Highlights: Find out how Rafael Nadal lost to Novak Djokovic in Rome [VIDEO]

Two giants of tennis went head-to-head in Friday’s QFs in Rome, with defending champ Novak Djokovic facing ‘King of Clay’ Rafael Nadal.

Video: TennisTV


  1. Marylynn – are u talking about 2013 semi final at rg when rafa beat novak and novak kicked of when he lost a point cos he touched the net? I remember thinking he had no class when he started kicking off with the umpire. It was great tho as he cldnt get over it and he lost the match, with rafa getting into the final. Last year i remember my heart thumping really hard when stan was at match point. I cldnt stand the thought of novak winning rg and i still cant!

  2. Su fun chow – mafioso family is right. They have taught their son nothing – nothing but bad manners and to excel in the art of crafty manipulation. I detest him and can hardly bear to watch him

  3. Novak es un jugador excesivamente arrogante, prepotente, y me parece a mi que es por eso que los demas jugadores se reducen mentalmente ante el, Rafa es superior a el su juego es excitante, un hombre humilde un gran ser humano.

  4. When Novak plays and has a tantrum he sometimes gets the crowd on his back and rightfully so , but what annoys me is when ex tennis player/commentator Mark Petchey announces that it’s wrong and that Novak deserves respect , well you have to earn that and not think it is your right because you are the number one .Nobody is in doubt he is a brilliant tennis player but his personality traits have flaws ,he needs to be more humble we all know he would still be ripping his shirt off and beating his chest like the king of the jungle if he hadn’t been told to tone it down . summing Novak up = A tennis player who lives a celebrity life style in Monte Carlo (avoiding paying tax) who feels the need to sell his wedding to a magazine YUK get some respect and learn from Rafa and Andy

  5. Rafa fans: Novak’s attitude is not the best. When he gets broken or misses a shot when he is playing against, Rafa, he is down-right arrogant. It’s as if it is DO OR DIE when he is playing against Rafa – like he needs to prove something — to himself and to the world!!! He is that way with Rafa – but not with too many other players. And Boris Becker looks as if he is literally going to go crazy when he watches Novak being challenged by any player. Boris Becker looks more than just stressed when he is watching his Novak. Does anyone remember the 2013 or was it the 2014 French Open when Rafa beat Novak? Novak was downright nasty Marylynn

  6. l agree with you Chantelle & Maria how that Djoker, his family and his team behaved. My late brother called them the MAFIAS of TENNIS.

  7. Oh i agree maria. I remember once that novaks dad was so raucous that roger had 2 tell him to be quiet. And when novak beat rafa in the wimbledon final (2011 i think it was) i will never forget my friend say they looked like a family of serial killers! Lol

    • l agree with you Chantelle & Maria how that Djoker, his family and his team behaved. My late brother called them the MAFIAS of TENNIS.

  8. Can’t wait to see Rafa at the FO. Andy you have the game to stop Novak and Sunday is the day to do it. can’t stand to see his or his dad’s smarmy face anymore

  9. A very tough loss. I guess that the admin is still sad right now like all of us.

    But i still don’t get it with the “mental issue”. I don’t know. Uncle Toni might need to consider adding a real professional not only to work on his shaky service game but also his mind.
    Rafa is so easy to get broken in like 2 years. His serve is too easy to get predicted. And it doesn’t seem to be improved much by Toni.
    Also Rafa ‘s ROS is very easy for Novak to take a step in the court. The chance is there but he always returns poorly with the second serve.

    I don’t know about Roland Garros. Rafa might meet that arrogant player early. But i just know that it’s painful to watch that guy has his first FO title.

    So please anyone and Rafa! Stop him!!! AT ANY COST!

  10. Novak is no. 1 right now, but someone will conquer him. His past behaviour, along with that of his camp, prevents him from ever having the following of Nadal and Federer. His family was so unbelievably crude during earlier matches that Roger actually told them to shut up.

    Keep fighting, Rafael. You know what is needed.👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑👑♥️

    • Novak has his fair share of followers but I I don’t think the public sentiment is with him. We’ve seen Rafa grow from boy to man through trial and tribulation on court so people grew to love him. Novak teamed up with German machine and became ‘efficient’ at a later age – not the same sentiment.

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