Australian Open R4: An interview with Rafael Nadal (January 23, 2017)

Q. What does it mean to you to win in four sets?
RAFAEL NADAL: For me means a lot because for me I really start the season playing quarterfinals in a Grand Slam again, especially on hard court after a couple of years without being in this round is a great news.

Yeah, very happy with an important victory against a very good opponent.

Q. You played nine sets in your last two matches. How do you feel physically, given that it was a very hot and humid today?
RAFAEL NADAL: Today was tough. The other day the humidity was less. Even if the match was probably tougher the other day, but today the humidity was much higher, no? The match became little bit tougher.

No, I feel good now. Let’s see how I wake up tomorrow morning. You’re not going to know after finishing the match. You need to wait.

Q. Even though Monfils came back, did you still feel like you were in control of the match, holding serve more easily than him, keeping on top?
RAFAEL NADAL: I am not this kind of person that are that arrogant, no? When you lost the third, you are down 4-2 in the fourth, you are not under control, no. That’s the real thing. 

You know that you have a good chance to be in the fifth. 4-3, 30-Love for him. The match was tough. He had chances then. Is true that I had my chances before, but I had some mistakes. He started to serve huge, no?

Sometimes is tough to play against Gael when you don’t know what he going to do. First two sets were a little bit more normal, normal tennis. Then he start to play more aggressive. He start to serve huge and play big shots. He combines mistakes with great shots, no? Make you feel that you don’t know if you have to go for the points or if you have to wait little bit for his mistake. You see that the opponent is playing a little bit more 50/50, you know. So is not an easy way to play.

But I made it. Positive thing, I keep fighting with positive attitude. Finally I played last few games good.

Q. Against Raonic in the next round, you played him in Brisbane, what could be different this time?
RAFAEL NADAL: I don’t know. I don’t know what can be different, no? I think going to be a tough match for me, for sure. Hopefully for him, too.

Yeah, in Brisbane he beat me. But at the same time is true that I have been close. A set up and important breakpoint that I had passing shot, no?

Is tough. He’s an opponent that make you feel that you’re playing with a lot of pressure all the time because his serve is huge and he’s playing very aggressive from the baseline. So going to be a very tough match, no?

But I hope to be ready for it. I need to be very focused with my serve and play aggressive. If I am not playing aggressive, then I am dead, because he plays aggressive. You know finally he going to have chances on the return because he decides to play with going for the shots, so…

Q. You were talking on the court about your girlfriend who came to Australia for the first time. Is it a difference mentally?
RAFAEL NADAL: No, not at all.

Source: Australian Open 


  1. Hi Rafa your doing so great, Seeing you with your fitness level up and looking good and so happy is fantastico Vamooooooos Rafaaaaaaa Forever

  2. Rafa focus on your serve. Let Raonic know you are out for blood. This is your time. Be that warrior we all know you are. Find your opponents weakness and bury them. Vamos Rafa!!!!!!!

  3. I always loved Rafa’s sense of humor. His smiles and seemingly happiness is a welcome contrast from last year.


  4. Rafa you played splendidly against Gael,

    and after a rest I pray you will do sooooooooooooo well against Milos.

    Love and prayers,


  5. Great interview dear Rafa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) Very funny about Maria finally getting the wild card !!!! : ) Very cute: ) : ) : ) YOu have an original sense of humor and always so precious and spontaneous!!!!!! : ) Your serve is GREAT dear Rafa !!!!!! : ) You know that!!!! : ) it has served you so well during the last year and It is SOLID !!!!!!!! : ) Your serve is STRONG!!!!!!!! : ) WELL AIMED & POWERFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) ci………..and double ci……..: ) That is what is most important ……. that YOUR SERVE is amazing and effective and is fantastically improving with each match!!!!!!! : ) I enjoy very much watching your increasing winning points on your great serve, and your increasing aces, just as much as I enjoy your well mix serve placing on the different court angels. Very happy for you sweetheart and love how you have fun playing your beautiful tennis!!!!!!! : ) Everything else is secondary!!!!: ) Putting your best drive and passion on the court, that’s all!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) Enjoy a beautiful day and lots & lots & lots of fun playing and celebrating with THE TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) You and your team are GIANT in strength and delightfully classy from every aspect. All of you have such notably classy sportsmanship!!!!!!!! : ) KUDOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) Have a great time and VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) Lots of love & happiness & Keep smiling: ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) Good night & sweet dreams & God bless you sweetheart!!!!!!!!!! : )

  6. Good job Rafa. Now it will be thought with Milos,but you can do it. Be more focused, aggressive and error free.Stay strong mentally. Wish you luck too. You will need it in the next match. Vamos!!!

  7. Rafa is so wonderful and he really needs to keep the faith and belief that he can overcome Raonic in the quarterfinals round. Focusing on how he won in Abu Dabi and channeling that energy into his match will help him persevere and come through a winner. Vamos Rafa all your fans are supporting your resurgence!


  8. VAMOOOOOOOOSSSSS !!!!!!!!! ho lala tu es au top rafa bravo bravo bravo …..
    quelle joie de te revoir jouer … OUFFF tu envoie du lourd très lourd …….

  9. Hi Jason – I wasn’t aware that they were actually banned. I thought just a few who had a problem with freedom of speech had called for their termination

    • I know of at least one of them, she’s my colleague and our work IP address does not allow posting anymore on this site and her email address is also blocked. Chinese Democracy applied to a fierce Nadal fan who apparently had an opinion that the moderators found too critical.

  10. Sweet, sweet, Rafa. You did far better than just “made it.” You kept your cool after dropping the third, and you didn’t need a fifth set to win against a very difficult opponent.

    All the best vs Raonic.


  11. Enhorabuena Rafa, siga jugando. Estamos contentos tambien en Paris que Gael ha llegado hasta aqui, lastima para Andy que ha sido derroto con el hermano de su rival. Quiero que usted gane en Australia otra vez para hacer dos y despues puede dejarlo a los otros. Y seguir con Roland Garros y Wimbledon. Roland Garros cada ano y Wimbledon cada dos, cada dos para Andy. Fiona en Paris

  12. Editors, can you please un-ban the great commentators like DMNTA, The Prophet, Jaybeer and the Deep Thinker? Now that the Aussie Open is heating up, I’d like to read their expert opinions. It will be refreshing again to read comments that go further than simply compliments. Thanks, Jason

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