Rome Masters Quarterfinals: What time does Rafael Nadal play against Novak Djokovic?

On Friday, Rafael Nadal will play his quarter-final match at the Italian Open against Novak Djokovic, who defeated Thomaz Bellucci in three sets. This will be the 49th meeting between the two players and third of 2016.

+++ on Day Five of The Internazionali BNL d'Italia on May 12, 2016 in Rome, Italy.
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Date: May 13, 2016

Match time: Approximately 3.30 PM local time / 9.30 AM  EDT –  New York, Montreal / 2.30 PM BST – United Kingdom / 3.30 PM CET – Spain, France, Germany, Italy / 11.30 PM AEST – Melbourne. To convert to your local time, use this website.

Watch online: 3pmstream

Djokovic is 10-1 against Rafa since the 2013 US Open. The last time Rafa defeated Djokovic was the 2014 French Open final. 

Here are the matches they have played against each other:



  1. Hello Margo, I could reply to you directly but in answer to your comment – I did not watch the match so didn’t know about the string and ankle kicking drama. I wasn’t overly interested in it for obvious reasons. I love Kei but have very mixed feelings re Novak. He was coined ‘the Joker’ after Roger’s reference to him as ‘a joke’ for exiting matches when he was losing. Personalities are formed very early on and I believe Novak will always revert to his true character when he is losing. That said, I don’ t think he’s ever complained about Rafa’s length of time to serve but seems to adapt his own game accordingly as did Roger. I think Novak understands Rafa’s mentality and this has helped him win over him. Novak seems to appreciate that Rafa is more introverted and less worldly than him and there have been moments when he’ s shown Rafa alot of respect and almost appears protective of him! I can give a couple of examples but too long winded.

    • Maria, thanks much for replying. I did find on the ATF site that it is the responsibility of the chair umpire to tell a player his string is broken. Too bad as Kei may have won otherwise. Oh well, next RG!


  2. Rafa is improving comparing to last years performance. We must remember back injury at AO 2014 and wrist and appendices operation also 2014 where the latest injuries which brough his confidence to 0 and this is results he is not like before. If he hasn’t had a past history of injuries he will probably have 19 grand slams cups at his draw. I hope he will change his team and bring back his form to win more grand slams. As per Nole respect for him, but he could’t beat Rafa when he was fit back in old day. His injuries are the one to blam.

    • I think also very early 19 yo? He had a fractured foot which failed to heal – they discovered a congenital defect in his foot after – they thought would end his career. He may have had a couple more early clay wins if not and more experience on the other surfaces.

  3. Uncle Toni stated that Rafa’s French Open results would be a deciding factor in whether or not to make any team changes.
    I don’t understand why, with all the resources available to Rafa, professional help was not enlisted years ago. It could have to do with the stigma still associated with therapy. It could be the Spanish macho attitude.
    It could be that either Rafa or others in his close circle felt it was not necessary.
    Let’s just hope that Rafa figures out what he must do to vanquish his anxiety and need for control.


      • yeah. great job my feet. 2 years of slump. 12 freaking defeats in row to Djoker. he couldn’t take a freaking set from Dj.

      • @ Sosa,

        “Suicide pact” you meant to say?

        Another illiterate peasant commenting on issues beyond his mental capacity. In your village, do people commit suicide for a bad performance?

        Well in the real world, people make adjustments and look for solutions.

        You are a strong Rafa hater, pretending to be fan. People like you advocating for suicide of Rafa’s family members should be banned from this site.

      • I definitely encourage you to jump in front of a speeding train.feel very good about yourself to go foul mouth? aren’t you?

    • Sosa, can I suggest you re-visit your own comments before you suggest someone else is foul mouthed?

      • Teresa, just saw your comment so I am figuring you may still be here.
        Did you know that Nole’s string broke BUT the umpire told him? (he was not aware) Nole would have lost a point in his Kei match. I can’t find info about it being the responsibility of the empire to inform a player that his string broke. Do you know? Apparently it is illegal to play with a broken string.
        Also, it is reported that Nole tried to kick clay off of his sneaker but instead kicked himself so hard that he was bleeding. Hence the medical moment. Talk about loco!

