WATCH: Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer set to form Laver Cup dream team

Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer say they plan to play doubles together when the Laver Cup debuts next year.

With a combined 31 major titles, Rafa and Roger have committed to the inaugural event, which is an attempt to create a tennis version of golf’s Ryder Cup.


We have been rivals my whole career, so to be on the same team and playing doubles together will be something very, very special and I am very excited about it.

Roger added:

I think it’s going to absolutely unbelievable, to be on the same side of the net as Rafa, finally!

He has the biggest forehand and now I can actually support him and say, ‘Hey, we want more!’ I will get so much joy out of it. I can’t wait to play doubles with Rafa.

Named for Australian tennis great Rod Laver, the competition was first announced in January. A team of European players will face off against a group from the rest of the world Sept. 22-24, 2017, in Prague. Each team will have six players, with competition featuring three singles matches and one doubles match each day.

Former rivals Bjorn Borg (Europe) and John McEnroe (World team) were announced as captains.

Sources: AP, Laver Cup


  1. Rafa and Roger together in doubles will be amazing best two player on tennis history and will be really great to watch this
    Rafa is my total favourite but always have so much respect for Rafa and to team up is a dream for all Rafa and Roger fans

  2. Dear Rafa, Please come to the U.S.A. for the U.S. Tennis in New York. You are a champion ! Go show Spain you are still the top player. Sincerely,Cheryl A. Joseph, age 64.

  3. Rafa and Roger what an awesome team to play in Prague next year.

    May you both be blessed abundantly as well as all the other players,

    Love and prayers,


  4. Brilliant news the two gentlemen of tennis teaming up together. They have such fun when they are together a dream team , maybe they could play against Novak and Andy 😁

  5. August 24th, 2016…Montreal, Canada… What splendid news today coming from the world of my favourite sport, tennis! Roger and Rafael playing doubles together – this is truly a marvellous match-up! They are both two of my favourite players, along with Andy Murray and Juan Martin del Potro. No idea who thought of this pairing, however, it is just brilliant! I am very much looking forward to seeing Roger and Rafa’s first match! BRAVO! AND THANKS VERY MUCH!

  6. Brilliant news – two of my favourite players – as well as two of my favourite players from years gone by. Dream team indeed! <3

  7. I understand that Rafael asked Roger to play doubles some years ago but Roger declined. He felt that it would give Rafael too much of an insight to his play. I think this venture is wonderful and look forward to the event. Think they will be a fantastic combination.

  8. Well…😭😭😭 this is so…😱😆….*nowords*
    I’m still besides myself out if joy since I watched their press conference. Absolutely amazing, I never believed this to happen, especially not already in in 2017. Wow! Thanks guys. This is a dream coming true and I think I need to go there to watch my heroes play doubles together….if my tennisheart can handle to see that😆. I have goosbumps when I even imagine…

  9. Fantastic!!!!! Can’t wait to see some phenomenal tennis….coached by legends for captains. We don’t get enough televised tennis!!!
    Loyal Fan

  10. Someone recently said on here that their dream was to see Rafa and Roger play doubles – looks like the dream came true:D

      • You had foreseen that this is going to happen.😄 👍🏼
        Even if this is just for fun, who knows, maybe this could be something for them to also do on the atp- tour from 2020 on (or so 😆).

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