Rafael Nadal Will Miss the Rest of the Season

EFE/Chema Moya
EFE/Chema Moya

Rafael Nadal will miss the rest of 2016 in order to further recuperate his previously injured wrist. Our champ posted on his official Facebook page:

It is no secret that I arrived to the Olympic Games short of preparation and not fully recovered, but the goal was to compete and win a medal for Spain. This forced recovery has caused me pain since then and now I am forced to stop and start preparing the 2017 season. I am very saddened for not being able to play next week in Basel since I have a great memory of the tournament and the final played against Roger Federer last year. I won’t be able to compete either in Paris-Bercy, where the crowds and the FFT staff have always treated me so well. Now it is time to rest and start preparing intensively the 2017 season.

Stay strong Rafa!



  1. Wise decision dear Rafa. I’ll miss watching you play very much and am looking forward to your comeback in 2017. All the best of luck for a speedy and fully recovery to you sweet man. Take good care of yourself and all the best 😘🍀😊👍😍❤️

    VAMOS CHAMP RAFA! 🎾💪😊🌟👑💗

  2. It’s definately mental. There is no way he would play Shanghai with a injured wrist. I doubt that he DID have an injured wrist at Cincinnati after an extremely tense Olympic games. But some crazy fans didn’t admit that after the loss against Borna Coric and said that Rafa chose the right decision to keep playing. Now they want to hide the truth about his mental and saying that it’s an injury problem. Lmao

    His game has been catched up.

  3. Lily, what do you think? Of course it is mental. Do you seriously think that Nadal after the terrible defeat in Beijing:
    – would have played Shanghai?
    – would not have retired or mentioned the fact the was injured?

    Do you think that regarding the Shanghai defeat (another clear insecure performance):
    – we would not have seen him grasping the painful wrist? (DID NOT HAPPEN)
    – that he would not have announced right away “Injury is back, Basel unsure”? Instead there was silence and “I need to think about what I will do the rest of the season”.

    This whole situation was 100% clear. Nadal could not finish the sentence he spoke but anyone could complete it without needing to hear it: “I need to think about what I will do the rest of the season…..BECAUSE I LOST AGAIN AND I CAN’T STAND IT ANYMORE, I LOST MOTIVATION, I BELIEVE I WILL LOSE AGAIN IN BASEL AND IN PARIS and I need to make one decision: retire for good or try to find belief before another terrible season is starting”.

    Like I said before, the time comes that you can read it as a fact, stated by Nadal and/or his team, that the situation was like described here. Now he just cannot admit it openly as this, for reasons stated below. I guess Nike and his other sponsors are also very happy with him at the moment.

    • Well said. It’s now the consequence of stubborness from Toni. Rafa’s state of decline is irreversible

  4. What ? Do you really think this is not a wrist problem but a mental problem ? I hope not … He was still injured in june. I don’t know if anyone see what tony said about him, that he knows what is the problem. It’s weird, but since it’s Rafa it will be okay :). Too much time before 2017 …

    • yes. it’s the mental problem and refusing to make any changes. Do you think a veteran tennis player like Rafa would take risk to play with an injured wrist in Olympic, US open, shanghai and china open? Wouldn’t be the epitome of insanity?

    • Exactly. He said in almost the same words himself. “Had he won the match against Del Potro, then who knows?”. It is all about insecurity. And now he has two reasons to blame his exit on the injury:
      – he can’t bail out of Basel and Paris citing mental problems (he would get a fine, would be breach of contract)
      – he would be even more the easiest target on tour among all the former major winners (than he already is) if he again would make the mistake of openly speaking about his fear to fail.

      How can anyone not understand this? R u all 12 year old fan girls? Wishing him good luck with the wrist LOL.

  5. He is a legend and has nothing to prove. In all do respect it is not about his wrist…. I get it though

  6. Dear Rafa: Why didn’t you take the time to rest after the Olympics instead of keeping competing and torturing your body when it was clear to anyone with a brain that was a road that led nowehere?

    • The torture for Nadal is:
      – that overwhelming feeling when that first return comes after he serves up his now super weak second serve;
      – that horrid feeling of being broken again in the first service game he plays
      – that pressure of always having to be the favourite to win (doesn’t he play better nowadays against guys like Murray, Wawrinka, DelPo etc than against the nobodies? Yes, Nadal always felt better as the underdog, and now he is the sub top’s favourite meal!).
      – that feeling of not daring to hit the forehand
      – that even worse feeling when his half court weak hits get slaughtered by one 1 day fly after another
      – another press conference where he will say “I know what I need to fix and I gonna do it, I fighted hard”.

      That is the torture. The wrist is fine.

    • Rafa made his decision back in July. This time around there was no decision to make, his body did it for him. Rafa placed playing in the Olympics above his health. He himself said, “Were it not the OLYMPICS, I would not risk it.”

      In his mind he made a “forced recovery.” I wonder what companies are breaking down the door to get a patent on this miracle procedure.

      He had a serious wrist injury that required immobilization of the affected area for a minimum of three months, and then a GRADUAL return to his activities. He did neither. He most likely erased any healing that was accomplished during his rest in June and part of July.

      And don’t forget his right wrist injury which he recently alluded to. So now, neither wrist is working the way he wants them to.

      Too bad he didn’t follow Roger who was smart enough to realize he wanted a complete recovery and chose to rest for at least five months. Roger put health first. He wants to continue playing.

      Rafa’s win in Rio, sadly, may have been a Phyrric one.


  7. OLA & VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) 🙂 : ) : ) : ) : )
    Have a beautiful fall and winter & enjoy a splendid holiday season!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) Lots of love & happiness & fun time being back home and enjoying your AMAZING Academy!!!!!!!! : ) : ) 🙂 VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!: )

  8. Speedy recovery Rafa, tennis is not the same when your not playing, you are a legend and a gentleman
    Be waiting to watch you again, number 1

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