Rafael Nadal Nike 2015 US Open Outfit

For the past few weeks we have been asking ourselves, “What will Rafa be wearing for the US Open?” Finally, we now have an answer.

Rafa Nadal will take the court in the Nike Premier Rafa Crew and Nike Gladiator 7” Printed Short. The top features Nike Dri-FIT fabric, which helps keep him cool and comfortable. Lower shoulder seams provide a smooth fit. The short employs Nike Dri-FIT fabric and features a drawcord for a custom fit.

What are your thoughts? Hate it immediately? Love something about it? Write to us! Leave us a comment below!

Source: Nike


42 thoughts on “Rafael Nadal Nike 2015 US Open Outfit

  1. Don’t like the black outfit. Too sombre. Does not suit Rafas personality. The green is better but still not great. Loved the pink he wore few years ago. Also lighter shades show off his tan. Wishing him all Gods blessings for his match against Fognini.


  2. Marylynn

    The black outfit certainly makes a strong statement! I like it , it sure is different and it is the new style for this year, but I do love the green one. As I have said several times before, as long as Rafa is comfortable and feels good about what he is wearing – then to me that’s all that counts. But I do love that particular shade of green. Love you Rafa. Marylynn – and God bless!!!


  3. Shirley Hagan

    Love the green. Hate the black. That black will not look good on the court. I think RAFA should wear the pink he wore once before. He looked like a million bucks in the pink.


  4. Sharina Blevins

    Wish he was wearing the sleeveless look Nike had planned for him last year. He looks so hot in their sleeveless garments. Oh well. The current look for this year is nice. It makes Rafa look more ominous on the courts and that’s just what he needs to look like in this year’s tournament. Vamos Rafa!


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