Rafa: “It’s special to play with Roger again in the final of a Grand Slam” [VIDEO]

Rafael Nadal shares his emotions following his epic five-set win over Grigor Dimitrov in the semifinals of the 2017 Australian Open.

Video: Australian Open


  1. Rafa the match between you and Rafa waws sooooooooooooooo close and the people around me were so rude and stood up so those of us behjind couldn’t see.

    you played your hardest and it was such a very small margin so I think as Roger said if it was possible to be a draw in tennis, that he would have been happy to have it a draw with Rafa.They are such good mates.

    Love and Prayers,


  2. IMO there needs to be less focus on age of players rather than what is being accomplished now. AO has been amazing and reminds us to enjoy the present. This is surely a golden era; there may well be others. Roger and Rafael encore-
    whatever the outcome, it is one for the ages. If you are lucky enough to attend their matches, consider yourself privileged. Check out the stands whereever they
    play. 35, 30, 29 who cares??

    Play on-we are there❤️❤️loving every moment

  3. VAMOOOOOOSSS !!!!! merci rafa nous avons notre victoire … NADAL /FEDERER en finale c’est une victoire …. Quel plaisir de vous voir ensemble et peut importe le résultat finale ….
    Vamos tu vas gagner …. en tout cas tu aura fait un match de fou avec dimitrov … je pense que ce sera le future champion …je te souhaite un très bon match pour la finale et faites nous rêver SVP …. VAMOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. I was up at 330am watching. Then in the end later set yelling at the TV. Cheering you on. Congratulations. One left. I do belive you will win and number 15 Grand Slam. I am such a fan and have been sick you started at 18. Again great job.

    • Exactly same here…each nite up 330am…too nervous to sleep anyway…yelling, tension, extreme excitment….have seen you in person over 20 times…and much more to come…Rafa you are back in every regard and i know this slam will be yours with more this spring…you made the two weeks heaven !!!

  5. Congratulations Rafa, listening on the radio I was a wreck afterwards because it was so close, A great present on my birthday we’ve been waiting for your comeback a long time,I always think of you as the greatest ever,.Hope you win on Sunday.!

  6. The support the Australian crowd has given Rafa has been phenomenal. They will have a hard choice on Sunday on which side of the fence they
    will be on , but I’m sure they will support them in equal measures. Rafa was asked why 6 of the 8 players left in the AO were the older players . Rafa is so polite with his answers but I think it’s easy,.It’s love of the game and 100% effort , even when you know the match is lost , you still keep fighting to the end, that’s what’s lacking with some ( not all) of the younger players. For some the game is just for the money and celebrity status which is a shame . There are some very talented players who could be the next top players if they could be bothered.Thats why the crowds appreciate and love Rafa and Roger so much , because they know they will give the game all they have and more.

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