        ALLEZ RAFA

    • And when Rafa beats him at RG he will feel as if he will have played ten sets.


  4. I knew after the first set that rafa would lose the second one also. Problem with rafa against djokovic that he is choking. You could see it in his eyes when he was serving for the second set very nervous and not relaxed at the important moments. Nole is at this moment mentally the strongest one on the atp tour and the main favourite to win the french open. Again rafa was standing 10 meters behind the baseline and let nole dictate the game. Not playing agressive at all. Also his return games were unbelievable bad his returns mostly drop short. He is still not the old one and should consider hiring a mental coach to keep him relaxed. Nole is the main favourite with wawrinka as his main challenger

    • Some good points especially with regards to his inability to close out games in the 1st set and the set in the 2nd, however I disagree that it is just down to nerves. Yes, Rafa has a mental deficit when he plays Novak but who doesn’t?

      Right now, Novak knows he is mentally superior to almost all the men on the ATP tour which essentially means that he has won half of the battle before the war starts, however, to say Nadal chocked is a bit simplistic.

      This is the closest match Nadal has played against Novak in 2 years. He broke Novak twice early on in both sets but unfortunately couldn’t close the sets out, this was partly due to nerves but also Novak raising his game at the appropriate moments. What Nadal needs is not a mental coach but a strong focus on his serves. A lot of the time, they are predictable and Novak knows how to neutralise them at the important moments. Nadal’s problem is the ability of even lowly ranked players to break his serves- it is not practicable.

      There is no one that instils mental confidence in Nadal more than Toni and his family. When he is in the zone, he is mentally ruthless. What he needs is someone to work on his serves and maybe make inputs on some elements of his game.

      As for your position that Wawrinka is the main challenger to Novak at the FO, that is simply laughable tbh. Nadal will eat Wawrinka alive if they met at RG- Fact!!

      There are only 2 potential winners- Rafa or Novak and it all depends on the draws. If Roger withdraws from the FO as being speculated, then they might meet in the Semis or Finals- at that point, I will bet for a Rafa win- 100%.

      I wanted a competitive match and I got it. Rafa is back!

      • Always love your analysis which is logical and objective – and let’s hope you’re right! Despite, Monte Carlo and Barcelona I didn’t feel Rafa was truly back until yesterday’s win against Kyrgios. But I’m the eternal pessimist! I think maybe today does seal it…

      • Don’t underestimate the nerves though – if he can’t zone out they will remain a problem.

    • @ Teresa thanks for the kind words…

      I am supremely confident that Rafa will win the FO

      He has got his Mojo back. He is playing well, he looks healthy, he has improved his forehand, backhand and yesterday, surprisingly, he used his devastating banana shots a couple of times.

      He obviously has a few areas to improve upon i.e. serving, drop shots, more variations.

      He is no longer an invisible force on the clay court but in my opinion, he remains the best for now. Ardent Rafa fans should know that in the last 4-5 years, Novak has often beaten Nadal on Masters Clay events before RG but the story changes when it comes to the best of 5 when Rafa has an advantage over all Tennis players.

      Overall, he was competitive today and looked solid for most of the match. It is a different kettle of fish at RG. The central court is bigger which provides more scope for him to hit winners and naturally be more defensive and ultimately more lethal. He was brought up to win there and knows that court more than any other. He will beat Novak at the FO this year- assuming they even meet.

      You make a good point regarding his nerves. Yes it is an issue no doubt but Nadal has a momentum mindset. He talks about “feelings” all the time- in everyday English, it refers to his mental conditioning. He is at the right place at the moment. Lets not forget that out of all the big players, he is the only one that has played 4 back to back clay tourneys in the last 1 month. It is tough! But that is how he peaks!

      He has a week to regroup, restrategise and refocus. I’m confident that he is on the right path.

