WATCH: Rafael Nadal and his uncle Miguel Angel star in new Banco Sabadell campaign

Rafael Nadal has teamed up with his uncle Miguel Angel (the former Barcelona and Spain central defender) for his latest Banco Sabadell campaign.

In case you’re wondering what his uncle is saying, here’s the translation:

Someone lives, and now at this moment besides living I can’t remember what you have asked me!

Updated! FULL VIDEO:

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  1. Everything that CAN be said, HAS ALREADY been said. HOWEVER, allow me to add my superlatives as well: The Nadal family is uniquely talented in the world of sport; they ARE very good-looking, they are good businessmen/women, they are philanthropically inclined, and more importantly, they love and ARE LOVED for all these qualities. That’s a tall order, but IT’S TRUE!!!
    God bless them all, and a special blessing for our beloved Rafa!!!

  2. Wish I could see more of this but how lovely to see Rafa and his uncle laughing and genuinely looking happy and I agree what a handsome family they all are

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