VIDEO: Rafael Nadal prepared for clay

Here’s a video of Rafael Nadal playing well in practice on his beloved clay in Manacor.

Video: IB3


  1. Good luck, Rafa! Be and stay focused! With a positive mind and some changes you can win the Argentina Open! 4ever Rafa! Vamos!!!!!

  2. pretty sure rafa will give his 200 % to achieve want he wants to be in top form once again and when he hit that form all will be silent………………… so be patient

  3. Can anyone pass a message to Rafa. Follow a glutton and mercury free diet like that of Novak Djokivic. I strongly believe it will help him. It is well known that Novak attributes his stamina, mental toughness and above all his great success to his diet and unique lifestyle. “You are what you eat”. I can’t find a way to pass my message to him. I want to see him more grand slams than anyone in history.

  4. Rafa I admire the way you have come up so positively focused after the Australian open as I was there.I also saw it written where Dokovic said “had Verdasco been playing Federer,Warwrinka or himself,Dokovic that he would have beaten them as well.So steady on with the negatives as he is NO 5,and I was at the Australian open and saw all of them play and there is not too big a gap between them and Rafa.
    Verdasco was out the next game against the Israeli as he put so much effort and energy into ramping up his game so he coiuld defeat Rafa in a game that went for 51/2 h0urs, and the other top seeds all had earler round qualifiers to play., easy quick matches.
    Rafa you are a credit to yourself and your wonderful family.Have a great time in Argentina, and we all know that you will do your absolute best.Love,Alaine

  5. J Beer you must haunt this site like a Ninga waiting to pounce on every posting what a sad life you must lead..I agree Rafa needs to bring in another’s coach and make changes to his game and yes his form has been poor…his ground strokes are way to short and he is overthinking every shot…you say you are a fan I don’t believe you his true fans support him no matter what ..I really hope he gets back to his best I am a die hard fan I fear if he doesn’t make some changes and “fast” his career will slip away working hard is not enough whatever he’s doing is not working however just want to pull him pieces about everything from his hair to him still living with his parents…what the hell has that got to do with his tennis !!!!….I see your 74 I could call you a miserable bitter old git but I’m far too polite…ps get a life

  6. As always, we, your true fans who stay with you through triumphs and losses, wish you every success in Argentina and Rio. Please ignore ‘the fair weather so called fans’ who never ever praise but can only criticise, what saddos they are and filled with so much bile and hate when it is so much easier to be optimistic👍👏💪🐂

    • Cunnie you keep repeating that some fans here never praise. Well, it’s not true. It is true that has not been any reason for praise in the last 2,5 years except for RG 14 (which was a miracle win at the time, and a lucky one in hindsight). Just to praise for the sake of it, is very counter productive and nobody is served by it. But how do we explain this to a Gutmensch?

  7. YOU r an inspiration to all the good souls and people working hard. We know you ll do well. And never give up.

  8. Good luck at Buenos Aires this week! You will be triumphant in 20016 on the Clay courts. The King of Clay! Vamos Rafa!

    • J Beer, The Ultimate Basher!! I would love to know what you have achieved apart from an overdose of bile!

      • Easy does it, lizzy, easy does it!
        J. Beer says it as it is! So sheath your hyprocritical sword now, will you?

  9. VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) Enjoy your Rio tour & have lots of fun !!!!!!!!! : ) You are looking great & inspired !!!!! : ) it is going to be a fantastic tour for you & we look forward to seeing you play your magic on the court!!!!!!!! Lots of love to you & your fantastic team!!!!! : ) VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! VAMOS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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