  5. JBeer, Jaybeer or JBeer the gutmesh basher , doesn’t matter what name you go under still the same old potty mouth full of s–t . only one coward YOU hiding behind your computer screen

    • There are different types of fans; those who will offer encouragement and support, others who become rabid when his athlete does not perform as he wished. I think this potty mouth belongs to the latter. No place here for him.


  6. Rafa did not lose against djoko today but he lost due to the mind battle. he lost 5 set points due to tension and made some unusual errors. Rafa needs to believe that he can defeat djoko. He played defensive a lot of times in critical points in the first set. The moments he chose to be aggressive he was leaving djoko flabbergasted but he did not do it enough on important points. We have always talked how important it is for rafa to improve his service and this is so important to gain advantage in the tie break. i felt if he had won the second set then the belief would have come and he would have won the 3rd set as his confidence would have been unshakable. the positive thing is compared to their previous meetings, this match was much closer but not close enough to win one set from djoko and this must be very disappointing to Rafa.

    • You may be correct. Who is to say. Who I saw yesterday, post Nick win, was a self assured and happy Rafa. I am looking forward to RG to see how he does. I feel it will be a win. Rome is behind him and I can only hope he learned some things from this loss.


    • I think you’re right Presto. Tension and anxiety are exhausting. He is expelling twice the amount of energy he needs to. Nerves can drive you forward but too much anxiety will impede you totally.

  7. So sorry the raquet breaker won.
    Rafa, you are playing better and better. So sorry the lucky breaks weren’t to be this time, but at this rate you will be unstopable. Fabulous match. We are all with you.

  8. Of all the 11 defeats against Novak since US Open 13, I think this one deserves a special notice. What an incredible loser, coward, weak, nervous attitude Rafa showed throughout the match, and especially on the big points. If you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen! Djoko was very mediocre for his standards, but no, Rafa choked and choked and choked. Very, very annoying to watch.

    • Loser? Coward? Weak? You’ve got some nerve. Show at least an iota of respect for the former number one, present number five, 14-time GS winner, Olympic gold medalist.
      HOW DARE YOU!!!!


      • I have the right to show pure emotions as much as anyone here. You can’t demand respect, unfortunately for you. I am not like so many here, who feel the need to say after each little comment “But still a fan of course!!”. Weaklings! If you’re pissed, you’re allowed to show it. What Rafa did today, was a bloody disgrace!

      • Hah! You did not show emotions. (Look up “emotion.”)
        What you did was type a string of insults to describe Nadal. But this is a fan site, not a grammar class.

        But still a fan, of course!

      • Not weak to add ‘still a fan’. It’s just a reminder to people like Jaybeer that you don’t stop being a fan because of a lost match. Fans are probably disappointed, but not ‘pissed’.

      • Susieq you are right. And that’s because Rafa has intelligent fans.

        RAFA ROCKS

    • You clearly don’t like Rafa Nadal. If you were once a fan (which I doubt) you are no longer. You appear to admire Novak. So why don’t you go onto a Novak Fan site? Anyone who feels the need to repeatedly invade a fan website with the purpose of simply demoralising other people suggests a social/psychological problem. I could understand it as a joke but it appears to be your life’s work. We are here to celebrate Rafa. If we wanted to hear detrimental remarks about him or any other player, we could go onto youtube or the numerous other online sites that invite open commentary.

  9. Well, that was depressing. I feel he should have won. Maybe the confidence wavered a bit, or maybe he was tired after yesterday’s match. Whatever… I’m still a fan, of course!

    • I feel he could have won. On the very bright side he was competitive, no bagels, and he pushed Nole further than he has in a very long time. Rafa will rest up for RG and will be prepared to take his decima.


      Any Americans here… Madison Keys made the SF today.

  10. Come on Rafa FFS you are up a break in each set finish it. You are a goddamn LEGEND and too talented to just give it away. I mean if you weren’t good or didn’t have your chance ok but you had and you should’ve won this match ! Ah well. At least he shows he can break Nole if he wants without much problem. Hopefully at RG you don’t give these breaks away so easily. Then RG is yours.

    • “At least he shows he can break Nole if he wants without much problem.”
      So funny :))))))))))))))))))

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