Rafael Nadal Practicing At US Open [PHOTOS]

Rafael Nadal took to the practice courts yesterday at US Open with Uncle Toni. Here are some photos.


  1. . . . & no changing of coach please. . . We love Uncle Tony! Perhaps the team should try other techniques that will challenge the present intensity of other players, not necessarily power but on technical aspects. We understand Rafa’s current physical capability and so i think the team must adjust but not so much on power like before. YOU CAN DO IT RAFA! VAMOS!

  2. I agree to some comments that Rafa should practice on ACES to shorten every set of the game. And most of all BE FOCUS. Bring back your CONFIDENCE in court. We’re always here for you. In the Philippines our motto: “WALANG IWANAN!” meaning:WE WILL NEVER LEAVE YOU RAFA… Once a RAFA fan, will always be a RAFA fan! VAMOS RAFA! FOR THE WIN IN US OPEN!

  3. The two comments above are spot on ,Rafa has to serve well ans shorten the points ,,,,he needs to positive and step in take the ball early ,,,,players have learnt how to deal with the spin and the power of his game ,,,time for Rafa to change up a gear not in the spead of his game or the power ,,,,,just step in and be positive in your game ,,,,,I wish you the best for Zus open Rafa ,,,,vamos Rafa ,,,,,this is the time to show everyone ,,,,your still the greatest .

  4. Vamos and and good luck for the US-Open! We are all with you and will support you till the end! You are an inspiration for all of us. Vamos Rafa <3 <3 <3

  5. VAMOS DEAR RAFA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! : ) : ) Beautiful to see all the great fun you & yours are having in NYC…… The Tommy Hilfiger event looked AWESOME … lots of fun for everyone….& best happening in TOWN!!!! Always very nice to see your practicing photos…..thanks to the folks posting……..and nice to see uncle Toni on the court w you……time for business as usual……. Have a fantastic time & enjoy everything!!!!! Lots of happiness & love and God bless you!!!! : )

    • Hi Janice, I agree with your comments and hope Rafa does too, best of luck for US Open, you have won that twice too!!!

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