VIDEO: Rafael Nadal practicing ahead of next week’s Monte Carlo Masters

Rafael Nadal is back on the practice courts in Manacor in his home of Mallorca preparing for the April 9 Monte-Carlo event.

Video: vamosrafelnadal


    • I have confidence that Rafa will be able to show everyone why is was/is so dominant on clay this season. Sure, Novak is playing absolutely incredibly great and consistent; as some experts have claimed as good as anyone in the history of the game (even Rafa after his finals loss in the middle east earlier this year). But, Rafa has worked through his various issues and has made a full recovery from last year’s ailments and as a super athlete he will likely build upon success and confidence week by week leading to Paris. Good Luck Rafa!!

  1. I always look forward to Rafa in competition, an amazing sight to behold.

    However, I wish this fan website would also share articles about “Rafa Nadal Academy”.

    That is another beautiful sight to behold. It shows how Rafa while still an active competitor, and now founder is expanding the horizons of worldwide tennis in his hometown along with his team and other essential contributors. I found the website with all it’s content especially the personal letters by Rafa, Uncle Toni, and Carlos so
    inspiring and thoughtful. I also loved the video of the development and progress of Rafa’s Academy. With that being said, let’s never forget how much Rafa continues to do on and off the court for the wonderful world and sport of tennis.

    Best wishes for the clay court season. No pressure here just a loyal fan so delighted
    with Rafa’s accomplishments and his constant evolution as a sportsman, athlete and

  2. I for one am not too hopeful of Rafa doing much damage in Monte Carlo. He needs to worry about the likes of Fognini, Thiem, and the little guys who can turn it on against him.

    But really, the South America clay swing results do not augur well for a good run in Monte Carlo. You don’t just go from 0 to 100, King of Clay or not.

    • Sorry but making semifinals beating a player who makes finals in miami masters and also beating good players in elite tournament likes masters 1000 and then in semifinals very close to getting 1 st set ……and then in atp wtf where top 8 players play ……he topped his group …….

      Then after all this if u say he is still at 0 then good luck with ur observation

  3. I hope all of you Rafa Nay Sayers Eat Your Own Words. So he needs another voice in his camp. We all know that. And regretfully it’s probably not going to happen. I have accepted that, I don’t like it but I have accepted it. And sure, I’m disappointed with Rafa for not getting the help he needs. But I still believe somewhere in my heart that he will find a way to win big again. I do know too, that Rafa really wants to win big again. I know that his good karma will propel him to a big WIN. I believe that — I truly do. We all should believe it , for if we send positive energy Rafa’s way it will only help him. Marylynn

    • Hmnn…..positive vibes towards Rafa…..well, good thinking.
      Only that Rafa has decided to self-destruct hence i dont think any ”luck” factor can help him much.
      If he doesn’t at least get to the semi-finals at the French Open, he should just retire thereafter and go make babies with pretty Xisca.

      Tennis is not for weaklings or people who cannot make up their minds or people who hold on to the apron strings of their Uncles.

  4. I believe in you Rafa. I am not a Novak fan in any way shape or form, but I can acknowledge that he is playing phenomenal tennis, but the only time I watch Novak is if my favorite player ever Rafa is on the other side of the net. No Rafa…no watching ATP period.

    Good luck Rafa! You showed you have what it takes in the tie break against Novak. You know adjustments must be made and I have confidence that you will make them. I believe in you. Vamos Rafa!

  5. did any one noticed apart from novak dominating at No 1 who is second consistent after US open 2015
    i mean andy murray is no 2 just apart from runner up in ao and paris he is not making a good run …………….

    its rafa time …………….. he will beat novak

  6. Rafa u are one of the best player of all time tennis ever produce. In your good day u can beat any player that why u are 14 times grand slam champion. What U feel right now is what Novac feel at your prime but the different is Novac always busy to add people that can help him to naturalise your game but you do nothing but practise attitude could not effective anymore. As your fan I believe U need do the same keep uncle Toney around to analyse u opponents game but add person to sharpen your service and game plan like John mc Enro, Ivan Lendle or stephan Edberg and also good motivator. This guy will advise you on how to win in a difficult moment when all your weapon had naturalise by your opponent.For ex. Slow service, smart (medium power) when hitting the ball etc to suprise your opponents. Everybody will be suprise when playing you because the way u play had super xxx game plan they never saw. Finally u shoud go for game variation + die hard attitude + bravery to change the game plan when it mattered + power variation when hitting the ball and feel good factor internally always when playing. All the best Rafa u are my champion always.

