WATCH: An interview with Rafael Nadal + Hot Shot / Brisbane R2 (January 5, 2016)

Rafael Nadal’s on-court post match interview:

In case you missed Rafa’s amazing passing shot…

Videos: Brisbane International


  1. Raffa,
    Good to see your return to Tennis.
    What a legend you are 🎾🎾
    So looking forward to watching you play in the Aussie Open!!

  2. Saw so many banners in the crowd saying “Love You Rafa”. You are such a little gentleman Rafa n we all love you n admire you “down under”. You n Roger are in a class of your own n I also think highly of him. Happy to know you 2 are good friends. Roger spoke highly of you in Perth. He also has a big following of fans in Perth. Please come to Perth next year Rafa. Lots of love from your Aussie Abuela Shirley. xxx😀😊😇

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