WATCH: An interview with Rafael Nadal + Hot Shot / Brisbane R2 (January 5, 2016)

Rafael Nadal’s on-court post match interview:

In case you missed Rafa’s amazing passing shot…

Videos: Brisbane International


  1. Gave you a thumbs up Jaybeer! Don’t know that you care…but was nice to read a positive post without a negative ending!!!

  2. Raffa,
    Good to see your return to Tennis.
    What a legend you are 🎾🎾
    So looking forward to watching you play in the Aussie Open!!

  3. Our best wishes to you. We are more than glad you’re doing so well. Keep your peace within that gives you great strength. God bless for a great win against MILOS.

  4. Saw so many banners in the crowd saying “Love You Rafa”. You are such a little gentleman Rafa n we all love you n admire you “down under”. You n Roger are in a class of your own n I also think highly of him. Happy to know you 2 are good friends. Roger spoke highly of you in Perth. He also has a big following of fans in Perth. Please come to Perth next year Rafa. Lots of love from your Aussie Abuela Shirley. xxx😀😊😇

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