WATCH: Rafael Nadal very gracious in Australian Open defeat to Roger Federer

Rafael Nadal congratulates Roger Federer on his Championship win, whilst accepting his runner up trophy.

Rafa’s post-match press conference:

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  1. RAFA you did soooooooooo well, as I was there and saw it.

    Roger does seem to get more reasonable draws, and more time in between matches.

    I am sure Rafa, and Carlos will work on tactics for the better,

    Love you Rafa, win or lose, and he is an amazing person win or lose,



  2. Rafa had the face of defeat at his pre-match conference. He was shattered. Moya confirmed yesterday that Rafa had not full recovered from his match with Dimitrov. Roger played great all tournament but the final was not a level playing field – which should be fundamental in all sports. The lack of rest was a significant factor in the match. Tennis can be illusionary – when one player is injured/tired the other plays freely. Roger Federer’s MTO was at the complete wrong time. Rafa had the momentum but couldn’t get going again once he’d stopped because of exhaustion. The Australian Open final was a sham. Semi-finals should be played on the same day and players given an equal amount of rest.

    • teresa,

      I am also saddend by his loss. But on the other hand this loss is less devastating then the loss against djokovic and wawrinka. In 2014 for example he was supposed to win and it did not happen. I never had the feeling during the fifth set that rafa had it in the bag. He was the whole time under pressure on his serve and you could sense that he was tired. He could not make his shots and played defense the whole time and was hoping that federer will made some errors which did not happen. But the good thing is he is playing better then the last two years. I hope that carlos analyzed this match very well and will tell rafa that if he ever wants to win a grandslam again he needs to be willing to change few things. Like standing behind the baseline almost two meters look how he played against raonic. Furthermore improve his service and return. The fifth set showed why it is great to have a great serve it can give you free points

      It will be difficult for rafa to overcome roger total of grandslams. What he needs to do is stay in front of djokovic. Lets see how the french open and wimbeldon goes

      • AGREE. When I saw him playing so far behind the line I knew he will lose the match,because he lost a lot lately with this type of play.He must play the way he played with Mills. Aggressive with shorter points…
        I know that we all want him to win more GS,but he will not playing…hplaying…hIs old way. Big adjustments are needed!

      • Very good points mjus, From what I’ve seen from the Mubadala onwards Rafa has already changed his game and can mix it up significantly. I think he resorted to the defensive position – because he had no strength left to be aggressive.

    • So agree… seems that all through the Rafa/Federer meetings, Federer always gets the easier opponents and longer rest. Or am I just biased

  3. I am sad for you Rafa 😢😢no matter what you are the best. The French open is waiting for you.

  4. Rafa you are a true champion.. and a great person. You will win another major. I have faith in you and you deserve it. Thank you for a great match.

  5. I root for Raffa no matter what. I was hoping to see him make history again. He is always a Very Gracious person and player. I don’t look forward to the day an announcement comes when he retires. I will cry for sure as I do when he makes insurmountable strides to overcome injuries. Love his fantastic shots especially for a left-handed player.

  6. He needed just to hold 2 more games and the trophy would be his! But he lost finals before in the same way (6hours Djokovich final for example). He couldn’t hold his breaks!!! And he can’t expect to win when he played so far away behind the service line. That’s make his shots short,predictable and easy to attacked by other player.Even Johnny Mack was wondering why he is playing so way back.He playedcclose to line in second set and bricked Federer twice!!! So I am Huge Rafa can and wanted him to win,but Federer TOTALLY deserved the win. He came up with better tactics and played smarter and very aggressive. He brought something fresh to his game,Rafa DIDN’T.

    • Sorry for typos above
      I wanted to say…he played close to the line in second set and he broked Fed twice…****
      And the other typo..
      I wanted to say… I am Huge Rafa fan…
      Sorry,feel emotional and made mistakes

  7. Congratulations Rafa, you are younger than Roger and he played very well. The best to you since I love the two of you very much.

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