Rafael Nadal retires in Miami heat

(AP) Rafael Nadal faded in the subtropical heat and retired after falling behind in the third set of his opening match Saturday at the Miami Open against Damir Dzumhur.

Our champ trailed 2-6, 6-4, 3-0 when he called it quits after losing a point to fall behind 30-15. He had earlier consulted with a trainer three times at his chair between games, and had his blood pressure checked.

The match lasted less than two hours, but the weather was sunny and humid with a temperature approaching 90 degrees, and even higher on the stadium hardcourt.

According to ESPN, Rafa said he hopes it’s just the “extreme conditions” and nothing more that led to his retirement in his opening match at the Miami Open:

Hopefully it’s nothing, it’s just the extreme conditions.

I was fine until the end of [second] set. Then feeling not good. Feel worse and worse. … I felt that I was not safe. I wanted to continue the match but couldn’t.

It had been 443 matches since Rafa last retired — in the 2010 Australian Open quarterfinals against Andy Murray.

Sources: AP, ESPN


  1. Rafa is becoming a victim of his own sucess, he brought the power game and base line rallies to the mens game. He was awesome when he beat Roger at Wimbledon in that 5 set thriller. Now though other players have copied his stlye and because it is an exhausting method of play, age and injuries take their toll. He can never be the Rafa of 5 years ago. Although he looked close to his best against Nole in Indian Wells. Andy Murray has the same issue and will suffer the same fate. I would have thought that given his origins Rafa should have coped with the heat. I suspect he was dehydrated before the match and because during the game it is impossible to consume as much fluid as you are losing he was in trouble. His team should have checked his levels before the match. It is clearly possible that fhe bug going round has ust reached him.
    Rafa is a legend I hope he makes a swift recovery and adjusts his style to preserve his longevity.
    Vamos Rafa!




  3. rafa just remember, your forehand is the ultimate saviour and is the winner for u ……………..so get it perfectly correct

    have a speedy recovery

  4. The different thing is Toni.

    Rafa was playing with high confidence in Indian Wells. And there come uncle Toni.

  5. fast …very fast just saw the match between stan and kuznetsov…………….and stan who is a
    combination of power and elegance was the causality of this fast power tennis

    rafa ur right this tennis is murdering the talent

  6. All the best to our dear Rafa.He’s not a robot, but a human being. Even the ‘robotic’ Novak retired recently due to eye infection.

    As a ‘Ninja warrior’ Rafa surely lives to fight another day.

    Watch out Damir Dhumzur!, You’re gonna get either 6-0.6-0 or 6-0,6-0,6-0 the next time you cross paths with Nadal. Hopefully soon.

    • Yes I agree with you, our Rafa will return stronger than before, I think that what he suffer from started at the beginning of the second set, you already could see that something was not wright with him,i do know him well I have been his followers since he was 15 and just adore him, Rafa get well soon we all love you

  7. I can feel for rafa…….the conditions were tough….but good decision at the end, ur health is of utmost importance rafa than a win or loose…so just take care stay healthy…..

    But at the same time …..i mean rafa should have finished the match in 2nd and he was not the player that rafa should given 2 breaks in 2nd set …….
    i can again see and it was so troublesome
    the ball falling in the service box area most of the times ……the forehand was not good and precise….the thing he improved from indian wells was the backhand cross court angles ….they were sharp……the serve was good ….but overall rafa not looked the way he looked in indian wells…….. i just hope it was just about.the health issue affecting.his game

    I dont want to say but time is.running.fast ….rafa have to win monte carlo to gain some big before roland gaross……
    because of the form Novak carrying, rafa really needs to pull up the things now……to able to make a strong comeback in roland garoos and win that ……because if he can’t …..i don’t want to imagine also afterwards…..

    I mean if rafa not able.to win its.okay he already acheived many things ……..
    but i want him to really win this for.himself …to conquer this situation he facing from 1and half year ………

    Still.cant figuered out why uncle.toni is been called and where is francis ………uncle.toni really should have joined at barcelona open ….

    Anyways rafa wishing u a great health and strong comeback at mc ……vamos

  8. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Rafa is killing himself with his passive, reactive, defensive style of play. It requires way too much running, pounding, sweating and grinding for a 30-year-old. Especially in very hot and humid weather conditions like we had today in Miami. That, IMHO, is why he got sick today and couldn’t finish the match. He was totally exhausted and dehydrated. Next, it’ll be another knee, wrist, elbow or back injury due to excessive wear-and-tear. Then another few months off the Tour while he recuperates. Then another long, frustrating, disappointing comeback. Our favorite player’s incredible downward spiral continues. All the way to the bitter end. And all because he stubbornly refuses to change his coach, his preparation and training, and his game.

