WATCH: Rafael Nadal’s on court interview – Australian Open R1

Rafael Nadal’s interview with Jim Courier after the match.

Video: Australian Open



  1. Rafa, I wouldn’t care if you played in your skivvies as long as you play. If you did, security personnel would have a tough time keeping female fans off the court….hehe… MWAAAH!



  2. Well done Rafa I saw the game on TV, and you played sooooooooooo well.

    Your speech after with Jim Courier sounded soooooooooooooo HAPPY I am pleased for you that you are back.

    Love and prayers,



  3. I just love the first week of the AO, it’s so busy and exciting ,and I love seeing all the different outfits (sad I Know) . Rafa looks stylish as usual, loving Rogers trendy look in his old age( he he ) , also loving Fabio fognini’s outfit. Nike you have done a great job for Rafa and Roger , but Serena’s outfit is not good I hope you can do a better one for Maria Sharapova when she rejoins the tennis circuit in Rome. Good luck Rafa in your next match .


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