Rafael Nadal’s Nike outfit for the 2016 clay season

Here’s Rafael Nadal’s outfit for the clay tournaments in Monte-Carlo, Barcelona, Madrid and Rome in the run up to the French Open.

Is this a Nike hit or miss?  Leave a comment and tell us what do you think.


  1. Absolutely love it! I love the way the color combinations go together. Good job Nike! Of Course Rafa can make anything look good, but this kit is fantastic.

  2. While I wholeheartedly agree Rafa looks good in anything – for me the bright colors are RAFA! They represent his STYLE OF PLAY, HIS WINNING PERSONALITY, and he always looks ready to “GO FOR IT” on court….like the bull behind the gate at the rodeo! The few times he wore subdued colors he looked well…….. “subdued”! That does not represent our CHAMPION (in my opinion). Seeing him all energetic and undeniably present on the court presents him as a force to be reckoned with – which is what he is!!!!! I say turn it up! He then looks like the amazing player he is! When you look the part you feel the part!

  3. Rafa will look good in these colors.
    Just one suggestion: why not lengthen his shorts a few inches? Remember his winning began when he wore “clamdiggers”? He might like to wear shorts that are sort of an “in between” length. Rafa is a trend-setter so, why not?

    • Cover those legs up I don’t think so ….and in answer to comments on here about so called “groupies” I’m very interested in his tennis have been for years ..they way he looks is an added bonus

  4. Nice colour ! Any colour looks good on Rafa with his skin tone. Good Luck Rafa I can’t wait to see you on court and I miss seeing him play seems like a whole long time I didn’t see him ! I’m sure he will shine at monte Carlo and will be so nice if he can get this one ! Love from Toronto Rafa !

  5. I’d really like to see a softer look for Rafa in future. His outfits all look the same, and they are rather passe compared to other players. Looser shorts would seem more comfortable

    I wish he’d play in a sleevless shirt again. It’s such a good look for him. We are all obsessed with
    his beautiful arms .

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