two games, just two games away. But I didn’t, so…

Well, that’s it, no? I believe that he played super aggressive during the whole match. Tough chances to play the way I wanted to play. But still like this, I played, I think, with the right attitude, trying to do my things, fighting for every ball.

Is true that probably remain a little bit of speed today compared to the last day in my legs probably, little bit. But that’s normal after what happened one day and a half ago.

Like this I think I tried. I didn’t play bad. But is true was difficult to play a lot because he really went for the shots, almost for every shots.

Q. Where would you rank that amongst the many matches you’ve played against him over the years?
RAFAEL NADAL: I don’t know. I don’t know now. I just feel that have been a good match, five-sets match, in a very special final for the fans and for us. Is great to play against him again after couple of years without make that happen in a big final.

But that’s it. I cannot rank this final now.

Q. Personally for yourself, what did it mean to be back out there in a Grand Slam final? It’s been a few years. Can you describe how you feel about it all.
RAFAEL NADAL: I feel happy. I played a great quality of tennis during the whole month that I have been playing. That’s a great news for me.

The only goal for me is keep going. I believe that if I have my body in the right conditions, I can have a great year because I feel that I am playing well.

Q. Do you think you didn’t recover as well as you wanted from the semifinal? Did that play a part today?
RAFAEL NADAL: No, I recovered well. After five hours, is not easy to recover the way that I did. I feel that I was enough recovered. 

As I say before, just remain little bit of speed in moments. That’s something normal. For the rest of the things, I happy the way I recovered.

Q. What did you feel about him taking that medical timeout? Second match in succession that he had quite a long break after the fourth set. The momentum was with you.
RAFAEL NADAL: No opinion about that. I don’t know what’s going on.

Q. Where do you think it turned in the fifth set when you were a break up? Did you feel something started not to switch on your side?
RAFAEL NADAL: The only negative thing is in the fifth, after having the break, I didn’t win no one serve not easy. All the serves that I did, I suffered a lot. I served breakpoints. Even if I played great in the breakpoints, I was suffering a lot, no?

He probably remained a little bit more free points with my serve. That’s what I needed in that moment, and I didn’t had.

Then the way that he played, he can put the balls in or not. And he put a lot of balls in, taking a lot of risks, and taking the ball very early, playing very fast. So then he had the success. Well done for him.

Q. Could this be a platform for you for the rest of the season?
RAFAEL NADAL: I cannot predict what’s going on in the future. That’s always the same thing. I just think that I am playing well. I just think that I worked hard to be where I am. I believe that playing like this, good things can happen. Can happen here in this surface, but especially can happen on clay.

If I am able to play like this, to hold matches like I hold the other day, and recover well as I recovered, but on clay I recovered better than here, then the opponents don’t get that many free points, and I am playing from the solid baseline.

If I made that happen, I think I can keep having success in hard courts, but on clay can be special.

Q. In terms of your fitness and your form, is this as good as you felt in January for many, many years?
RAFAEL NADAL: Not many, many years. In 2014 I played the final here. I have been playing great. I feel good physically. I had the problem in the back in the final. That’s all.

I feel good. Being honest, last year I felt myself great coming here, not that well like this year. I felt great. But I lost in the first round. So when that happened, is difficult to explain to you that I feel well. Being honest, that’s the true, no?

But you always need little bit of luck. This year I won important match against Zverev in the third round. That’s important. I won great matches against great players. I competed well against everybody. That’s the most important thing for me. That makes me feel happy.

Of course, winning an event like this is so important. For me, if I won that one, will be amazing. But the real thing is what makes me more happy, more than the titles, is go on the court and feel that I can enjoy the sport.

Today I am enjoying the sport. Last year I only had the chance to enjoy the sport between Indian Wells and Madrid, because in Madrid I got injury in quarterfinals. That’s the real feeling.

At this moment in my career, more than titles, for sure if I am playing here, I believe that I going to win titles. More than all these kind of things is being health enough to work the way I need to work, to fight for the things I want to fight. I’m going to keep trying to do and to work the same way.

