Novak Djokovic knocks Rafael Nadal out of ATP Finals [PHOTOS]

Rafael Nadal’s run at the ATP World Tour Finals in London is over in the semis after being knocked out by Novak Djokovic. Rafa lost 3-6, 3-6 in an hour and 19 minutes. Our champ and Nole are now 23-23 wins apiece against each other.

Match stats: Rafa vs Nole

  • Aces: 3-4
  • Double-faults: 0-1
  • First serve %: 70-61
  • First serve pts won %: 54-89
  • Second serve pts won %: 69-61
  • Break points won: 0/0 – 3/5
  • Total points won: 41-58

Win or lose, always with Rafa!


  1. @Great Thinker: As far as Rafa’s team disecting Novak’s way of playing tennis /and playing against Rafa, I don’t think that will happen in the Nadal Team. If they were going to analyse Novak’s game, strategies, movement, and watch tapes of rafa and novak matches they would have done it by now. I too feel that’s what needs to be done and very quickly. Along with that, I feel a super coach to assist Uncle Toni should be brought on board for added perspective and technical advice. I know there are very strong family ties and maybe Rafa feels he is being disloyal to his uncle, but I wish and hope that he stops feeling that way. And if they do not add another person to their team then my god train Rafa specifically on how to defeat Novak!!!. I love and respect Rafa, and he needs this. I only want him to go on court and understand what he needs to do to be victorious against Djokovic but that means knowing what he needs to do and knowing how to do it. That is the bottom line. I Hope the Nadal Team WILL TEACH RAFA STRATEGY on how to play victoriously against Novak. You know, I bet Novak would welcome the competion from Rafa. Love you Rafa, and want the best for you. God bless you. Love Marylynn.

  2. After his impressive wins against Stan and Andy earlier in the tournament, I warned everybody here that Rafa would have to continue that type of offensive and aggressive play – even MORE so – to have any chance of winning this event. But unfortunately, he did the exact opposite today. He played LESS offensively and aggressively – hitting way too many short balls – and as a result, got blown off the court. I hate to say I told you so, but ……

    I TOLD YOU SO!!!

    • Yes, Move in Rafa or Move On, YOU TOLD THE WHOLE WORLD SO, the same way the Great Thinker ALSO PREDICTED/ADVISED, but nobody listens to us, do they?

      As it is, 2016 will finally decide Rafa’s fate – whether to Move in or Move on.
      The truth of the matter is that Rafa has for long underestimated Djokovic. Meanwhile, Djokovic was recruiting Coaches to help him analyse and break down Rafa’s game to pieces. All this took some 3 to 54yrsI The result of that methodical research into Nadal’s game is all what we are seeing today. But what was Nadal doing all the while, he was busy playing poker and golf!!

      Nadal urgently needs to see Djokovic as an ”enemy” and play against him as an ”enemy”. He must play Djokovic with anger and not frustration. All the praises he heaps on Djokovic must stop immediately. Afterall Djokovic does not heap praises on Nadal.
      He needs to be watching Djokovic day-in, day-out; he needs to breathe in and breathe out Djokovic. A picture of Djokovic should be pinned up against a wall in his room, so that when he wakes up daily Nadal must say, ”Djokovic, you are under my feet in 2016”

      But can Nadal do all these – the answer seems to be NO!

  3. Today he was stronger. Tomorrow you will be stronger. You know this is how it works. Keep your team around you and if there is a past very good player include
    Him in your. Team. This could pay off! Good end of the year! Go play some golf and poker. you are more than ready for the French next year.

  4. Rafa is healthy & strong…. and looking forward to a great 2016 !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : )

    VAMOS DEAR RAFA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) : )

  5. Hi Diane. Don’t feel guilty about “Lance Armstrong…….” it’s funny, I have said something very similar. Who knows maybe we never will. Maybe he sleeps in his POD – lol. I really meant it though but I guess the POD is not deemed illegal. I just hope Rafa and team find a way for him to correctly counter attack and correctly strategize against Novak. He did it – he wont against Novak in late 2012 / 2013, and then he was out injured (back, wrist, shoulder, appendicitis, etc. and once again he was losing. Now he is playing well again, but as I said he needs to find a way to win agains Novak. HE MUST. If you are reading this Rafa, (which I doubt you are) know that I mean well for you and want you to be able to win more slams. Love, Marylynn.

  6. Rafa has let Novak into his psyche since 2011. He shows Novak that he is in awe of him. The more Rafa keeps praising Novak and putting himself down it is not going to do anything for his self confidence. His uncle does not help either – always says it’s better if Rafa does not have to face Novak when asked to make a choice between Novak and another player. He as a coach should not show fear. Or say that others are better etc.

