Rafael Nadal reaches China Open semi-finals with win over Jack Sock [PHOTOS]

(AFP) Rafael Nadal advanced to the semifinals of the China Open by beating American Jack Sock 3-6, 6-4, 6-3 on Friday.

“Yes, it was an important victory for me. Obviously I finished the match playing better than what I started. It’s important because I came back,”Rafa said.

“This year I lost a lot of matches when I had an advantage. So to have the chance to win a match when I start losing this one, so it’s important for me, too.”

Rafa, into his first hardcourt semi-final for more than a year, will now face Fognini, who has beaten him three times this season including in last month’s US Open third round.

“He’s a great player. When you play against a great player, especially if you don’t play to your best, your chances are lower,” Rafa said of the Italian, who beat Uruguay’s Pablo Cuevas 6-1, 2-6, 6-2.

“If I am able to play my best tomorrow… I am going to have my chances. If not, it’s going to be tough. It’s simple. Sport is simple.”

Source: Agence France-Presse


17 thoughts on “Rafael Nadal reaches China Open semi-finals with win over Jack Sock [PHOTOS]

  1. Karthik

    Missed the game :(. Really happy for the win and also get a chance for revenge. Please smack Fabio and get it done this time. Please stay aggressive and dont go into the defensive mode and hope Fabio misses. Good luck Rafa. Vamos!!


  2. Ashish

    Keep it match by match
    Good match rafa just continue pushing ur shots beyond service box area consitently…
    No matter what happen tomorrow just continue this way
    Enjoy the win and best luck
    Ur such a pleasure to watch …..
    I m from india but u give me pleasure more than what sachin tendulkar use to give while watching u play
    Vamos rafa


  3. Marylynn

    Dear Rafa: I missed the match but was delighted to hear of your win. I wish all the very best for you in your semifinal match. Good health, Good luck, Good confidence, and God bless you. Love, Marylynn


    1. Hi Janice Gray : You can watch a REPLAY of Nadal’s QFinal match on espn3 tennis…..
      1. click on “home”
      2.click on “Replay”
      3.click on “last 7 days”
      4.then you will be able to see “12:30 am China Open Men Quarter Finals”
      (there are 2 Replays clicks…. …so look for Nadal ‘s)


  4. Kathryn branch

    Good job! I just got up, 8am in the states. Revenge time with the semi final!
    I guess that would be played tomorrow.? Congratulations on your last win.
    It appears the come back has started. Be proud and keep it going.


  5. Rafa_1310

    Very good match today. This was nice to watch. Take rest and all the best for tomorrow! Beat the italian-clown!! Vamos Rafa ❤ ❤ ❤


  6. Elizabeth

    Fantastic match, Rafa!!! I missed the first set, but got home from work in time to see half of the second and the third and was astounded at Rafa’s level of play! Definitely one of his best, if not his best match this year! Lots of aggressive play inside the baseline, very exciting to see!


    1. Deep Thinker

      Simply fantastic, Lizzy!
      All the lost components of Rafa’s game are coming back again!!

      He needs to play a highly tactical and aggressive game tomorrow to beat Fabio and thus avenge the huge humiliating of the US Open. No better time than now!

      I see Rafa prevailing in 2 sets: 6 – 3, 7 -5

      Vamossss Rafaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!


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