Watch Rafael Nadal’s Hot Shot against Nick Kyrgios in Rome

Rafael Nadal hit these great shots in his round three match against Nick Kyrgios. Watch and enjoy!

Video: TennisTV


  1. Nah…. Rafa knows about Nole’s tricks. Surely Rafa and team reviewed a list of what to expect from ND.
    All I can ask of Rafa is to do his best. I will accept that.


  2. Novak acted that bagel all the way. nobody should be fooled by his antics . I wish our beaut8iful Rafa was not so sensitive if Novak starts cting up amn ankle twist etc. pour vulnerable Rafa will believe him and lose his concentration

    • Rafa is a lovely human being but don’t be fooled. You don’t get to be where he is without being tough. He’s probably the toughest, mentally strongest player on the tour. He’s only human though but Novak’s tricks won’t fool him. Vamos Rafa.

  3. @Maria, if you’re right, then Novak will win tomorrow. But I think Novak is not acting when he lost. Bellucci has already taken sets off of him in past encounters. And Novak is too proud to lose a set like that. If Novak pretends something, it is with respect to injuries. I notice when he plays Rafa or Roger, or even Andy, he plays like he has some ailment–a twisted ankle, a bad knee, or a loose wrist. He keeps on touching these parts, perhaps to make the opponent feel that he is a bit vulnerable, and that is when the opponent loses concentration, and that is how Novak pounces–just a bit of lost concentration. He really has mastered the game that he has time to master the emotions of the opponent. But there are times, few that they are, when he does not succeed. Maybe he did not throw a tantrum because it was just the first set and he knew that he can still recover, because the A players have a lot of confidence and self-belief. Perhaps if he was trailing like that in the third set then he would have gone ballistic.
    As for Rafa, I hope he realizes that Novak has a lot to lose in this match–a lot of ranking points, a chance to lose solo hold of that record of Masters 1000 wins, and a lot of pride. He is therefore so vulnerable. Hopefully Rafa plays with a lot of confidence knowing Novak’s vulnerabilities.

  4. So thrilled that you won this……………… was so late here (3.30am) that I had to go to bed after the first set because I knew it would be a 3 setter – Vamos Rafa!!!! <3

  5. Rafa, that was a beauty of a shot. Let’s get more of those and keep your opponent off balance. Best out of three tomorrow.


  6. GO RAFA you played great . I hope Rafa isn’t fooled by Novak’s performance today I m sure losing the first set was staged . Not one tantrum that’s not Novak who usually has a paddy when he misses one shot. Seems to be happen a lot recently. I think he knows he’s playing Rafa and is trying to let Rafa have his guard down.Also he knows the crowd don’t warm to him and maybe he thinks by losing it shows a vulnerable side and will get the crowd on his side especially against Rafa. Novak your loses aren’t convincing stop the acting

    • good analysis, Maria — Rafa needs to be vigilant and bring out his A-game tomorrow!

  7. Me too margo, me too. Hopefully novak will be exhausted for tomorrow if he wins this

  8. Unfortunately probably not margo but rafa needs to play novak, win or lose, before RG i feel

    • You and other fans may get your wish … looks like Nole will win third set. I hope Belluci sucks all the air out of him. LOL


      • and your six year old brain still needs a lot of developing ….. O_O

    • you’re like an impulsive six-year old, ….. why don’t you just wait until its over, and then make an intelligent analysis???????????

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