    Wish Rafa could turn the clock back. Anyway hope for the best in the future.

    Vamps Rafa!!!!

    • My feeling exactly, he’ s humilating himself by saying Dj is better than him. He is not, he just hasn’t been having any competition thus far and this is why he is so overconfident ..(I blame that Bejing 2013 final)..It’s all in his (Rafa’s)head, he may be playing really well against anyone but Dj makes him feel uncertain again, that’s sad:(((

    • Rafa is not afraid of n or anybody else…..he is right up there with his fantastic top high level game. ………Rafa always walks onto the court knowing he can take him and trying his best …. just today Rafa simply had an offish day…..that’s all…..but recently Rafa was all up and had fierce competition playing n a very very very close match…..
      As fans we can accept that sometimes loses are apart of greatness….and that is exactly the case w Rafa….he is a fantastic high top level competitor….NO ONE has his passion and strong beautiful game! His accomplishments this year were amazing and I salute his efforts , sportsmanship & unbelievable fantastic matches!!!!!

  7. Dear Rafa: Sorry you weren’t able to win today. Novak did not play great, he just played according to his game plan against you – the same one he always uses. He did nothing spectacular. He just keeps the ball in play. And I feel you are still very vulnerable when you are playing against him and he knows it. Well kudos to Novak, he wants to win as much as the next guy. But I must say, there is just something about his character that does not sit well with me. I’m still trying to figure it out. You DO Deserve a rest Rafa, don’t feel as if you don’t. You have played a great tournament = you have improved greatly so give yourself the credit you deserve. You do however, need a new plan of attack and a strategy when you play against Novak. That, I believe is what you must work on. I know you will do it. Please remain healthy and pain free. You will always be my Numero Uno. God bless you Rafa. Love, Marylynn

    • Hi Marylynn, I do agree with you. Also as I predicted Rafa and Stan would be at a disadvantage
      because Roger and Novak had a day off to recover whereas Rafa and Stan did not have
      equal recovery time. Totally unfair!

      I also agree that there is something very off-putting about Novak that I also can’t put my finger on. I know he’s #1 player right now and the best on hard courts but everytime he steps on a court he knows or expects he’ll win as if he has something up his sleeve. He’s just way too relaxed to the point where everytime I watch him play I think of Lance Armstrong. (And I do feel horrible about that but I can’t help it!) His groundstrokes are always so deep from every angle on the court. Every elite player suffers short balls into the court now and then but never Novak. It just defies logic especially since he didn’t really play that great.

      Rafa, I feel made great strides and has certainly improved especially on his least favorite
      surface playing terrific tennis since the Asian Swing into this final tournament. Which
      I’m so proud and happy for him. Can’t wait to watch him play in 2016. But now it’s
      time for Rafa to rest, relax and enjoy the holidays with family friends. Also always with

      Again, Congratulations on a terrific tournament!

      • who knows….. I agree that n does look totally zonked out.with very flat rhythm & unnatural body language……. who knows why….. what’s for sure I think there is no need to further give n too many compliments as he did not play a great match today and it simply was not Rafa’s ON day that’s all….. Our Rafa had a very very close match recently w n, and I am 100% confident that Rafa will take him sooner than later in 2016 !!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. You had a tough year with some problems! Now it’s time to take rest, enjoy holidays and work hard for 2016! We are always with you! Vamos Rafa <3 <3 <3

  9. I really don’t care about him losing to Novak. Novak’s team only want him to beat Rafa and Rafa has let arrogant Novak into his head. He seems to lose confidence when seeing Novak the other side of the net. so would I because there is something off putting about Novak’s stance

    • interesting…..if I may, I don’t think n is any special threat to Rafa…..and Rafa doesn’t seem to have any pre match ears….today was just one offish day for Raf’s game that’s all. I don’t read it as anything else. Opposite, I think Rafa always heads on to a match knowing he has chances to take n……and as we clearly saw, Rafa had a very very close match playing n in China few weeks back….
      VAMOS DEAR RAFA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) & God bless you sweetheart!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : )

  10. Rafa may have lost today ,I don’t think anyone really thought he would win against Novak ,hoped yes but he played well and at the moment no one can touch Novak it’s not only Rafa .Yes Roger did but that is probably a one off Rafa is on the right track working his way back up again and who knows what 2016 might bring

    • Based on Rafa’s fantastic recent run, I thought Rafa indeed has everything he needed to take N today…… that notion that no one can touch n is a lot of air that n ‘s team wishes for you and others to continue to perpetuate….IT IS NOT TRUE….n has his vulnerability like any player….and he does not have the health & solid endurance others have….. many top players have the skill and ability to take n…. Rafa Will in 2016

