Rafael Nadal Attends Real Madrid vs. Manchester City [PHOTOS, VIDEO]

As you know Rafael Nadal is playing this week in Madrid so as expected he took advantage of a day off from competition to visit the Santiago Bernabeu stadium with his sister Maria Isabel and father Sebastian.

Our champ has plenty of reasons to smile because Real Madrid beat Manchester City 1-0 in the second leg of their Uefa Champions League semifinal tie to advance to the final.


  1. Good luck tonight Rafa , just play like you have in the past couple of weeks and your soon be at the top again where you belong

  2. Always i be happy to see RAFA everywhere, but Novak?!!!!! seriously ..???? what’s the hell????

  3. Rafa should be very happy about the win for Real;)

    Good luck for tomorrow. Vamos Rafa!!!

  4. Somehow, Rafa does not appear ”too comfortable” seeing Novak!
    Or maybe I’m wrong…..

      • Why are you copying my ‘Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm’ style, Rafa_86? Be careful there now!!

        I could sue you for infringement of copyright!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • You’re right. But I think Djoker is just a social butterfly comfortable in most situations like that. Rafa, not so much so- he prefers to be more on the reserved side. Gotta love the Djoker for that. It’s their Dynamic. Check out the picture of them in the tunnel in Indian Wells after Rafa’s lucky escape:):) Rafa smiling sheepishly and Djoker’s like, hit it, high five baby!

      Hope Rafa crushes him when they meet (GULP)

      • You wish Mac, you wish!!!

        After watching Rafa vs Querrey, Rafa still certainly has a lot of ”catching up” to do if he must beat the Djoker! That’s the truth.

        Accordingly here are my predictions for the rest of the clay season:

        Novak to win Mutua Madrid

        Novak to win Rome Masters

        (At this stage, the season would have been split 2 to 2 between Rafa and Novak. Recall that Rafa had earlier won Monte Carlo and Barcelona).

        Now to the Big one – La French Open – …….wait for it……Rafa wins it, achieves La Decimal!!!..Rafa wins the FO against Andy Murray (3-6, 6-3, 7.5, 6-2) to cement his place among the Pantheons of gods.

        So, it has been written, so shall it be! A caveat though. N.B: – This FO prediction is highly subjective as I based it on my emotional feelings rather than raw, rational, unbiased and hard Deep Thinking. Lol!!!!!!!!!!!!)

        Rational, Deep Thinkinh however suggests that Djokovic will win it…………Lol. But we’ll see!!!!

    • Deep Thinker yes I think you are wrong! Nothing new there. Rafael is so comfortable in any company. The more I read what you say the more I think that you are not a Nadal supporter

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