ATP Rankings: Nadal and Federer both out of Top 4 for first time in 13 years

Photo: China Open
Photo: China Open

Rafael Nadal slipped outside the top four after failing to defend his Beijing final points, allowing Kei Nishikori, who withdrew from Tokyo last week and Shanghai this week, to leapfrog him to a career-high ranking of No. 4.

Former world number ones Rafa and Roger are both outside the top four in the men’s world rankings for the first time in 13 years.

Novak Djokovic tops the list, ahead of Briton Andy Murray and Stan Wawrinka.

# Name Nationality Points Tournaments
1. Djokovic Novak Serbia 13540 17
2. Murray Andy United Kingdom 9845 17
3. Wawrinka Stan Switzerland 5910 21
4. Nishikori Kei Japan 4740 19
5. Nadal Rafael Spain 4730 19
6. Raonic Milos Canada 4690 17
7. Federer Roger Switzerland 3730 16
8. Monfils Gael France 3725 18
9. Berdych Tomas Czech Republic 3470 22
10. Thiem Dominic Austria 3295 28

Race to London: Rafa is #7 in the year to date rankings.

ATP Singles – Race to London Rankings (10.10.2016)
# Name Nationality Points Tournaments
1. Djokovic Novak Serbia 10240 14
2. Murray Andy United Kingdom 8685 14
3. Wawrinka Stan Switzerland 4970 17
4. Raonic Milos Canada 4600 15
5. Nishikori Kei Japan 4360 17
6. Monfils Gael France 3535 16
7. Nadal Rafael Spain 3290 16
8. Thiem Dominic Austria 3205 24
9. Berdych Tomas Czech Republic 2870 18
10. Cilic Marin Croatia 2580 19

Source: BBC, Live Tennis


  1. Federer will be back in the top 4 as soon as he plays a few months. He has a solid serve, solid FH and BH and volleys to rely on. He is no mental weakling either. Now I just mentioned 5 elements that Rafa has been struggling with in the last 3 years. I predict Rafa to be outside the top 10 in the next 6 months. I hope he then wins RG. Chances are EXTREMELY low though.

  2. No one can stay at the top for ever and that includes Rafa and Roger.
    Just as they rose to the top to replace previous champions now new champions are replacing them.
    That’s life.
    However I hope both of them will be around for some time yet and remain in the top 10.
    I like them both but Rafa will be my favourite player no matter what his ranking .
    I will never tire of watching him play.
    He will always give his very best according to what his physical condition will allow. ( because of the number of years he has been playing and the number of battles he has fought with injuries we need to remind ourselves of this.)

  3. So what if they’re outside the top four. No big deal. What we must remember is that Roger and Rafa, two titans of the sport, have been at the top for over 10 years! I love Rafa and respect the achievements of both players. I’m confident that Rafa will make a good run in Shanghai and qualify for the world tour finals. I also believe that, because Roger has so much genuine love and passion for the sport, he will return refreshed and make a significant impact next year.

    Good luck on Wednesday Rafa when you start your campaign in Shanghai. I’ll be cheering you on as ever. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  4. Ola & VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) When I look at the “ranking chart” it means absolutely nothing in terms of player’s profile & strength of Tennis …..YOUR NAME DEAR RAFA stands out like a brilliant fragrant rose among many ordinary plants….. No other Tennis player ever can come near to match your Tennis genius!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) No one has your classy Tennis moves!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) Your solid Tennis commitment to all International Tennis associations/ organizations is highly respected. NO OTHER PLAYER IN TENNIS HISTORY shares your brilliant endurance & hard work ethics over time!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) YOU ARE IT…..YOU ARE THE GOAT in every aspect of TENNIS as a Sport!!!!!!!: ) # 1 or # 7…makes zero difference for long time educated Tennis fans. We have known quality as soon as you stepped onto the court as a teenager!!!! You came like a wild gorgeous wind and captured all our hearts with your passion and drive and beautiful TENNIS!!!!!! : ) Your kind and pleasing character & your beautiful sportsmanship is admirable and mighty rare. So once again, when I look at “ranking chart”, I am thinking immediately of how YOU dear Rafa is the one filling up the stadiums…YOU are the one attracting the crowds…..and Tennis fans from all over the world!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) YOU are the one representing so many wonderful GLOBAL popular companies, and we all love watching your LIVE MATCHES wherever you are, and respectfully adoring the great person you are behind all your creative Tennis genius!!!!! : ) : ) : )
    Enjoy your time at Shanghai & have lots & lots of fun playing!!!!!!! : ) 🙂 : ) : ) VAMOS SWEETHEART & have a great time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) 😉 🙂 😉 : )

  5. Unless he adds new coach for his serve, return and a mental coach to compliment Toni Nadal, he will continue to lose in early rounds to much lower ranked players let alone Djoker and Murray.

    • I think the operative word is ‘both’ together. I’m not sure Rafa and Roger ever intended that their careers would be so intrinsically linked.

      • The operative word should have been “simultaneously.” I initially read only the headline.

        Both Rafa and Roger are champions in their own right. Why Roger was included in this post looks like RNF’s way of sugar coating Rafa’s slip to five. I enjoyed watching Rafa play even when his ranking was much lower. The heck with this article. I’ve stayed a Rafa fan no matter what.


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