Rafael Nadal: “After 10 years, finally my girlfriend gets a wildcard to come here” [VIDEO]

After his win over Gael Monfils, Rafael Nadal was asked about his girlfriend Maria Francisca Perello accompanying him to the tournament in Melbourne for the first time in their 10-year relationship.

Jim Courier: This is also the first time that you’ve brought your girlfriend Xisca down to Australia if I’m not mistaken. Is that right? How has that been for you to have her with you here? Have you guys been having some fun here in Australia as well?

Rafael Nadal: Yes it was great. The negative thing is that I lost in the quarter-finals in Brisbane, but the good thing is that I had the chance to visit Sydney and I hadn’t been there before. I was [sic] knowing a little bit of Sydney and we enjoyed it. And now finally after 10 years my girlfriend gets a wildcard to come here.

Jim: A wildcard? I’m speechless. That’s a wildcard? She’s not a main draw player? She needs a special entry?

Rafa: You know, it’s better we stop here.

Video: Australian Open



  1. RAFA you are sooooooooo special and I am sure it is lovely for you to be able to show Maria around Australia, and I am quite sure that she would be enjoying it as well.

    ALL the best for game tomorrow against Milos,

    Love and prayers,



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