Take A Look At Rafael Nadal’s New Yacht

Photo: Rafa Nadal (2012)
Photo: Rafa Nadal (2012)

El Pais is reporting that Rafael Nadal has bought himself a 23-meter luxury Monte Carlo yacht.

The vessel, named Beethoven, has been moored at the upscale Porto Cristo sailing club in Palma de Mallorca since Friday.

The Monte Carlo Yacht 76 is made by French company Beneteau in Montefalcone, Italy, and is one of its best-selling models, costing €2.5 million.

Take a look at pics of the breathtaking yacht below!


  1. What does reading the bible have anything to do with Rafa enjoying his new yacht? He bought it with all the money he has earned by beating your sweet generous Roger! It’s none of your business to tell anyone to read the bible anyway, who do you think you are…besides this site is all about love and prayers for Rafa.. Get off of this cloud and go read the Bible yourself. Vamos Rafa! Hope and pray your wrist is healing… Your millions of fans miss you so much!

  2. lts very nice hope you have lots of happy times on her,maybe l will have a look at in porto cristo vamos rafa by for now glennis.

  3. you are a great tennis player but never will be a player like sweet, generous Roger Federer..

    He is my 4th greatest player of all time. Hope you are reading the Bible every day. Not too far from the end and nothing we own or have will all be worthless. Hope to see you play at Wimbledon

    • You’re kidding with this comment, right? Go post on a Fed site. And it is not your business to tell Rafa to read the bible.

    • Rafael Nadal is an exceptional human being as well as being a wonderful player. What a strange angle you have on life!! If reading the Bible is your think that is okay but don’t impose it on us. What are you doing here anyway?

    • Hello Bible freak, couldn’t care less about any religious books. BTW Bible is only one of them, how about Koran etc? What do they have to do with tennis?
      Your Federer is the richest greediest of all sportsmen. Even the pasta he eats is provided by his sponsorship. Do you think he wastes time on the Bible?
      Get a life…

  4. Rafa welcome back. I cried silently so many times because I could not bear to watch you loose. You make tennis watchable and interesting. Now I dont have to worry too much because on those rare occasions when things get a bit overwhelming on tour, I know where you will be. Have a great time Rafa and keep entertaining your fans.

    • It is indeed! You deserve it, Rafa. You are everything that’s good about humanity. Keep on keeping on.

  5. I am so tickled to hear that you treated yourself. Enjoy that beauty with your family and friends on the many outings you are surely to go on. I know you will make a responsible Captain of the sea.

  6. Rafa you deserve a yatch and any other luxury as you give so much pleasure to your fans Enjoy xxxxx

    • agreed wholeheartedly. Rafa deserved it after all his hardwork. Enjoy yourself Rafa and vamos Rafa for Madrid.

  7. Rafa so deserves this. He loves the sea and this will be wonderful for him to escape the pressures of tennis. One of the many things I love about Rafa is how much he cares about his home island.

  8. Rafa deserves a nice toy,he gives his all for the fans,and makes tennis interesting, unlike some of the players.

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