PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal loses in five sets to Roger Federer in Australian Open final

Rafael Nadal was defeated by Roger Federer 4-6, 6-3, 1-6, 6-3, 3-6 to be the runner up at the Australian Open in Melbourne.

As always Rafa was humble and gracious in defeat, with sincere words for his opponent, and thankful towards his supporters:

Good evening everybody. Congrats to Roger and his team. It’s amazing how well he’s playing after being away for so long. For sure, you have been working a lot to make that happen. I am very happy for you.

It was a good month for me, no?

Today was a great match, Roger deserved it a bit more. I am going to keep fighting throughout the whole season… to have a great season and come back here for so many years. (via Australian Open)



  1. All the best my champ rafaaaaa…
    you no? Your win 15th grand slam title
    and 10th French open title in 2017…..
    all the best my champ………

  2. Rafa in the Fifth set, the Federer crowd stood up,
    so the sitting crowd including me couldn’t see, and I didn’t realise or see that Federer was down 3-1 and went for medical time out,but I agree with who said imagine if it had been the other way round and Rafa did that.
    Rafa did his absolute best particularly after the 5 set vigourous game with Gregor, and only one day between that and final and Fed had two days, which makes a big difference.
    I really feel that Federer is reverred at the Australian Open, and such a fuss is always made of him, yes he is a good player but pretty sooky when he loses as I saw him one AO when Rafa won and Fed cried, and Rafa spent his time comfortting him.
    oh well different horses,
    Love and Prayers,Rafa,

  3. Rafa, in a recent interview you alluded to your confidence level as being linked to your ranking. It is the first month of the new season and already you have advanced three points to No. 6. I am giddy thinking about how much more you will have advanced in 3-to-4 months from now. Climb up and your confidence should follow. So glad you decided to take a breather after your fantastic AO showing. Get ready for Rotterdam. Good luck fighter.


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