Rafael Nadal retires in Miami heat

(AP) Rafael Nadal faded in the subtropical heat and retired after falling behind in the third set of his opening match Saturday at the Miami Open against Damir Dzumhur.

Our champ trailed 2-6, 6-4, 3-0 when he called it quits after losing a point to fall behind 30-15. He had earlier consulted with a trainer three times at his chair between games, and had his blood pressure checked.

The match lasted less than two hours, but the weather was sunny and humid with a temperature approaching 90 degrees, and even higher on the stadium hardcourt.

According to ESPN, Rafa said he hopes it’s just the “extreme conditions” and nothing more that led to his retirement in his opening match at the Miami Open:

Hopefully it’s nothing, it’s just the extreme conditions.

I was fine until the end of [second] set. Then feeling not good. Feel worse and worse. … I felt that I was not safe. I wanted to continue the match but couldn’t.

It had been 443 matches since Rafa last retired — in the 2010 Australian Open quarterfinals against Andy Murray.

Sources: AP, ESPN


  1. Rafa fans, Rafa was ill and could not continue. What’s the big deal?? When you donot feel well, your resistance is low, your energy is low and reactions are zero. What if he became physicall ill on court. That would have been terrible. I know that Rafa would never have retired for no reason. How can anyone claim to be a big fan of Rafael Nadal and know that he has never retired from a match if he did not have a damm good reason.

    My heavens give him some credit. He wanted to do as good as possible in this tournament he was in it to win it. Why would he retire if wasn’t for no reason.

    In fact, I am glad he did; if were to push himself it would have done more harm anyway.

    I hope to see him healthy, fit, and playing his best tennis at his next scheduled tournament. Marylynn

  2. We love u Rafa.You are a true champion. Hope you are doing well and let your fans known. God Blessed you.

  3. Sosa shows the nasty side when challenged, thinks he/she can constantly knock this great champion and will be given free rein! Giving advise about family and support, what do you know about these issues. I have supported Rafael Nadal since I first saw him play as a teenager. Real and true supporters are always positive. How would you like someone to tell you how to run your life?

    • It’s exactly your problem that you think you know everything and you’re the only true fan of Rafa. guess what? You’re wrong and delusional. I’ve been fan since his teenage years too and followed his career all the way along. Real and true fan supporters are always realistic. They don’t encourage self-destruction. they see the flaws, they concern when a 14 GSs champion is in endless slump for more than 2 years. You’re not the fan. get real and stop bullying.

      • Soso, you are your own problem. Do you really think that Rafael Nadal needs your advice. You are in the clouds. I,like millions of true supporters are positive and do not dream of offering silly advice. You sure don’t like to be challenged. You are trying to impose your views on Rafael Nadal, that is a form of bullying.

      • Sosa is absolutely right. We are absolutely right. The nightmare continues. No new coach, a downward slide.

      • Elizabeth, you are correct, this Soso weirdo is delusional and probably off his meds. These blokes are just gamblers losing money on lousy bets. They don’t actually watch and enjoy Rafa for his exhilarating style of play, they are only interested in the end result, especially when they lose money. Rafa’s withdrawal yesterday had absolutely nothing to do with coaching or playing style, but these delusional farting cancers don’t see that the man was clearly ill, possibly a bug, or affected by the extreme heat, they are hurting over what they lost because of their addictions

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