Rafa Roundup: Rafa wishes Roger speedy recovery from knee injury

UAE Royals' Roger Federer (L) of Switzerland and Indian Aces' Rafael Nadal of Spain pose for pictures after their men's singles match in the International Premier Tennis League (IPTL) in New Delhi, India, December 12, 2015. REUTERS/Anindito Mukherjee
REUTERS/Anindito Mukherjee


Nadal said: “I love playing at the Queen’s Club and I am very happy that I will be back this year. I will never forget winning the title in 2008; it was a special moment, and going on to win my first Wimbledon.

“Holding that trophy again would be amazing, although I am well aware of the difficulties because the tournament always has so many good players.”

“I didn’t like at all the defeat in Australia, but that I cannot solve,” Nadal said. “It was a bad tournament. [It] just did not work out despite having prepared very well. So I’m in Buenos Aires to give my best and try to make a better presentation.

“Every season is different, but with the same purpose to fight in every tournament and finish as high as possible in the ranking. I’m happy to return to Argentina, because every time I left this country I did it with a lot of positive energy. They treat me very well here, like few places in the world.”

The former world No. 1 had words of support for rival Roger Federer, who is recovering from arthroscopic knee surgery.

“I am very sorry for him. It seems like it’s nothing too complicated and won’t keep him out for too long. I hope it all goes well and that he recovers soon,” Nadal said.

“Si el resultado de Australia hubiera sido mejor, quizá no estaría aquí, este año no estaba en mis planes  Buenos Aires, pero desde el primer minuto que perdí en Australia decidí volver:  siempre me he sentido muy cómodo en esta ciudad, con una conexión inmejorable y siempre me fui con muy buena energía, todo eso sumado a que es un torneo sobre pista de tierra”, argumentó el ex número uno del mundo, antes de afirmar: “Estoy agradecido a Buenos Aires y a la Argentina en general”.

En relación a la reciente operación a la que se sometió su rival de tantos años en el circuito, el suizo Roger Federer, Nadal señaló: Lo siento por él. Evidentemente, no es algo muy largo ni complicado, y tras un buen comienzo de año se puede permitir ese descanso de un mes. Le deseo que todo le haya salido muy bien y se recupere pronto”.



  1. Oh that’s where Rafa’s going wrong all he needs to do is have another lesson with Oscar Borras and he should win all the grandslam in 2016 . Surprised Borras hasn’t been snapped up by any other player , REALLY

  2. Here’s a 15-minute video of the serving lesson that Oscar Borras gave Rafa in October 2009, with audio commentary by a tennis instructor/coach not affiliated with either Rafa or Borras. The video does not show the entire lesson, which lasted 150 minutes according to Borras, 30 minutes according to Rafa. Enjoy –


    As the announcer explains, Rafa & Toni look like they bought into and accepted Oscar’s advice, after a little hesitation at first. Hardly the “total waste of time” that Rafa later claimed it was. He probably would not have won the 2010 US Open without it.

  3. Oscar Borras released the video of the serving lesson he gave Rafa because Rafa REFUSED to give him any credit for his dramatically improved serve – 15 mph faster than before – at the 2010 US Open. Borras never asked for any money for the 2.5 hour lesson, and Rafa never offered any. All Borras wanted was for Rafa to publicly acknowledge his help. But instead of publicly thanking him, Rafa publicly trashed him, saying that the “30 minutes I spent with Borras were a complete waste of time.” So classy. So gracious. So humble. NOT!!!

  4. Elizabeth its so lovely to read your comments someone who knows what they are talking about and a genuine fan . JBeer you say we are clueless ,this is from someone who dosent even know what a fan is LOOK IT UP and you will find it is to support and admire of which you do neither. I think you are hankering after your lost youth and thsats why you slate Rafa.Miomo take your own advice you say the same thing a hundred times over get over it or find another player who you do like Novak perhaps.As Rafa said in his Quotes look ahead not behind

    • To all his true, loyal fans on this page, he is one class act and great champion with his feet firmly on the ground. and we all wish him well in 2016.

      To all the anti ‘fans’ also on this page, go and find something else in your miserable, introverted little lives to vent your ill feelings on or take a healthy dose of antacid, I believe it is very good for bile💤💤💤💤💤 😷🤒

    • Maria,
      You’re getting it wrong again and again. You guys are just plain Rafanatics hence you hang on to every word, every alphabet of Rafa as if your lives depend on it.

      We – J. Beer, MIROMO and my humble self – are the only true fans of Rafa who can tell Rafa that he’s wrong.

