Rafael Nadal beats Nicolas Almagro to reach Rio Open quarter-finals

(EFE) – Rafael Nadal struggled to put away countryman Nicolas Almagro but eventually secured a 6-3, 7-5 second-round victory at the Rio Open to set up a quarterfinal clash against Ukraine’s Alexandr Dolgopolov.

Rafa was mostly able to dictate play on Guga Kuerten Court. He was shaky toward the end of the contest, however, losing his serve twice in a row, including squandering a chance to serve out the victory at 5-4 and failing to convert two match points.

But Almagro was far less effective, losing his final three service games and winning only 59 percent of his first-serve points for the match, compared to 70 percent for Rafa.

Source: EFE


  1. Congratulations on a great win Rafa. Love to see you happy and smiling. Every match you win will strengthen your confidence. Play aggressive and take the ball early and as I said once before you will be unbeatable. You know this Rafa, I know that you do. So I hope you consistently take the ball early — if you play this way, you will automatically play agressively and you WILL win. Stay healthy and God bless you. Love, Marylynn.

  2. We’ll Done Rafa a win is a win and he will take from this and hopefully improve on his next round of course he is nervous that’s only to be expected but still a lot of tennis to come from Rafa
    Rafa will retire when he himself knows the time is right not by negative comments received from so called fans !!!! Tennis would be so boring without Rafa and also Federer so we should be lucky they are both still playing even though they are not winning as they used too but it’s still great to have Rafa playing and long may he continue Good luck in your next match

  3. J Beer and Move in or Move on, both negative as ever. I ask about their mentality and attitude not just to Rafael but to life in general. Wish they would understand sport. I guess both are ” armchair” supporters!!
    Take the positives from Rafael’s victory, Best of luck to Rafael v Dolgolpolov. True supporters stay firm in good and not so good days.

    • Elizabeth there sad trolls with nothing better to do with there lives…easy to make nasty jibes on here wouldn’t say it to his face though..faceless idiots …J Beer is 74 year old man!!! They prob know nothing about tennis ..just enjoy being nasty…how sad is that

  4. For me the match from rafa was good from thenpoint of view that in 1 st game and a game in 1 st when rafa was 0-40 down he held his nerves and served and played good points in this important moments

    This was the actual problem rafa facing from last year he would play good but he get this nerves on important points and with today with a lot fearless opponent rafa was losing matches …..and because his nerves on important points it was denting his confidence …
    And just because of confidence rafa hands get locked on important points which causes ball to land shorter

    Yet in this match the cross court forehand, the inside out forehand, backhand from rafa was good but he still need to be consitent on his shota landing area whichbis 1-2 meter behind service box area
    rafa was inconsitent on that area …..rafa needs to win long rallies and should play more inside out forehand which he was not using in previous year
    u can see rafa when get 0-30 down he just get so upset and demoralise this days …..he should not do this …..he is 14 grandslams winner …..he faced such situations and come uo with solutions
    if rafa come up with solutions on important points like he did in this match in 1 st game and when he was 0- 40 down there on winning that game will help his confidence to boost

    at last it was good win to have aginst opponent who just beaten ferrer in straight sets

    the big match is nxt one since the opponent is fearless in hitting his furious shots and have fast serves
    rafa needs good serve in this match
    he should really now call someone to get his serve right

  5. Rafa’s level of play was good enough to beat a very erratic and error-prone Almagro, but not nearly good enough to compete for major titles. I hate to say it, but he’s getting worse, not better. His downward spiral continues.

  6. Ola & VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) 🙂 : ) Great match photos…..: ) Your victories are filled with excitement & your AMAZING strong & powerful Tennis is delightful !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) You are playing superbly & it was clear right from the start that you were going to win! : ) ci….ci….ci….. Very happy for you!!!!!! : ) Your passion & feisty RETURNS & your great serve were top notch…..good for you!!!!!!!!!!! So beautiful to watch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) You have an intuitive genius to know how to mix your serve & your returns……VAMOS ……VAMOS……..VAMOS………we loved seeing your stubborn command on the court & how you sent him side to side with your aggressive powerful play!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) KUDOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 That was lots of fun!!!!! : ) Your hard work is brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) Have a great time with THE TEAM & enjoy a beautiful evening!!!!!! : )

    • Being sarcastic? 🙂
      No just kidding, I didn’t see the match but Rafa has to stop losing this many service games…
      Otherwise to good matches if you look at the results.

  7. I was disappointed with Rafa’s play in spots, but it was very hot and humid. It is easy for me to criticize from my living room. I am just happy that he won.

    • Hot and humid? Yeah, that’s always the reason right?
      If Rafa wins then no complain of weather or else you will blame the weather.
      Rafa ‘s forehand was shaky like thousand times in 2015. This is obviously not his first time.

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