Q. How important was it to win some of those really tight matches you had along the way for confidence going forward?
RAFAEL NADAL: Yeah, very important. I said before the tournament start, I felt that I was practicing great. Then you need to do it on the matches, and I did.

I am with big personal satisfaction. I cannot say that I am sad. I wanted to win, yes, but I am not very sad. I did all the things that I could. I worked a lot during all these months. I keep working, and I competed well.

I enjoyed the competition. I won against the best players of the world, and I competed well against everybody. That’s the most important thing for me, and that give me confidence to keep playing, and that’s what I going to try.

Q. You were playing for your 15th title, he was playing for his 18th. Did that weigh on both of your minds, at least in the first set?
RAFAEL NADAL: At the end of the day is another title. There is a winner, there is a loser. In these kind of matches, anyone can win. Being honest, in these kind of matches, I won a lot of times against him. Today he beat me. Just congratulate him. Is not more than another important title for him, another important two weeks for me. Even if didn’t finish the way that I wanted, have been an important two weeks for me.

The only thing that I can do is congratulate him and go back home with very positive feelings for me.

Source: Australian Open


  1. Cash: “Federer se aprovechó de una trampa legal ante Nadal” yo estoy de acuerdo con Cash; pero añado que la regla permite tres minutos de tratamiento pero Federer dispuso de los que quiso (casi el doble). No había ‘tie break’ en el quinto set por lo que el partido podía alargarse indefinidamente, y eso no le convenía a Federer. El otro objetivo de Fed fue que Rafa perdiera el ritmo, sobretodo con el servicio, y legalmente e ilegalmente, sin ética; pero lo logró. Eso no es justo. Si Fed no coge el/los break(s) Rafa lo despedaza. Vamos Rafa…!!

  2. i was screaming at the tv stay on the baseline go down the line and not make a shot twice the oppo: will not be able to read his game , ireally hoped c.moya would have noticed this but Rafa worked so hard and really must have been exhausted , how I felt for him but he did get to the final , and almost won so bless you xxxxxxxxxxx

    • Me too. I was so angry he was playing so far away and with predictable short shots….easy to be attacked by Fed. If he played similar way he played Milos…the trophy would be his.

  3. Rafa you played your hardest and I was at the match and there was so little in it.

    Just come back from my neighbours, who knows NOTHING about tennis, but suddenly she is an expert on Rafa and Fed.Oh well someone has to play the know all.
    I thought the Federer crowd were soooooooooo rude standing up in the last game,
    and those behind couldn’t see the final shots.
    Rafa ALWAYS speaks soooooooooo GRACIOUSOLY
    whether winning or in defeat.

    Have a GREAT rest Rafa and play when your ready Rafa.

    Love and Prayers,


  4. Felicidades Rafa desde Mexico. Ayer a las 2.30am puse mi despertador para ver a ti y Roger que son mis favoritos y mis campeones. Sin embargo a veces nos pasa a todos solo hay un ganador y ese fue Federerl. Hay una parte que no me gusta y critican que el se ausento por unos minutos. Nadie sabe bien el problema del porque, y enseguida despotrincan contra el. Tu has estado en varias ocasiones asi y si tu lo hubieras hecho y ganado, todas tus fans te dirian que bien. Hay que ser justos y Roger jugo muy bien y si se merecio ganar. Hay que ser un poco mas humilde cuando uno pierde. Tenias una cara tan agria que se te notaba. Otra cosa, es muy dificil para nosotros los que vemos los partidos que los colores no sean los mismos. Negro y blanco. Hagan algo porque uno no tiene la TV enfrente o uno si esta en el estadio a veces no puede distinguir. Para Federer no creo que vengan muchos partidos y en cambio muchos para ti. Hay que ser un poco inteligente porque ayer tenias una carita de muy pocos amigos y eso no se vale. Lo mejor para ti y como te digo los amo a los dos y mucho. Que ganes en Acapulco. Lastima que no te puedo ir a ver.Se que me criticaran, soy persona adulta y hay que decir las cosas para que los jugadores piensen. Yo he jugado tennis desde que era pequena. Me pueden decir todo lo que quieran que me vale. Esa es mi opinion y no se puede ganar siempre,

  5. Great match between two great champions. As a fan, it doesn’t get any better than that. Where most players have a wide variety of shots, today all I saw was one ‘money’ shot after the other on the court. It would be hard to win against either of you today. Congratulations!