      And indeed Rafa has gotten it all wrong! His philosophy of life seems to have finally caught up with him.

      Now, how can you look ahead without looking back?
      It’s only a child that falls down and gets up and continue walking on. An adult who falls down will first look back /behind to identify what caused the fall.

      So, like J. Beer analysed some few days ago, Rafa is still a child tied to the apron strings of his parents. Hence, like a typical child, he has never looked back each time he falls hence his continuous falling.

      Novak, on the other hand, has been looking back after each fall, has been looking back to see what caused his fall, hence Novak is today the King of Tennis with a win-win record against all Tennis players (Rafa and Roger inclusive).

      So, Rafa got it all wrong: He need s to look back , analyse the reason(s) for the fall and then look ahead.

      The secret of success lies in the past. Everybody needs to look back all the time to know how to move forward valiantly and successfully.

  5. Oscar Borras is a tennis coach based in Spain, he gave Rafael some coaching on his serve but released a video featuring the coaching session. He released it without the knowledge of the Nadals. How unprofessional and what a break of trust. He then tried to claim that he was the reason Rafael won the US Open.
    As ever ” Move in or Move on”, has a half baked spin on it. Rafael Nadal is one refined, well mannered and classy man. Those who continuously knock him must suffer from a major inferiority complex. Sad people really

  6. MIOMO what qualities of Rafa do you actually like and support, whatever he does win or lose you seem to find something to put him down about

    • A lot of the so called fans of Nadal here, actually don’t know anything about him. They think saying “we love you” makes them fans. Nobody here except a few knew his foot injury is chronical and it is well documented. So is the Oscar Borras story. The man taught Rafa the hardest serves he ever hit and that won him the US Open 2010. But team Nadal denies it. Rafa hit serves on average 15k faster than usual that tournament. “Fan love” and the other nobodies haven’t got a clue. http://tt.tennis-warehouse.com/index.php?threads/how-rafa-improved-his-serve-coach-oscar-borras-suing-team-nadal-for-recognition.402508/

      • J Beer You are assuming a lot as usual. Many people know that he was born with a foot problem, well publicised. I have met Rafael Nadal and he is one of the most charming man, he has an aura about him. I am not easily impressed but he is one classy guy.
        Don’t believe all you read on tennis warehouse!! Is that where you get your ” facts!, if so it is not a reliable source,. They like to embellish things . A bit like yourself. Time to Move On !!!

      • Ah Elizabeth, you met Rafa, ok…ok…I take it all back, Rafa is really doing all the things right. You met him,, so you know better and everything we see on court for 2,5 years is just not true. Cause you met him.

  7. With his increasingly defensive, cautious, scrambling, passive, retrieving style of play, Rafa is a knee or ankle or foot surgery waiting to happen. As top ATP coach Larry Stefanki pointed out last summer, our favorite player can’t play like he’s 12 years old anymore. His body will break down prematurely. Everyone on Tour knows that players need to shorten points, not lengthen them, as they get older. But apparently, Rafa and his clueless uncle never got the memo.

    • Now you realise that truth? Rafa can’t hit that forehand deeply and consistently. Of course he WANTS to win a grandslam again and again but his body won’t allow to do so. It’s silly to say that Rafa doesn’t want to win another grandslam. His attitude is still there but his body is just aged. To my mind to solve this problem is change of coach or adding another assistant coach.
      Look at how Raonic turned into a very different player in AO 2016 with Carlos Moya. It’s pity that Rafa didn’t invite him.

      • @Move In Rafa or Move On
        Yes, i know they ‘ve said “Nadal can do it better and he should flatten the shot”. Everyone has been speaking like that. But it’s completely different than “He can do it and he just doesn’t want to do it BECAUSE he doesn’t want to win another grandslam.” I have to mention that Rafa is still hungry for titles. He still LOVEs victory. But the problem is Rafa and his uncle are too stubborn, especially Toni. I believe Toni should have done the same thing like Serena’s father did in FO 2012. Walk away! Serenal with her new coach found her rhythm back and win many many majors. Rafa now can STILL be a pain for Novak with his combo backhand slice + forehand down the line but on the right day of course. Rafa is not gonna make it easy cuz he is lacking of new game plan.

      • Yes, Vintage Miomo, and I might add Vintage Deep Thinker, with a “twist o’ good ol’ J. Beer”!

  8. You said it Connie a lovely guy with lovely manners his family have done a great job of bringing up a very special young man. Also best wishes to Andy Murray on the birth of his daughter

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