[PHOTOS] Here’s what Rafael Nadal will wear on court at the 2016 US Open

Rafael Nadal will wear this on court at the 2016 US Open

Two-time US Open champion Rafael Nadal will be rocking dark colors in New York City for night matches and blue during the day. Here are a few photos.

Is this a Nike hit or miss?  Leave a comment and tell us what do you think.


  1. the shoes are same model and color but totally different from picture in terms of material and comfort. Just watch the US open.
    Nike is doing this for second time, perhaps third. I do not think it is fair.
    Why they dont say Nadal`s are custom made and sell those on picture, isntead of giving the info as above and than we see the difference on TV.
    I will never trade NIKE for other brand, but can not accept this.
    I try to find information about that, but no answer from Nike.

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