Zika virus not a concern for Rafael Nadal

GRA199. MANACOR, MALLORCA (ISLAS BALEARES), 08/07/2016.- El tenista mallorquín Rafael Nadal firma el libro de honor de la Academia de Tenis de Manacor, donde hoy ha recibido la insignia OlímpicsIB de manos de la consellera de Transparencia, Cultura y Deportes de Baleares, Ruth Mateu. EFE/J. Grapelli
08/07/2016. – El tenista mallorquín Rafael Nadal firma el libro de honor de la Academia de Tenis de Manacor, donde hoy ha recibido la insignia OlímpicsIB de manos de la consellera de Transparencia, Cultura y Deportes de Baleares, Ruth Mateu. EFE/J. Grapelli

Rafael Nadal said on Friday that he had no intention of missing out of the forthcoming Olympic Games despite battling a wrist injury and fears over the Zika virus.

“It has not entered my head not to be in Rio,” Rafa said at an event in his home town of Manacor in Mallorca.

He was asked of the threat of the Zika virus, which has led several Spanish athletes, such as basketball ace, Pau Gasol to express their concerns. but the tennis star said “a situation which is a long way from reality,” had been created about the virus.

“I was in Rio in February and I led a perfectly normal life,” explained Rafa.

Source: Xinhua News Agency


  1. Doesn’t anybody find this suspicious? I never heard of the Zika virus from mosquitoes and then all of a sudden when it was announced that Rio would be the place for the Olympics it started trickling in people getting infected with the virus who had visited South America…. I heard a doctor talking about it on the radio and he said that most people don’t even know that they have the virus, it causes little to no symptoms and he did not believe that it causes microcephaly in newborns…Holly Crap on a cracker … Why did they pick such a dreadful place for the Olympics! With that being said everything will probably go on without a hitch and all the worry and Athletes dropping out will be for no reason

    • Souix, the Zika virus was first isolated in 1947. It is called Zika for the forest in Uganda where it was discovered. Only in the last year or so has it traveled to North and South America.

      Brazil has the most reported cases. Thousands of newborns have been diagnosed with brain damage, microcephaly and other birth defects whose mothers contracted the virus. Doctors have now established cause and effect with regard to pregnant women and devastating birth defects in their newborns.

      It is also now known that males can transmit it to their female partners through sex.
      However, most people don’t show any symptoms.
      A lot is still unknown: people just have to take extra precautions.
      I think Rio was chosen for the Olympics even before the worldwide medical establishment was aware of the spread of Zika from Africa to Brazil. I don’t know how long Brazil took to recognize it had a Zika problem.


      • I’m a nurse and I know what microcephaly is …babies born with Microcephaly are born with small heads and underdeveloped brain… However I was unaware it was caused from the Zika virus … It just seems as though a black cloud is over Rio…Rafa doesn’t seem to be too worried but plenty Athletes are dropping out. I just want to see him carry the Spanish flag … It will complete his career for me I was so very disappointed last Olympics when he had to pull out…Thank you Margo for your information on Zika … I feel stupid being a nurse and not knowing that it can cause Microcephaly… The whole Rio thing just scares me to death… We will have to put prayers all around our athletes and just hope for the best!

      • Sioux, no no. Only recently in Brazil was the link made between Zika and various births defects, including microcephaly. You cannot fault yourself for not knowing. Until the virus is studied longterm there are few definitive answers.

        No black cloud over Rio. The government has been spraying before the arrival of athletes and tourists. Rafa should be fine and you will see him as Spain’s flag bearer.

        It was only on February 1 of this year that the WHO called it a worldwide emergency (or something like that). So now, only five months later, not everyone is going to accept the new guidelines so readily. The good news is that both the WHO and CDC are in agreement.

        RAFA ROCKS

    • Souix, to help you out, Rio was named host of the 2016 Olympics on October 2, 2009. I didn’t realize it has been that long ago. At the time I remember thinking it was a bad choice. I hope all goes well for athletes, visitors and Rio’s civilians as well.

    • I’m with you Souix. The WHO says there’s not enough of a risk for the games to be cancelled or moved elsewhere. But the media makes it seem like all doom and gloom.

