Rafa Roundup: Will coaching change benefit Rafa in 2017?

Spaniards Carlos Moya, Rafael Nadal and Juan Carlos Ferrero pose with the ATP World Tour No. 1 trophy. ©Ella Ling
Spaniards Carlos Moya, Rafael Nadal and Juan Carlos Ferrero pose with the ATP World Tour No. 1 trophy. Photo: Ella Ling


“Before he had the break in the second set, I think I was playing better than him. That’s my feeling. And I think that’s the real feeling. I was being better than him on court, and after that he was better than me… I had a big chance. I didn’t convert that chance. And then he was aggressive and he played well. He was a little bit better than me tonight. He deserved [to win], and congrats to him.”

“I feel that remain one week and a little bit more for the Australian Open start, so I really hope that I can be ready for it, and I’m gonna fight and to practise hard to make it happen. Then what’s gonna happen? I cannot predict, but anything is possible.”

With Moya working alongside Uncle Toni and Francisco Roig, Nadal should benefit from having a new set of eyeballs watching over his progress in 2017. If there has been one consistent complaint about Nadal’s approach over the last two or three years it is that he has been reluctant to step outside the box and rethink his tactics, particularly on serve.

… Will Moya’s presence help Nadal make an impact at the Grand Slams, where he has failed to reach a semi-final in more than two years? If Nadal can stay healthy, we think the odds are good.

“Having a longer pre-season allowed us to train in a different way,” said Toni Nadal. “Also we were lucky to train with some young talents from the [Rafa Nadal] Academy.That was really good for us because we were able to conduct different drills with them. It was really useful.

Toni Nadal hopes that injuries stay away from his nephew so he can fight for the biggest titles this season. “It’s pivotal to stay injury-free throughout all the season to be competitive.”

Q. Is the collaboration going to continue?
Richard Mille: Yes, we just signed a new ten-year deal. I was in Monte Carlo recently and I was chatting with the driver who drives all the tennis players around. I asked him who was the nicest player and he said Rafa because he always asks ‘how are you?’ I saw him training in Paris once and afterwards watched him sign autographs for kids for one hour. Rafa is a fantastic, beautiful person.



  1. RAFA IS a STUPENDOUS competitor!!! I hope Carlos Moya can capitalize on that. Something tells me that Carlos Moya probably knows exactly how to proceed in effecting a WINNING RAFA!!!

  2. I hope that carlos can bring a few changes for example: staying closer to the baseline on return games and service games. Furthermore convince rafa to hit the ball flatter. I dont believe for once second that he doesnt know how to do that. He showed that he can do that at the us open 2010 which is personally for me the best grandslam tournament he ever played even better then at the french open. Then off course worked on his serve but I think the most important thing for carlos to do is bring back the mental strength rafa once had. Becker succesfully achieved that with novak. Also he has to teach rafa to return more agressively so he can put his opponents under pressure. Perhaps take a page out of murray or djokovic playbook

  3. I do not expect changes to immediately occur. Moya has just joined his coaching team. My biggest hope is that Moya can assist Rafa in standing closer to the baseline when receiving serve. He does it sometimes but retreats as soon as he feels unsure. His opponents then know he is not confident and they immediately attack.
    I love Rafa dearly and love to watch his exciting play .I will be his fan forever but for his sake, not mine, I hope Moya can solve a few problems that are affecting his game – in particular the baseline issue. He has never been one of the big servers but if he keeps a good percentage of first serves in he usually holds serve. A few more aces would help but I think some of the newer players who win mainly by just serving aces take the excitement out of the game.
    I agree with Margo that Rafa gives 150 percent of effort and yet there are those who are ready to condemn him the moment he has a loss. His previous wins are forgotten and it is all doom and gloom. They will then proclaim Moya as being of no use and berate him as they do Uncle Toni.
    I like to remain positive so I am hoping the addition of Moya to Rafa’s team will give beneficial results.

  4. He still refuses to step out of Mallorca doesn’t he..can’t see Moyà making much difference he was never a tennis superstar..he needs a super coach to help with his serve …don’t know who is the reluctant to change one here Rafa or Tony …can’t see him winning another GS…i sooo hope I’m wrong..still think there’s a mental block also …I adore Rafa just find it hard to watch now

    • linda arnold,

      he is a spaniard what do you expect. He doesnt like a non spaniard because then he will be force to speak english which he feels not comfortable to do like garbine for example

  5. I so hope that Carlos Moya can bring some positive changes to Rafas game , but as he and other fans have said it won’t happen overnight ,it will take time. The AO is looking to be very exciting , I don’t think you can really call who will be in the final this year, it’s anyone’s game

  6. Rafa said it would take 2-3 months before he knows what his level is. I can wait for as long as it takes. There will be wins and there will be losses. I accept his 150% of effort to stay competitive and hopefully win some more hardware.


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