[VIDEO] Hot Shot: Rafael Nadal may have lost, but he pushed Novak Djokovic hard with shots like this

Watch and savour Rafael Nadal’s majestic touch at the net!

Video: TennisTV


  1. time will come….he beat novak one thing for sure…….ok rafa just keep going….and fight till the very end….On the way now to roland garos…….exciting!!

  2. Nadal le pudo haber ganado en dos sets, jugo un buen mach pero tuvi algunas fallas, pero jugo increible, Nadal para mi es el numero uno. Novak es suerte y pimponeo

  3. Nadal played a super game and he’s very close to defeating Djokovic all over again.

  4. Rafa and Fans, the quarterfinal was Rafa’s to lose. He was serving for the first set and he was serving for the second set. This match was on his racket. Rafa wanted to win so bad, he knew he had control of this match and was able to win – he just became, in my opionion, very over-anxious. So sorry Rafa. But it’s okay – I think now that you know you are capable of being victorious over Novak – you worked through the hardest part, and you will overcome your anxiety.

    You are SO up to the task Rafa!! You played great against Novak. In my heart I know that you will bite the trophy at the French Open in several weeks. Please stay healthy and confident . Continue to hug the baseline–take the ball earlhy and protect your serve. God bless you Rafa. Love ya, Marylynn.

  5. Amazing match! at the very least great practice, and truly wonderful to watch.
    Djokovic appears to have to work up a ‘hate’ mentality to motivate himself. I remember reading he was taught to leave behind his Mr Nice Guy mentality. What a shame. Intensity is fine, but play the game for the love of it, including winning of course! like our super star Rafa.
    Vamos champ!!!

  6. He could have won this match but like he says sometimes to win or to lose is just a thin line. The most important thing is that he will be ready for RG to bite his 10th Trophy without any doubt, yes! Vamos!!!!!!!!

  7. Rafa, you played exceptionally well today, probably your best game since the 2014 French Open. You have said many times that Novak was in a class of his own; well, today, you showed yourself to be in the same class. Have faith in yourself and your god given talents. I honestly believe you will shine at the French Open! Bonne chance & vamos!!!!!

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  8. Keep fighting, Rafael. You will prevail, as you have done before.👑💪👊👍👑🏆💪👊❤️

  9. Vamos Rafa! Keep playing like this and at the French Open you will get Novak! We are all with you.

  10. Rafa played incredibly well!!! So proud of him. Novak was his usual arrogant baby who makes an ass of himself with his poor sportsmanship and childlike ways. He is a total jerk. Rafa held his own and maintained his usual gentlemanly decorum. He is the epitome of sportsmanship. Guess Novak needed an uncle Tony and family who teach boys character.

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