PHOTOS: Rafael Nadal’s first pratice in Beijing

Rafael Nadal has made his way to the China Open and got his first practice there on Saturday.


  1. One of the most annoying and frustrating things about Rafa’s game over the last 2 years or so is watching him get pushed and bullied and run around the court by players much smaller and weaker than he is. By players such as Fognini, Dolgopolov, Smycek and Darcis. Even 5’7″, 140-pound Diego Schwartzman was running him ragged during their 2nd round match at the US Open last month.

    There’s really no excuse for that. None whatsoever. It’s not about “confidence”. That’s a cop out. It’s about courage. The courage to hit the ball harder, flatter, deeper. And live with the results, good or bad, understanding that playing THE RIGHT WAY will eventually pay off. Big time. And most likely sooner rather than later.

    Trying to beat the best players in the world by pushing, bunting, slicing and rolling the ball into the middle of the court is a fool’s errand. But apparently Rafa – and his brilliant coach – never got the memo.

  2. VAAAAAAAAAMOOOOOOSSSS RAFA! Go get em’ in Beijing buddy! Keep focused and believe in the win. We all know you can do it! We’ll be with you every step of the way. Best of luck. VAAAAAAAAAMOOOOOOSSSS!!

    • Dear Lizzy, Deep Thinker here,

      Well, what else can Rafa do, but smile. Vamos Rafaaaaaa!!!!!!!
      Rafa is sure to exit either in the quarters or Semis = most likely the quarters = to avoid meeting the Serbinator! Wanna bet?

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