Rafa Roundup: Nadal says he feels better than he did all year

Photo via Nike Court
Photo via Nike Court


“It’s obvious that I will be arrogant today saying I will win the US Open after the year I have had, but I will say I feel better than most of the season,” Nadal said. “We’ll see if it’s enough. I enjoy the fact that I am here. Last year I couldn’t say that. In terms of tennis and mentality, I am close to be where I want to be.”

“My confidence is fine. I think I’ve been playing better than what the results say the past couple of tournaments. I’m doing things well. It’s always the same after losing some matches during the year to find the momentum again. I’m in this process and I know I am better than months ago.”

Nadal always has an eye on his oldest adversary, and he lifts his famous eyebrow when asked what he thinks of the shot that lit up the Cincinnati tournament: the Federer Charge.

“I saw just a few points of some of his matches. He was feeling the ball great, he was quick, playing the way he wants to play and he is one of the favourites for here. But I don’t know if that [charge] works. He is fantastic without doing that. That’s too much. I do not believe that he can return that way – a few times, maybe, but I don’t think he will keep doing it very often.”

“Tomorrow I’m going to be practicing, then doing a charity event with John McEnroe and his academy. I keep working hard for the rest of the days. We have to work as much as we can, as much as we need, to be ready for the U.S. Open. It’s non-stop work. It’s apart of my life. If you have things to do, it’s always good. The bad thing is when you have nothing to do.”

Mr. Nadal professed to be unconcerned about being a sex symbol on such public display. “I feel lucky to have the chance to be the ambassador of such a great brand as Tommy Hilfiger,” he said. “I don’t think much, I don’t pay much attention if I’m the backdrop of the newspaper.”

Roger Federer: “He didn’t win the French for the second time in 10 years. It’s like a drama to some. For me it’s somewhat normal that you don’t win 10 of 10. But he’s done so unbelievably well in the clay. Like you said, he set the bar so high for everybody. Clearly can’t always live up to it.”

Andy Murray: “When the confidence isn’t quite there, then you can lose those matches. But, yeah, I still think that he’ll come back and then start playing close to his best tennis again soon.”

“The only expectations I have is to give my best every time I step on court,” Ivanovic told the media after her quarterfinal loss to Serena Williams in Cincinnati. “It’s not always going to be the result maybe I hope for. Maybe it will be better. But I can’t see that. I can only do my best each day. Such a good example for that is Rafa, I feel. Every time he gives his best.  It’s not always the result, but sometimes you have to go through that.”


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  1. If Rafa was dressed in a Hessian bag ,he,d still look Great, He looks great in Hilfeger gear Vamos Rafa

  2. Just returned home from 3 weeks in hospital n missed heaps of news about you Rafa! You look great my boy. Practice those aces n you’ll have them over a barrel. I turned 80 on 25 August n my loving family gave me a beautiful party n a huge surprise. ….. “A ticket to the 2015 Australian Open to see my dear Rafa play”!!! Can you help me Uncle Tony by letting me know time Rafa will be playing please? I suffer with claustiphobia so cannot sit too long in the crowded stands. My email address is shirleytaya@icloud.com.au. I live in Perth but usually spend Christmas with my son n family in Melbourne so I am in Melbourne for the Open. Vamos Rafa.. God bless you. Your Aussie Abuela.

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