Monte Carlo Masters: Rafael Nadal progresses to round three with win

Rafael Nadal reached the Monte Carlo Masters third round with a 6-3, 6-3 win over Aljaz Bedene.

Rafa won four of the opening five games of the match, before breaking serve three times in the second set. Bedene managed to break Rafa’s serve once in each set.

Our champ will face Dominic Thiem in next round.


  1. A win is a win Rafa, regardless, n it is only natural that confidence is built up with each win n you will play better. Keep thinking there is no pressure on you as you have “been there, done that!”. Has there ever been a reigning King of Clay from such a young age? No. Win or lose, you will always be a legend. But I hope you win. Vamos Rafa. God bless you. Your Aussie Abuela. xxx😀😊😇

  2. Vamos Rafa! I have the match recorded so I am looking forward to watching this victory for our Champ! Tough match ahead for tomorrow however Rafa is mentally prepared for this tournament. I will say it again when it comes to RG time……. Rafa will triumph!

  3. Once again, Rafa played like total crap. He even admitted it after the match when he said that he needs to play much better against Thiem to have a chance of winning. The usual boatload of unforced errors off his forehand wing and he wasn’t even going for big shots. That’s what happens when you play tentative and timid tennis. You make MORE unforced errors, not less. His game has been going in the wrong direction since October 2013, except for a few matches here and there. He better wake the fuk up. Before it’s TOO … DAMN … LATE!!!

    • Rafa play too tentative. Got broken serving for the first set. Same old (new) Rafa. Let’s see how he does against the new king of clay Thiem. Wise up Rafa!!!

      • You wise up and show respect for one of the greatest players ever.

      • New King of clay? really? since when? oh, yeah, since he beat the worst Nadal? are you kidding me?

      • Elizabeth Howard, I respect Rafa. That does not mean I can’t criticize his play, which is frustrating at times.

        I hope he wins against Thiem (calling Thiem King of Clay was a joke, obvs… but hey, you beat the King, you wear the crown, so there’s a sort of truth in that).

        As for being a Rafa supporter… do you own a Rafa Nadal mask like I do? Well, to be honest, it’s gathering dust somewhere in my house:)

        We’re on the same side here. But if Rafa plays crap, I’ma call him up on it. Our boy can do better. Hopefully he does!

      • I have to agree with @Elizabeth Howard about calling Thiem the “new king of clay.” Additionally, there is NO indication that your comment is a joke. It is dead serious. I am commenting only now because I never saw this.

        RAFA ROCKS

    • The usual negativity, why don’t you go and support some other player as you are definitely not a Rafael Nadal supporter

  4. Haven’t watched the match yet but the results looked good for Rafa. I won’t rejoice in Novak being knocked out of the tournament by Vesley as I think it was one big act. Where was the tantrum that he usually shows when he loses justs one point . I think this is his way of trying to make the people love him by acting gracefully at the end of the match even the commentator said it’s probably a good thing as he is in need of a rest . I hope the other players aren’t fooled by this performance , there’s only one trophy Novak’s after this year the French Open and by letting his opponents think that he can now be beaten he’s hoping they will drop their guard and then he will obliterate them

    • He sold that match. Anyone can know that! In set 2 and some game in set 3, Djokovic could destroy Vesely easily. It’s on his plan.
      It’s sad but if Rafa still plays like this, Novak will have his first French Open.

      • Interesting comment here regarding possible match tanking……I recall 2-3 years ago when novak lost to roger fed in Monte Carlo similar speculations came up that it may have been planned as the match appeared staged, and it looked like there was a lot of “acting” by both players in “as if match” . At this point however, no one knows for sure except the players themselves. Crowds and fans can speculate based on their knowledge of players games and ability, but have no way of knowing for sure since it has been a while back. BUT one thing is certain that we do know however, is the fact that the players involved in tanking matches always do know themselves, and such, it stays with them as a poor mark on their career for life. I must say as a tennis fan, if they wish to put themselves in such odd water, it is none of my business. But we are intelligent fans and we can sense when things go wrong so I guess that is why we even take time and bother to comment. Much artificial inflating of player’s achievements is going on…..and it happens right infront of all of us fans….it all and adds up by unfair easy draws , easy match time, unequal rest between matches, umpire bias over ruling, mis called lines, etc…etc… it all new ? Are we all blind knowledgeable fans? To be frank, I actually take pity and feel for the poor players who are under such artificial protection and resort to such tactics to appear successful at all cost. At the end of the day they know exactly their standing and game.
        VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) Congratulations again on your first victory at Monte Carlo and foa ll your hard sweat & hard fought matches!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) YOU ARE THE GOAT & no one comes close to the beautiful Tennis you produce or the genuine passion in your game!!!!! : )

      • He lost fairly because his opponent has played better even that he tried as much he could. He won IW and MIami because the rest of the players played bad, really bad. Hope we can see from now better game and competition than these previous months

    • I feel the same. When I saw his pre-tournament interview he seemed too relaxed. He’s usually so wired. Maybe he wanted to spend time at home which is Monte Carlo. His personality tells me he is capable of throwing a match without much conscience. I wish I was a betting woman!

  5. This is the best news of TODAY: Djokovic #1 lost to Vesely#50 in monte Calo. Ha ha haha ha ha



  6. its time to bring that shoulder/chest spinning bounce again …………..vamos rafa
    just play with attitude u shown in indian wells with little more anger just aim for demolishing ur opponent

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