Rafa Roundup: “Don’t bury Nadal,” says Ferrer

Photo: Tourism Victoria Flickr
Photo: Tourism Victoria Flickr


“I was sad, tired and disappointed, but this is not the end. Now I am okay and working hard and feeling good on court. I am aware of the fact that those good feelings have to show up in competition and I keep on working so that it can happen in the next tournament.”

Nadal is tipping world number Novak Djokovic to claim an 11th Grand Slam on Sunday.

“I am aware of the results, watched some matches, some were beautiful some not so much, but I am not following it that closely. Who’s favourite to win? Anything can happen and matches have to be played, but Novak should be favourite.”

Ferrer, who lost to Andy Murray in the quarterfinal of the 2016 Australian Open, is convinced Nadal will still rise to the occasion when the 14-time Grand Slam champ plays on his favourite clay court at Roland Garros in May. The world No. 8 said he has “no doubt” Nadal will get back to the top of the tennis world, which could start in the second Grand Slam event of the year.

‘He is not done yet,” Ferrer said in an interview with El Partido de Las 12, reports Tennis World USA. “There isn’t any need to bury him in advance, especially when he’s No. 5 in the world.”



  1. I seam to remember that Verdasco played out of his mind against Rafa if it had been Djoko that day he probably would have thrashed him to.so you no alls should shut up and leave the greatest payer of all time alone and wish him all the luck in the world and enjoy

    • Dear Frances,
      I shouldn’t be wasting time responding to your comments as they appear to be entirrely puerile.
      However, you committed a faux pas when you suggested that Verdasco’s ”out-of-mind” play would have beaten Djokovic too!!!
      When I read this silly comment, I laughed my head off!
      Djokovic would have buried him alive even with one arm tied to the back!

  2. Time is running out on Rafa. Player the same old way does not work. When will he add someone else to the team, next year when he is 30. By then it is too late. Uncle Toni needs help. Djoker has a strategy for each of the big 3. Nadal plays everyone the same. Where are the tactics. The spin is no longer working. How about mixing it up and flattening it out. So sad.

  3. Does anyone know if Rafa will be playing in the Miami Open March 21st thru April 3rd? I live in Florida and REALLY want to see him play. But don’t want to buy tickets if he won’t be there.

  4. Lovely comments from David Ferrer, generous and supportive. I too believe that Rafael will be back raising the winners trophy

  5. Love you Rafa. No matter what.
    I will always be your true loyal fan. I know you will be back to your form
    You have always given the best matches the world has watched. Your matches are very entertaining., unlike the other ones.

    Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee you Rafa.💖 always.

    All your hard work will pay off.

  6. Loved David Ferrer,s comment on Rafa, what a nice guy he is, No we should not bury Rafa by a long shot, he will come good as all good champions do. HE IS NOT DONE WITH YET !!! Vamos RAFA

  7. Serena and Roger lost in the final and semifinal respectively. Rafa lost in the 1st round. BIG DIFFERENCE. Not to mention their results in the last 5 slams prior to that. Way better than Rafa’s results. Way better.

      • He’s telling the truth, Howard!
        Take it easy now, Lizzy. No use getting worked up over nothing really!

    • You are right Move in or move on. It’s only friends and family of Nadal who keep saying this nonsense. It makes it even more painful. There are no indications whatsoever that things will change in a positive way. I wonder if all those ignorants on this website will at some point acknowledge that guys like MIROMO are right? How many bad results will you need? Another year without any masters and majors will not be enough I guess?

  8. Rafa can only be back if he can change his game by ADDING another coach who can give him another perspective, another psychological lift so that he can be more motivated to win. In my opinion, it is not the tennis technique or the stamina-he already has that-it is the mental hurdle that he needs to overcome-Toni cannot provide that. Do not drop Toni-just add another coach. Look at what Djokovic did by adding Boris-he ahs not lost a slam since.
    BTW: does anyone know if Rafa reads these posts/comments?

    • I agree with you Neruda, i think it’s time Rafa add new coach to his team. “ADD” not minus Uncle Toni, because he is essential in his team. Uncle Toni plus additional coach can refresh Rafa’s tennis techniques, strategies that will match other players like Novak who’s on top. The team should collaborate on how to beat and reverse the other players knowledge on how Rafa plays today. Because as i see it they easily know already how to beat Rafa. So, i guess it’s time to introduce new aggressiveness in the court. And new motivation and bring back Rafa’s confidence.

      • yeah, I do wonder if Rafa read these posts. Practising hard is not the answer to solving his current problems. Useless saying working hard. PLEASE WORK SMART, watch & analyse how other players play besides Djokovic.
        l agee that it’s the mental strength that Rafa has lost along the way. He needs to be much much stronger like what he was.
        Further he needs to play new technic & tactics and of course bring on a 2nd coach for advice. See how much a 2nd coach or change of coach could help e.g.Raonic. l hope Rafa & team won’t be stubborn or proud to change. I BELIEVE RAFA COULD WIN AFEW MORE SLAMS IF HE’S DETERMINED TO CHANGE AND IMPROVE. Otherwise Djokovic will catch up with Rafa & Fed 14GS /17 GS respectively which l hope not.

  9. I a very conflicted about Rafa. He has a beautiful home island. He andToni were the ones that pushed the academy forward. He has a beautiful women waiting in the wings. I have gotten such joy and enjoyment watching him play. Maybe I just mean maybe we are pushing him to far. Maybe he has another life waiting. Tennis acts like 29 is the end of the world. This man has a whole other life waiting. I would be thrilled to see him win another French open. I believe he is more then able to accomplish another French open. I ask what is he cost?

  10. you will be back again Rafa better than ever roger and serena all lost this time but all the great players come back and play again hope to see you back soon xxx

  11. I have and never will give up,on Rafa, he is too great a tennis player and has a proven record and shows his passion for the game still, so NO, all Rafa fans do not give up,on him and we all wish him the very best going forward.👍👍👏 💪

    • Connie, please enlighten us. What do you think Nadal will do differently in the coming year that may lead to success? What will be the reason that he will do better than he has done post RG ’14? Hard work?

  12. I agree with David Ferrer that Rafa is not finished yet he had a very disappointing Oz Open but this has maybe given him a wake up call ! He and Federer have been the best in tennis ever and Rafa will know what he has to do to win once again so Vamos Rafa Vamos ! Go win on the clay

    • rafa shalll be on course soon , fed went throu

      gh that a couple of yrs ago,,. remember we are all human beings, the body sh all get back in great cource soon , raf is so hu mble @ a great player.so exciteing to watch ..

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