  7. 😍 All the best of luck in Monte-Carlo, sweet Rafa 😘🍀
    VAMOS 👑 King of clay 🎾💪😃

  8. i wish rafa play novak again in quarter finals of montecarlo ……so after long time novak will loose points

    Vamos rafa

  9. Dear Rafa and Fans: As I have said before, have faith in Rafael Nadal. I think that he will warm up well before the 2016 French Open and I believe that we will see him biting the trophy this year. I believe it and I will keep on believing. I hope that he remains in good health * body and mind * if he does, then I know he will be victorious and win the French Open in June. And if he does that, then we will see a very competitive Rafa at Wimbeldon and beyond. God bless you Rafa. Love, Marylynn.

  10. Novak is playing today like Rafa played 2 years ago n he is saying to my darling grandson Rafa “catch me if you can”?! I think Rafa can beat Novak once again as nobody has Rafa’s temperament, patience, politeness, determination, fight to the end attitude, better man on the day won admittance, high morals, honesty, n he is a born gentleman. What the answer is to achieve this, I don’t know, but in my opinion I know Rafa can n will be No.1 again. You are a Legend Rafa. Please keep on playing Rafa, I am 80 yrs old n look forward to your every game of Tennis. God bless you my boy. Your Aussie Abuela. xx 😀😊😇🎈🎈

    • He’s not saying ‘catch me if you can’ to Rafa. Rafa is absolutely no threat whatsoever to Djokovic in the last 20 months. Rafa lost like 10 times in a row. Rafa is no longer part of Djoko’s nightmares, he’s a station long passed. UNFORTUNATELY (courtesy of non-coach Toni Nadal).

  11. what i hate ” its impissible to beat novak ”

    i am pretty sure u can beat him soon ……but if u say this i does affect playing against him ….. u try to do all sorts of things in world to beat him which u dont do usually…….what u need a calm head playing against him …….just what simon showed in ao …….

    I hope u will beat him in mc

  12. Watch this video. Watch other videos of Rafa practicing. Watch him practice at tournaments. He practices – for the most part – like a recreational player. No drills, no matches, no intensity, no video analysis, no statistical analysis, no laser-like focus on weaknesses, no nothing. Just hitting the ball back and forth like an amateur at the local club or park on Sunday afternoon. That kind of practice and preparation won’t improve his game. At best, it maintains the status quo. At worst, it results in the type of downward spiral we’ve seen from our favorite player over the last two-plus years. I know it wasn’t always like this. But that was then. This is now.

    • I love Rafa…and wish your analysis wasnt true. But its spot on.. yeah just hitting the ball back and forth with no ‘moneyball’ just dont cut it anymore. Dude needs a new coach or something to shake things up….something better than just hitting some balls around.

    • From 2012 till now, Rafa always loses early in Wimbledon and fast surfaces as well. That proves well. He doesn’t improve much. His serve, his short forehand, etc. Uncle Toni, you ‘re ruining Rafa…

      • Toni’s endorsement contract with Iberostar is more important to him than turning Rafa’s game around. That’s why he won’t step aside for another coach. Iberostar would drop him like a bad habit. And so would everyone else.

    • MIROMO, man, you’re just too much!

      I laughed and laughed to the extent that i actually almost forgot my name!!

      Have you heard that ‘Rafa the weakling’ has publicly admitted that he can never ever defeat Novak again?!

      • Yeah – I heard that admission and just commented on it in the next RNF post – ‘Never Count Out The King Of Clay’ – a deeply ironic headline considering how our favorite player is now counting himself out and has been for quite some time. I would be laughing too if it weren’t so bleeping sad.

    • It’s true and I’ve observed similar things before. Novak (and Roger too) are training to improve, to actually build on something that is already very good. Rafa is training to try to repair the new weaknesses that keep popping up. First it’s the backhand, when that is good again, it’s the FH again, then he starts serving like he’s taken private lessons from A. Sanchez-Vicario and after that, he decides to stand 6 meters behind the baseline again. Novak at 28 improved his serve. He’s lethal on both wings now. Roger at 34 manages to shorten the rallies. Rafa is just trying to look a bit more like the Rafa of 2010 instead of even thinking about becoming better at certain aspects, than he ever was. And it all translates into: no significant silverware in the last two years.

      • He’s checked out because Toni has finally succeeded in convincing him that he stinks. That Novak is just too damn good for him to challenge no matter who’s coaching him – his uncle, Andre Agassi, or anyone else. Hence, no changes to his team, and no end in sight to his long downward spiral.

  13. all the very best for monte carlo,hope your feeling better,will be watching you glennis in the lsle of man.

  14. Go to your best Rafa at Monte Carlo just keep believing you can win and you win
    Your are still our Champ and always will be
    Best of luck Rafa

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