‘I love you too!’ – Rafael Nadal responds to fan during interview [VIDEO]

Rafael Nadal’s interview with Jim Courier after the match.

Video: Australian Open


  1. When Rafa is on live coverage I drop everything to watch his game.I am glad he has his health back.
    Rafa always gracious and polite.

  2. Charming as usual, but even better, winning with confidence. As we witness,
    all players suffer the losses and bask in the wins, but Rafael has so much respect for the sport and the fans.👏👍💪👊🤗❤️❣️🏆👑

  3. As ALWAYS, it’s SUCH a pleasure to see and hear our Champion, Rafael Nadal!!! He’s ALWAYS been such a straight shooter, as we say in the “States”! He ALWAYS tries his BEST to win. He always credits his opponent’s efforts. He’s ALWAYS forthright and honest. HE’S RAFAEL NADAL, CHAMPION EXTRAORDINAIRE!!!!! We’re SO lucky to have him on the planet!!!!!!

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