    LOVE YOU ALWAYS.💜❤💖💘💝💔💟💗💓💚💛😙😙😙😙🏆

  7. Bis on January 29, 2017 at 8:22 PM
    He needed just to hold 2 more games and the trophy would be his! But he lost finals before in the same way (6hours Djokovich final for example). He couldn’t hold his breaks!!! And he can’t expect to win when he played so far away behind the service line. That’s make his shots short,predictable and easy to attacked by other player.Even Johnny Mack was wondering why he is playing so way back.He playedcclose to line in second set and bricked Federer twice!!! So I am Huge Rafa can and wanted him to win,but Federer TOTALLY deserved the win. He came up with better tactics and played smarter and very aggressive. He brought something fresh to his game,Rafa DIDN’T.


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    Bis on January 29, 2017 at 8:27 PM
    Sorry for typos above
    I wanted to say…he played close to the line in second set and he broked Fed twice…****
    And the other typo..
    I wanted to say… I am Huge Rafa fan…
    Sorry,feel emotional

    • Bis… No worries people can understand what you were trying to say… You are very right about everything that you said… I was screaming at the TV as well to stand closer to the baseline(as if he could hear) but most the time he was way way back…. Everyone is telling him to play the baseline but he refuses to listen… Don’t know if it’s a defense mechanism or he feels he has more control…But it’s frustrating because he could of won! Just love Rafa and want him to win win win !

  8. Totally bummed. Might the results have been different if both players had the same number of days to recover from their difficult semi-finals – seems like the fair thing to do.

    • Without a doubt! A level playing field is fundamental to all sports. Moya confirmed yesterday Rafa had not recovered from the Dimitrov match. Exhaustion should not be the clincher. Pat Cash said Rafa looked sluggish during the match.

      • He should have not play. The players are not to blame, It is how the tournament and the matches go. Now don’t blame Federer. You guys complain to The Tennis Association. Esto que han dicho swobre Federer y tarugadas me ha molestado. Complain to the Higher people. I have seen Rafa go inside and no ones says a word. Hay que ser justos.

  9. Love all the positive comments including one from a previous email from Jason Beer, who was spot on with his assessment, glad to have you on board Jay. We can really hope that 2017 will be great as he is playing very, very well and with great attitude, no signs of confidence issues at all, and to reach the final after having some very tough matches is a huge achievement in it self. You should be very proud of your efforts as we, your adoring fans are. Vamos a Milligan times, Rafa. 😀👍💪 👋🏻🎾🚴🏾🎢🇧🇴

  10. We all hate to lose. Rafael is the only player on the planet that Roger would think
    of sharing a victory trophy with-that is a measure of his respect for Rafa. Such breathtaking shots from them both.🙀 This is the agony and ecstasy of tennis; these two warriors are why we watch. Always the epitome of class-no shirt ripping, audible swearing etc.🙈🙉🙊

    No regrets from Rafael-winning is sublime while losing is excruciating. His performance says he is back to form-mentally and physically. Would equal
    recovery time between matches have made a difference-hindsight..

    Merci to you both for an epic performance. We are thrilled. Good luck for 2017-recover well-we are there❣️❣️

  11. Congratulations on playing a great match with Roger! Although there can only be one winner… your a winner to your fans! Your graciousness, love of the game and the respect you show to your opponent make you our most favorite Champion. This is going to be an amazingly successful year for you ,and your fans are going to love it! Vamos Rafa, may God Bless you with good health all the rest of the season. xoxo

  12. Rafa, thank you for your wins in AO – they were amazing! Rafa, you are a great fighter, you are the greatest tennis player! We love you so much and i believe so many victories waits for you!! Vamos champion!! You are the best! RG waits for you- it’s true champion!!! Love you Rafa and i know you never give up! VAMOOOOOOS!!! 🙂

  13. I love the positive attitude displayed from Rafa after such a heartbreaking loss to Roger. I cried a bit when I saw him losing his edge on the 5th set, slowly seeing his lead slip away. It happened so fast that I was shocked at the ending result. Glad to see Rafa fighting for the match and so sad that this year’s trophy can’t be shared by them both because they both really earned the trophy equally. Many wishes for good results in upcoming matches in Rotterdam and Acapulco. Go Rafa Vamos!

