Rafael Nadal loses to Roger Federer in Basel final [PHOTOS]

Rafael Nadal failed in his bid for a fourth title this season, losing 6-3, 5-7, 6-3 to local favorite Roger Federer in the final of the Swiss Indoors on Sunday.

After the match, Rafa said: “I lost but I was close to winning, very close. Today I have been very competitive against one of the best players in the world. And on the toughest surface for me.”

Rafa still has a 23-11 career hold over Federer, including 14-7 in tournament finals.


  1. Tu juego es increible envuelve de emociones eres increible jugador y un ser humano increible, ganes o pierdas para mi seguiras siendo el numero uno, porque nadie tiene tu juego ni siquiera el numero 1. Vamos Rafa

  2. VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) Enjoy your recent success & amazing stride forward!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : ) It has been an inspiring development in your bright Tennis….. Congratulations !!!!!!!! : ) I trust you & your fabulous skillful TEAM are creative, relevant & powerful & you have the tools to improve & improve & improve. Everything in life takes time & practice & research & openness to learn and you have it all beautifully in line. God bless you sweetheart & your great TEAM & enjoy a fantastic rest of the season !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) : )

    • Are you serious Fan love? what makes you think you are a better and more loyal fan to Rafa than rest of US who dare to be concerned about Rafa’s game? Rafa could be spared from many injuries if he had a good percentage on his service game to win the matches instead of grinding so hard that eventually put him out of competitions few months for the last 4-5 years. A good coach would see it and do something about it. Murray, novak, roger, stan and many many players can serve very well, why Rafa can’t do that?

  3. Vamos Rafa: @Move In…….I watched and listened to the you tube of serving coach Oscar Boras instructing Rafa on improving his serve. How I wish Rafa and team would extend an invitation to Oscar Boras to help with the serve again. My goodness it would mean a world of difference in Rafa’s entire game going forward. I hope Uncle Toni is not objecting to this coach helping Rafa, or maybe even influencing Rafa not to continue getting help from him. A coach like this guy could mean a world of difference for Rafa. It could propel him to winning matches and winning easier. I remember how he served in 2010 during the US Open when he won it. In fact, my husband and I often talk about it. I say if someone has the right answers to help Rafa improve his serve then Rafa and his team should go for it. How I wish they would. Maybe they will. @move in – you said that Rafa fired Oscar Boras, is that a fact and why would he fire him? Marylynn.

    • I can’t prove it, but I suspect Borras was let go because Uncle Toni’s fragile ego was threatened by his presence, so he persuaded Rafa to drop him. That would also explain why Rafa never publicly acknowledged Borras’ help. Who needs Borras when you have Uncle Toni – well – at least that’s what Uncle Toni wants everyone to think.

  4. Not at all surprised that Rafa hurt his knee again. His passive, reactive, defensive style of play would be hell on anyone’s knees. That’s one of the reasons why so few pros play that way. They want to continue their careers and extend them, not interrupt their careers and shorten them, a` la Rafa.

  5. Rafa needs to cut the points short , move forward more to the net, he’s on the right track but he has to work so hard for his points, a new coach with some new strategies will help him as his body is wear and tear a lot more now at 29 with his style of game he needs to learn new style of game ! He needs to have more aces,his forehands are still off and today he had less errors but I’m sure Rafa has to decide whether he enjoy his game and happy to be where he is and with his coach, or to change his game style with a new coach.! Great match some of Rafa very best signature passing shots will always love and support Rafa win or lose !

    • Rafa’s forehand is a shadow of what it used to be. That’s because he’s playing cautious, passive, defensive tennis – instead of hard-hitting, deep-hitting, first strike tennis. He’s hitting over the ball instead of through the ball. He’s falling away from the net instead of towards the net. He’s decelerating his swing instead of accelerating his swing. A REAL coach would recognize and correct these tactical/technical flaws in a heartbeat. But Rafa doesn’t have a real coach. He has his uncle – a “coach” in name only.

      • well-said.right on point. I always wondering why just once he doesn’t try to be aggressive and offensive for whole match. he is losing anyway, why not try something else?.

  6. I am sure that I’ll receive backlash from the fanatic fans of Rafa with my comment but I say what Is on my mind about Rafa’s game. He’s no where close to the top level. Federer was toying with Rafa on the court today. A good and smart coach could teach him to serve well that would prevent the injuries resulting from the grueling style of play.

    • Rafa HAD a good smart coach back in 2009/10. His name was Oscar Borras. He taught Rafa a brand new service motion which gave him a 135 MPH first serve & 115 MPH second serve, powering him to his first US Open title and a career slam. But Rafa soon fired Borras, and refused to publicly acknowledge his help(even though it’s on YouTube for all to see), because Uncle Toni’s huge ego demanded it.

      • Dear Rafa fans, Occasionally we are reminded that sport men & women have to over look a lot of empty incorrect comments. As fans, our family refrains from considering intrusive, unkind, negative comments that are poorly represented, misguiding and are incorrect. There is a stinky smell of an unreliable disloyal opportunistic trying to benefit from Rafa’s hard earned success. For sure, it is not someone we wish to take seriously. Much like some older former players who occasionally pop up with their 2 cent notions written in an undignified, disrespectful comments here with uninspiring criticism about Rafa , his uncle & the rest of the great group in the team. Rafa knows well what to work, and any attempt to mingle with his business are useless.

  7. Me encantas Rafa, ganes o pierdas eres una gran persona, me encantaría volver a verte en persona ya te vi en Miami y en Acapulco, eres un guerrero!!!

  8. BRAVO RAFA , très belle final … Très contant de te voir en final avec roger … ha la bonne époque . C’est de de vous retrouver face à face …
    VAMOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Magnifique semaine, excellente finale Rafa est passé tout près du titre…..il sera prêt pour 2016 et je parierai même pour une 10 eme victoire à ROland GArros courage ….

  10. Rafa: Congratulations on a great week at Basel. You played great in the final today. Your game has improved very much. Throughout each match you are consistently taking the ball early and playing the baseline – and I said consistently. If you continue in this way, it will become natural for you and hopefully you will not revert back to playing 4 feet behind it; and I think your entire game will become naturally offensive. Continue to play this way and you will be unbeatable. This is what I believe. My main concern is that you remain in good physical health. I am so worried that your knees will start troubling you again. I pray that that do not. Keep improving and stay healthy Rafa because you deserve to be on top again and to win big in 2016. God bless you the best of everying next week at Paris Masters. You are a true sportsman. Love, Marylynn.

  11. I thought Rafa would win this one. If he improves his serve, then I have no doubt he would win against the big three and anyone else in the running. Rafa, you DID have a great week. Next time up, you’ll continue to amaze us, I’m sure. Your fan, forever!!! VAMOS RAFA!!!

  12. From what we see in the last 3 tourneys, i think it is safe to say that the slide downhill has been stopped. Now he has to consistantly put it past the Stans and Kies. For him to win against the other big 3, he really needs to up his serve and his return game. He does it when he is down. But I really dont know why not when he is up. The second serve returns when he had so many looks at Roger were so weak from behind the Basel sign. The BIG positive is his ground game is back. So really happy about that. His fight is back. That is the BIGGEST plus. If he keeps doing this, 2016 will be good. I just wish he becomes a bit more unpredictable in his patterns to make his life easier against the other 3. VAMOS

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