Watch Rafael Nadal’s Hot Shot Against Nicolas Almagro – Rio Open 2016

Rafael Nadal looked back to his best as he set up break points with this trademark forehand winner against Nicolas Almagro in Rio de Janeiro.

Video: ATP World Tour



  1. I believe Rafa is capable of great tennis and has produced it in yesterday’s. Be careful if you wait to long it may be gone. Best of luck in your march toward a win.


  2. Enhorabuena Rafa, vamos, sigue. Dos espanoles juntos hacen fuego. Queremos que uno gane en Rio. Ustedes estan bien a gusto in America del Sur, hablan la misma idioma. Habla usted portugues? Fiona en Paris.


  3. WACK! Thats more like it Rafa,beautiful powerful shot we all love….COME ON! do some more like that and you’ll soon be on top where you belong.


  4. Proof positive that Rafa can indeed hit a powerful flat forehand drive, even from the worst of positions. He just needs the courage and commitment to do it more often. It’s not about confidence folks. It’s about courage. It’s about commitment. It’s about coaching.


    • Sir rafa had produced many such shots in us open 2013

      Why he is not often producing this

      So its all about confidence

      U just need to understand all days will not be urs …..u just need to accept and work hard to get that days


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