  14. After seeing Rafa today and throughout this tournament, I think he has at least 2017 & 2018 where he can win slams.

    Moyà will probably improve his return of serve even more. If Rafa serves well he can win the US Open this year. He is playing well in pressured moments again, he believes that he can win again.

    Roland Garros, if Rafa doesn’t drop in form, should be a big title shot considering how well he played on clay last year.

    Rafa’s chances at Wimbledon might be higher than what I first thought. After seeing how he played against Raonic, standing close to the baseline when returning serve etc. The forehand & backhand is coming back to it’s best, if he can add pace on his serve Rafa might have a chance. The movement and Rafa’s knees are the question marks. But one thing that I noticed is that Rafa doesn’t slide on the hard courts as much as Dimitrov or Djokovic does. So on grass it should meen that their defence is worse and Rafa should have the edge in that regard if his knees can cope.

    I’m positive, Rafa could end up with 16 Grand Slams at least if he keeps on being aggressive.

  15. Buenas tardes Rafa, a las 16:15 h. Canaria, llegar a una final no es fácil, en otras ocasiones sí lo has conseguido, esto forma parte de lo que es el bien interpretado “Deporte”, veces se gana, otras aprendemos muy, mucho del juego del oponente, él es buen jugador, cuenta ahora y siempre con mi desinteresado apoyo y admiración, toda vez que eres capaz con creces de superar a él último rival, créelo, porque así es. Eres una gran persona, deportista de élite que por esto no te vendrás abajo, que así sea, con un hasta siempre y un enorme abrazo. C. Javier – Islas Canarias

  16. Rafa a été grandiose durant tte cette quinzaine avec des matchs difficiles et intenses contrairement à fédérer ! Rafa ns a gâtés par son niveau de jeu éblouissant ce n était que du bonheur et ça augure 1 bonne année pr lui ! Ds cette finale il était moins frais que Federer forcément après ces 2 avant derniers matchs contre zverev et dimitrov et ces longues minutes de kiné pr Federer qui je pense ont laissé rafa 1 peu frustré alors qu’ il était en pleine accélération et c est bien dommage car je pense que sans cette sortie kiné rafa faisait la difference

    • Ce que j’apprécie encore dans mon joueur RAFA, c’est sa Classe et son Stoïque. Il ne cherche jamais d’excuses pour justifier sa défaire, et il respecte toujours son adversaire. Avec lui, c’est la Victoire dans la Sobriété et la Défaite dans la Dignité.

      RAFA, Bon Retour !

  17. My hear…. Rafa, please don’t cry. You will fight and win. Next 5 Years! You make me so proud to be your fan. From now on I’m Nadallica. At least for some time. I must be honest towards my broken heart.

    But what a match. What a final. What champions!

    Hugs from Switzerland.

  18. Tears in my eyes after Rafa’s humorous speech in celebration…
    What a reaction!
    You didn’t cry like a baby after the loss Rafa. I know that inside, you’re crying a lot. But that’s how a man react after a loss.
    Huge respect!
    Rafa, the world may not recognize you as G.O.A.T they never consider that you had countless injuries, they ‘re too foolish cuz they only know about stats and number. But Rafa, you are my G.O.A.T

    God! I hate you!

  19. This match was so very close, particularly as Rafa was a game in front in the final set.
    If only he could play Aces to order, like Roger, to get him out of sticky situations.
    It could have gone either way, unfortunately there is only 1 to hold the trophy.
    Well done Rafa xxx

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