  9. I hope he feels better. I am just wondering why they do not put cover on all stadiums and make it safe for player. Why should suffer like this. They are our treasures and we have to take care of them. Top player like nadal is very important to us we love him and can not accept these situation any more.

  10. My buddy volunteers at Miami open. He drives players to and from airport. He just dropped Rafa and team at the airport. He personally carried Rafa kit to checkin. Lucky bastard. It seems rafa was totally out. It seems rafa got into the car and just crashed in the rear seat. He and his team told my buddy tgat rafa felt dizzy and could barely stay on his feet. Sad. Hope he gets well soon and has a good Clay season. Vamos!


  12. Get well soon Rafa ,,,I’m gutted for you and for me ,,as watching you play great tennis is a joy ,,hope your soon feeling much better ,rest and recuperation is what you need now ,plenty of liquids ,,,,,what am I talking about ,,,,,,YOU know what you need to do ,

  13. Nadal we wish you all the best. get better soon, we will miss you on the court but we understand if you are not well, you need to recover first. Look after yourself we want you back as soon as is possible. Take care..

  14. Very very rarely does Rafa retire and if he is not feeling well best thing for him to do its his health that matters hope he feels better soon
    I am so sick of these so called fans with their negative comments and if they can’t make anything but nasty comments then they would be better to say nothing at all !!
    If Rafa retires which I hope is along way away I don’t think I could watch tennis again he will always be the best champ from all his real fans

    • The trolls pretend to be fans when they sooo obviously aren’t ..best ignored..responding to their negativity brightens their sad lives..as if Rafa gives a dam about their opinions as I’ve said before he’s a multi millionaire with a room full of trophies..he alone will decide when to retire which hopefully won’t be yet!!!

    • I agree with you 100%. Great comment … Rafael is the best I ever saw play the game. He has already done it all.. I’ve followed tennis since mid 70’s. No one was ever better than Nadal when he was in his prime. It’s possible he could be back, but must adjust his game…and get another coach’s advice and training.. and Uncle Toni’s just part time.

  15. Rafa looked so ill. Take some rest and recover fully. Feel so bad for our Champ, so disappointing. Vamos Rafa!

  16. As I have been saying, he is done for! Just quit the game completely so your fans can remember you as great champion and not as someone who is losing almost every match to players ranked in the nineties and hundreds.

    • What are you doing here ? You are no fan of Nadal..he will retire when he’s good and ready which won’t be yet..any real fan wouldn’t suggest it…so scram and take all the other nasty trolls that crawl out of the woodwork to spread negativity with you!!!

  17. He probably had the same bug as fed has and belucci has it too what a shame for them as Rafa was very positive coming into this. Wait for the trolls on his site to have a field day now.

    • Yes Connie, and others players retired too. too many trolls here too. Know all who probably never hit a ball.

    • Sosa you know it all. Nadal is not confused he is a n intelligent man who happens to have fallen ill this evening.

      • Elizabeth: what make you think that you know everything? All you do is trying to shut down anyone that doesn’t share your opinion. we don’t need you to boss around, order us to go away or join some other player’s club. Why you can’t just respect others opinions.
        I feel for Rafa, his hard work’s been directed in the wrong direction and doesn’t pay off. all these losses demoralise him. He needs a better support team to take care of him. In his early 20s, his young age took care of everything. it’s not the case anymore and that’s why a professional support team makes a big difference.

    • Vintage Sosa Laforge! But people dont understand. Sosa is just trying to express his disappointment that yet another ‘charlatan’ gets a win over Nadal!

      Well, it’s not as if Rafa would have won the tournament anyway, is it?
      The Djoker looms large waiting destructively for anybody who gets to the final. How about that?


    Time was when Rafa got injured against David Ferrer at the AO yet he continued and finished the match, which he lost anyway.

    Against these small time players these days, as soon as they seem to get fired up, Rafa goes into mental shut down mode. Today maybe his body also went into shut down mode.

    Hope he comes back, get well soon, our Rafa. (Sigh)

  19. A rather strange report. He was obviously ill and just hadn’t the energy to continue. Remember Roger Federer became ill with a tummy bug and other players have also retired. Rafael would not quit unless he was not able to continue. He looed exhausted. Hope it is just a bug and that with rest he will recover quickly.

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