      There’s probably more risk of people catching HIV during the games than Zika:)

      I’m sure our Rafa didn’t just make an uninformed decision in deciding to travel to Rio. He has people who advise him on these things. Probably.

      Anyway I hope The Games go off without a hitch, and end up being very successful.

      Go play some tennis Rafa!

      • Mac… I’m more worried about all the crime in Rio then the Zika Mosquitoes… as you suggested, the chances are slim for the athletes to contract the virus. The media loves to create panic and fear in people…I’m watching the news now with tears in my eyes…another terrorist attack in France…just so sad all the hate and chaos in the world…I will be ready for the Olympics … We all need a break from all the horrific things happening…It will bring me so much joy to watch Rafa carrying the Spanish flag…he is such a peaceful,wonderful person and I’m so happy is well enough to participate.

  2. what a nonsense thing to say. since he I didn’t get infected in Feb., I’ll be safe in Aug.
    oh well. at least he will have an excuse to not play tennis for the rest of season. Quit the game already. tired of his drama.

    • Let’s just hope he doesn’t get it, that he returns to the tour healthy, and can finish out the season. Hopefully his attitude in Rio is not as cavalier as his statement. The IOC will probably give athletes guidelines to best avoid contracting Zika.
      I don’t agree with his response either but for him it is valid. His opinion is based on his experience. If he takes all necessary precautions he should be okay. As stated in previous comments, I am more worried about security and an unstable country.

      Cheer up Sosa, you’ll see your champ soon.


      • Really like your ingenious interpretation of Rafa’s reason for choosing to go.

        Media has it that it’s mostly the male golfers who aren’t going.

        Some people simply have a fear of getting ill.

        The Olympics is voluntary so I personally feel no stigma should be attached in not wanting to participate: for whatever reason.


      • Rafa eres un Guerrero. Despues de todo Dios esta contigo y vas a ganar otro campionato pronto. No te me afljes Por la perfida de hoy con Lucas porque luchaste hasta el final. Dios te Bendiga siempre. Vamos!!!! Tu fan Carmen

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  3. Praying for my number one fan to recover soon. I miss seeing you on the court. Dios te va ayudar porque eres y siempre sera el #1 en tennis. Te deseo mucha suerte y q Dios te Bendiga siempre. Your fan.

  4. Rafa my boy please don’t take the Zika Virus lightly. Only drink bottled water n be careful where you eat. I pray you are able to hold the Spanish Flag high n go home with Gold. You can do it Rafa with accurate n strong Serves. God bless you. Vamos Rafa. Have a happy day. Love your Aussie Abuela. 🏆🏆😇😊😀

  5. All the best Rafa, for a HAPPY and HEALTHY trip to Rio.

    i pray you do VERY well and enjoy EVERY event you are in.

    I pray your wrist is now healed perfectly and strong.

    Love and prayers,


  6. I just read that Rafa has entered three events for Rio: Doubles with Marc Lopez, Mixed Doubles with Muguruza (tentative), and of course, Singles. That will be some schedule for him. I wish him mucho suerte.


  7. Rafa always maintained that Zika was not a problem for him.
    As for other athletes, some don’t like the idea of no points being awarded, others voiced the tight scheduling, while others voiced concerns about contracting the virus.
    There is such little knowledge of the virus that the medical profession and the Olympic Committee did not speak with one voice.
    They still don’t know how long the virus lives in the body. They do know that it can be transmitted from men to women during coitus. They do know it causes hydrocephaly. There are still so many unknowns. The good part is that August is winter for Rio so there should be a lot less mosquitoes. I’ve read that the IOC has taken extra precautions to help prevent the spread Zika at the games with extra spraying.
    I cannot fault anyone for not going for whatever reason. As Rafa said, everyone can make his own decision. It’s their choice.

  8. It is interesting that the top men’s tennis players are so anxious for Rio. The gold medal for tennis is sought after. I was a little disappointed that a couple of the US male players have withdrawn their names, but maybe they were unlikely to medal. I don’t really have a problem with the NBA players not going. It will give others a chance to attend.

  9. Good for you Rafa , a lot of ” Divas” withdrawing from Rio. Looking forward to seeing you carry the Spanish flag and leading the team into the arena. All good wishes

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