  11. never mind rafa ….u had 3 great matches…. this loss will be only helpful for further preparations
    i was not able to watch ur match …. so cant discuss more ….. enjoy the holiday and take good rest though u said u don’t deserve holiday which is ur greatness………i am so happy u finished the season on a positive note and most importantly being healthy
    take best care of urself, ur heath is more important than any other thing
    vamos rafa vamos

  12. Love you Rafa 💗. But, I was looking forward to seeing you playing against Djokovic. You know best.🌷. Anyway Love you for the person you are. Respect you as a player.

    Happy holidays, n a bright healthy 2016.

    Will be waiting for you in India.

    Loveeeeeeeeeeeeeee always. 🌷

  13. God bless you DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) Vamos sweetheart & enjoy all your beautiful accomplishments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KUDOS & enjoy a fantastic vacation & a blessed happy holiday season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Los & lots & lots of respect, happiness & love !!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : )

  14. Oke, Rafa had an offish day, but let’s give him some credits for finishing the end of the season as one of the big 4 winners in London. Show him some respect plse! His efforts on court the last weeks were incredible and as a fan I respect him and thank him for that? Question: Is it possible for a tennis player to end a season with no injuries? I have my doubts! but it is possible for 1 tennis player!

  15. I AM RAFA !
    Winning or losing – the most important is to watch you play… Such a charism and beauty, we won´t find in any other player. You are the best, you are my idol, I love you ! God bless you and keep playing – GO RAFA !

  16. God bless you DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) : ) : ) Vamos sweetheart & enjoy all your beautiful accomplishments!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KUDOS & enjoy a fantastic vacation & a blessed happy holiday season!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Los & lots & lots of respect, happiness & love !!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : )

  17. It’s sad for sure. RAFA did his best TODAY and could not match Novaks’ best TODAY.

    Let me just say that, in the beginning (years ago) when RAFA lost I was angry with him. Then, I realized that who am I to judge him???? He is the tennis player not me and if I am a fan it’s NOT okay. He is on the court and I am on my couch.

    Then, I used to become really upset/sad when he lost because I couldn’t handle it. Then I realized that he is MORE upset and hurt than me. His team, family and girlfriend also. He is the one who has put in the work and didn’t get the desired result.

    Now, even though I still hate when he loses I can accept it more, because of RAFA . He has taught me to put things in PERSPECTIVE always. Everyones BEST is different.
    When we work hard and the promotion goes to someone else that’s how RAFA feels when he loses.
    So what do we do, we continue to work hard and probably look at other opportunities. THIS IS HIS JOB.

    Every fan is going to feel differently and I RESPECT them all, this is just how I HAVE MANAGED my emotions being a RAFA fan.

    Just remember all the times he has won and exceeded our expectations, we were celebrating and just proud as can be.
    Now, its Novaks turn, he has worked hard as well.

    As I posted before – at times like these, seeing RAFA lose is a difficult place to be, BUT I DON’T WANT TO BE ANY PLACE ELSE. I will never give up on him.

    RAFA fan forever.

  18. Wish Rafa had just lost the round and not qualified for the SF.

    I knew he was going to lose easily. This hurts more because of the hope we got last couple matches and then this. And there goes the H2H too, pointless. And not 1 break point..not 1 :(. Our Rafa used to dominate everyone including Novak and now he can’t even get a BP let alone a set.

    • Now you are thinking like the Great Thinker himself!
      Great Thinker tried relentlessly to warn/advise Rafa to lose the rounds, but all to no avail.
      Now he has suffered another great embarrassment from Novak and worse, the once impenetrable H:H is gone for good.

      Novak just always manages to expose Rafa’s weakness all the time.

    • I disagree …… the match went on and novak did not do anything special or strong to have this win….. the fact is he got an easy win not because of anything great he did but for the fact that Rafa had an offish day……sorry sweetheart but such happens and it is not a big deal……In reality, this was no great match to have too much to discuss…..and I trust all tennis fans know it.

  19. Ola dear Rafa, please find comfort & know all of us fans love you & adore watching you & we are there for you 100% !!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) This is no big deal….enjoy your other fantastic matches & know you are a precious, fantastic Tennis champion !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) it is very clear n did not win a great match…… Have a great time at home & enjoy all the wealth of love you have with your family & loved ones !!!!!!!!!!! VAMOS & God bless you….and lots of love & happiness to you & your entire fabulous group and THE TEAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) 2016 is just around the corner……: ) : ) : )

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